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NTSB: Truck driver weaved out of lane 20 times before I-84 crash that killed 4 in Boise - Idaho Statesman


TUG Review Crew: Veteran
TUG Member
Feb 10, 2007
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Twin Falls, Eye-Duh-Hoe
Two years ago, but still points out the dangers of construction zones. A driver not having sense enough to rest clearly caused the catastrophe. My experience after being a member of Nat'l Safety Council, and nearly 4 million safe miles in heavy trucks is that in nearly every case, fatal accidents are caused by multiple, but linked errors, mistakes, equipment failures all piling on to create the 'perfect' conditions for disaster.


TUG Review Crew: Expert
TUG Member
Jun 6, 2005
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East Coast
A very tragic story. There were many things that happen that night, that could have prevented this tragic accident. IMHO.
Sep 24, 2011
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Deltona Florida
As a truck driver, I've looked at the stats. Over 99.5% of accidents between a car and a semi is the fault of the car (aka "4-wheeler"). Most of the semi accidents where the driver was at fault are equipment failure and/or driver fatigue. And equipment failure is something that got worse and worse but the driver did not take action. Truck brakes don't fail and cause an accident, brake failure causes an air leak which forces all brakes to lock up.

For instance, last year, a guy in a car going down I-70 in the Rockies just got a dash cam and turned it on, wanting to do a video log (vlog), when a semi raced past him. That semi crashed into several cars causing a massive fire and 4 deaths. He claimed brake failure, but the only way that would happen is if he burned them up (like riding the brakes down the mountain). It sounds more like he did not see or understand the 45mph speed limit for semi trucks (he does not speak English).