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Plans for [land adjacent to] Kauai Lagoons property previously owned by Marriott

Ann in CA

TUG Review Crew: Elite
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Feb 2, 2007
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Sonoma County, California
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Marriott's Mountainside, Marriott's Waiohai, Marriott's Canyon Villas, Marriott's Marbella, Shell Vacation Club
This does not include Marriott's Kauai Lagoons Kalanipu'u. We were just there last month and didn't hear any talk of these plans, however some time ago the purchase was announced. It definitely will change the area. Our second week there, (first in 2010) the staff and resort are still outstanding.

Copied from an email from Beat of Hawaii received today.

A new yet familiar Kauai resort is about to be launched called Hokuala. You may remember this as the Kauai Lagoons master community located nearby Lihue Airport and adjacent to Nawiliwili Harbor.

Following Hurricane Iwa in 1982, the property was developed as a super-resort in which it was intended that visitors would never need leave. Transport was via mahogany boats and horse-drawn carriages. Shopping was on two landings that never really took off. In 1987, the project and hotel were branded the Westin Kauai Lagoons. The enormous resort featured a Jack Nicklaus golf course, and a lagoon replete with gondolas and wildlife. A second golf course was also developed, but financial problems stopped plans to build a second hotel, condos, time-shares and even a third golf course. At least until now.

Iconic property sold for $60 Million

Previous owner Marriott Vacations opted not to complete the 468 property, 450 acre development and instead sold it as-is for a mere $60 Million to Timbers Resorts of Colorado. The acquisition included the incomplete Ritz-Carlton residences, the clubhouse and the golf course.

Timbers, one of the largest developers of small resorts and residence clubs just announced that it will bring the property to fruition with the addition of $800 Million. The new name of the development will now be Hokuala, which is Hawaiian for rising star.

Construction to commence in 2015

Prior to year end, Timbers will begin work on its phase one, the Timbers Kauai Ocean Club and Residences. That will include 47 condos and townhomes of up to 3,600 square feet. Timbers will also redevelop the prior Jack Nicklaus designed Kiele golf course next year which will become the Ocean Course. That course features the most oceanfront golf of any course in Hawaii. Another golf course is also slated for development.

Hokuala features

In addition to residential units, a new clubhouse is in the works, as well as upgrades to the community amenities, and restoration of the prior water taxis that many of us still remember fondly.

Hokuala will feature direct shoreline access in addition to uninterrupted ocean and mountain views. Their new Timbers resort will include a likely award-winning boutique hotel and spa, restaurants, a private club, and a shopping village.

Restoring the lagoon waterways

While beautiful and having great potential, these inland waterways have been problematic from the outset. Keeping them clean was in part done with use of toxic chemicals, including copper sulfate. Since then however, the lagoons were largely abandoned. There are rumored to be huge monster fish overpopulation in the lagoons (tilapia, carp and others). Recently, however, more environmentally sound methods of lagoon management have been implemented to try to deal with a plethora of waterway issues.

Once reinstated, boats will be featured for excursions to shopping, dining and golf.

What’s your take on this latest luxury resort development on Kauai?
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TUG Member
TUG Member
Jul 19, 2007
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Carlsbad, CA
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Wow -- we were at Kauai Lagoons once (2014?) and loved it, but felt like we were part of a long discarded development. If it comes to fruition, it would be spectacular, and would make Kauai Lagoons an even more desirable location. I am always happy to use my DC points to visit someone else's $800M development project.

Will be interesting to watch it mature. Thanks for posting this.




TUG Review Crew: Expert
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Jul 10, 2008
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Las Vegas, NV
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Marriott: Resorts and Destination Club Points;
Westin Kierland Villas;
HGVC Flamingo & Blvd;
Hyatt Pinon Pointe
Thanks for sharing. It will be interesting to see this develop. We haven't stayed in KL but have toured the units. Amazing. Add the buildout and additional golf and it will be something to behold.



Jul 26, 2006
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Massachusetts and Hilton Head Island
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Marriott Barony Beach and SurfWatch
This is good news for Kauai Lagoons owners because it will build up the area (and presumably bring closer more dining/recreation options.) But I wouldn't expect Marriott people to be able to use the onsite amenities - it will be a Timbers resort. Timbers properties aren't available in II or through the DC, are they?

It's great news for the Ritz-Carlton owners/members who voted Marriott out and Timbers in as the management company at several formerly-RC resorts/residence clubs, because it gives them another equal-or-better-quality resort for exchanges.