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Marriott Horizons


TUG Member
Jun 27, 2008
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Can anyone tell me the following about Marriott Horizons:

-How many Front Desk Stations are there in the lobby
-Is the Front Desk operated 24 hours a day
-Is there an activities staff
-Is there rental equipment, and if so what are the prices
-Is there a 24 hour security coverage (and gate)
-Is there concierge, and how is it
-Theme Park discounted tickets
-Are there pool life guards
-Is there a cost for transportation to Theme Parks and if so, how much.

Many thanks,



Feb 8, 2006
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Colorado Springs, Co
1. 1 Station at the front desk. A long station with a few people behind it.
2. Yes the front desk is operated 24 hours a day.
3. There is an activities staff.
4. No equipment rental.
5. There is a gate that you need a key to get into. There was always a guard there but, we didn't come in any later than about midnight.
6. There is a concierge who mostly gives info on parks etc... I'm sure they have all kinds of local info as there are pamphlets everywhere near them.
7. They do have some sort of theme park discount.
8. I don't remember pool lifeguards but, there was a guard at the top of the big slide to watch the kids.
9. There is a cost to get to the themeparks. I don't remember how much only that it would cost far to much to make it worth while. They don't have a shuttle or anything.

We'll be there in late Sept or Oct and it's fantastic then. Not crowded, good weather, warm pools. Perfect.

Good luck.
Jan 18, 2009
Reaction score
Orlando Florida
Marriott Vacation Club Employee

Hi J,
I work for Marriott Vacation Club in Orlando at our corporate headquarters and I want to make sure you get the correct answers:
1. Their is one main check in desk, however it is always manned with at least
two employees at all times
2. Yes, the front desk is operated 24/7 and their is always someone their to
3. Their is a full activities staff of over 10 employees who ensure that we
have activities scheduled all throughout the day with a pirate themed
activities program
4. Unfortunatley we do not offer rental equipment
5. The resort's guard gate is manned 24/7 as well as two guards who are on
constant patrol of the property at all times.
6. We do have a full service concierge who can assist you with everything
from theme park passes to dinner reservations and much more...
7. Unfortunatley their are no discounts on theme park tickets unless you are
visiting the resort on a preview package whcih would require a 90 min
timeshare presentation
8. The pool does not have a life guard on duty at all times however the
activities staff is fully trained in aquatic safety and would be able to assist
in any situation
9. Unfortunatley the resort does not offer any type of transportation but we
would be more than happy to call you a cab


TUG Review Crew: Expert
TUG Lifetime Member
May 20, 2006
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NE Florida
Resorts Owned
Marriott Grande Vista
Marriott Harbour Lake
Sheraton Vistana Villages
Club Wyndham CWA
3. Their is a full activities staff of over 10 employees who ensure that we
have activities scheduled all throughout the day with a pirate themed
activities program

Yes, the famous Horizonator, with the corniest TV channel looping the same corny show over and over and over......

My wife and I still make fun of that.