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Marriott Aruba Ocean Club Members - Aug 08 Newsletter


TUG Member
Jul 26, 2007
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Kansas City, MO
August 2008

Dear Marriott's Aruba Ocean Club Owners,

I would like to take this opportunity to give you an update on what is happening at the Ocean Club. Our new dedicated General Manager - Corey Guest is now on board. Below is a short letter of introduction from Corey.

I have been with Marriott for over four years in the role of Director of Human Resources for the company's properties in Aruba, however, prior to that I have worked with Hyatt and Wyndham Hotels as well as PepsiCo. I am often asked where I am from and the first reaction is to say Houston, Texas where I spent much of my youth; for most of the past 18 years though I have been living on our One Happy Island Aruba. I believe that the deep understanding of the Aruba culture and traditions is critical; this, coupled with my extensive experience in Human Resources, will assist me greatly in this new role by ensuring that long-lasting, solid and trusting relationships are developed with all our owners and associates with the one goal in mind of providing you with an unforgettable vacation experience.

My fundamental goal is to provide all our owners and guests with the ultimate vacation! I will commit to you that I will be visible around the resort property as that is the best way to gain new ideas on how to continue to improve services. I believe we all have this same goal and I am confident that we will keep moving forward to excellence.

Thanks again and I look forward to you visiting with us here in Aruba soon -

Sincerely, Corey

I urge you to introduce yourself to Corey during your visit. I am very pleased to see that we have a person of Corey's talent dedicated to the Aruba Ocean Club and look forward to his success.

The Pool resurfacing and reinforcement of the surrounding rock structure is on schedule for September and we will keep you updated on our web site www.arubaoceanclub.com . The pool is expected to be closed from August 30 through September 28, 2008 to complete this work and our owners and guests will be able to use the pool at the Hotel during that period.
The Roof repair has been ongoing and with all the material now on site and work will commence the beginning of August. This project to expected to take several months but should be completed by the Christmas holidays. The Board is working with our Management team and contractor to do everything possible to avoid any disturbance and inconvenience to those of you visiting during this time period. The Board has retained their own consultant to do a water damage and environmental study within the building to insure that everything is fine.
Structural Repairs - On July 27, 2008, the Board received a Structural Report from a Consulting Engineer hired by our Management Company who upon a visual survey of the Aruba Ocean Club on April 15-17, 2008 found that "water intrusion at the roof of all areas appears to migrate under the roof membrane and exit at various openings throughout the structure."... "The roof membrane should be replaced and properly maintained". This is what we are under contract to do now. The report continues and states: "Steel channels, beans and flat connector plates in several areas have "corrosion" "The members, however do not appear to be structurally inadequate." In summary, the consultant report states “the steel corrosion deficiencies noted above appear to be primarily the result of extended exposure to the environment and failure to correct roof leak problems." In general the structural steel frame does not appear to have any major structural deficiencies. As noted in my visual observations, there are specific deficiencies noted that require attention and if left unattended could affect the future structural integrity of some of the steel members over time.†I have been informed that to clean and repaint the steel structure with a new anti-corrosive paint, although extensive, is fairly easy to repair; the Board is reviewing the report and process with our Management team and will take immediate action to address these issues.
The window replacement is almost complete with over 475 window panes being replaced. This has moved along with speed and little interruption to our owners and guests. We will have a complete report for our annual meeting on any remaining window needs and the warranty on them.
Additional major projects underway include the replacement of exterior doors for safety, air-conditioning for the room corridors and installation of the heat wheel on the roof that should help reduce rising costs of utilities.
Villa refurbishment is still with Marriott's design team for costing and recommendations. Within the next few months we will have a better idea on the detailed costs and begin to prepare our budget for this.
2009/2010 Assessment - our estimates remain the same at this time and will provide you will more definitive numbers once we have them. As stated before, our projection for a one-bedroom will be in the $500 -$600 range and the two-bedroom in the $700-$800 range for 2009 and 2010. We will be using the same formula that we use for our Maintenance fees. Since, we do not have final figures, I cannot be more specific. We will keep them as low as possible, but want to insure that our refurbishment is paid for and that we have adequate reserves for all immediate repair needs and those that might occur in the future.
The Board of Directors is seeking owners with Accounting or Finance backgrounds who would like to volunteer on a Finance Committee to assist in the oversight of the financial operations and reserve fund planning of the Aruba Ocean Club. The Finance Committee will consist of 2-4 members and will meet mostly via conference call and possibly a reimbursable trip as needed. If you feel that you can be of assistance to this committee on behalf of all the owners, please forward your letter of interest and credentials to me at c20854@aol.com no later than September 30.
One of our very generous owners has donated their 2 bedroom Gold - Garden view Surf Club villa to the Association. It is posted on our web site for sale. All proceeds will go to back to the Association. If you know anyone interested let us know.
In response to the request of owners to provide an easy way to do your laundry. We now offer a Wash and Dry Laundry service. Your home laundry is collected and delivered the same day by our staff. Wash and Dry: US $15.00 per 10 lbs
Remember, if you are looking to purchase, rent or sell your unit - check out all the owner listings on our web site. www.arubaoceanclub.com Thank you for your continued support and if you have any questions - please email me and send me your number or call me at 301-299-2118.

Thank you.
Allan Cohen, Board President