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lake tahoe heavenly gondola


TUG Member
Jun 6, 2005
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north tonawanda, n.y
We are going to timberlodge Sept. 7th to 13th. Just read that the gondola is only open on the weekends after laborday, that means the day that we get there , which is a sunday is the only day it will be open when were there. Saturday we fly out at 1:00pm. We fly into Reno at 12:00pm on Sunday. The Ride closes at 5:00pm. The question is, How much time do you need to do this ride? Is it worth it?


TUG Member
Jun 7, 2005
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Alamo, CA
You might want to check on the schedule again. I think the schedule for September after Labor Day is Thursday thru Sunday.

It is worth it if you make the most of it. The Deck - a 14,000 square foot mid-station observation platform is a good place to have a picnic lunch that you bring up and great photo opportunities. The top of the Gondola at Heavenly has a restaurant as an alternative. There are also three hiking trails that are worth the trip. At an added cost, you can do the ZipRider Experience. This attraction opened this year and was so popular this summer that you have to buy your tickets one day in advance. There is also a climbing wall, at an added cost, that is very popular with 7 to 14 year olds.



TUG Member
Jun 6, 2005
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Heavenly Gondola

We took the Gondola ride last month - about 3.5 miles up the mountain at about 65 degrees angle.

I am afraid of heights so sat very still for the 20 minutes ride. But hubby and 11 yr old daughter loved the ride.

But once we were at the observ deck - you could look down with complimentary binoculars - very beautiful scenery. From the observ deck - you could catch another Gondola and there is another 5 min ride to reach the next stop with restaurant, zipline, and hiking trails.

When we went in late June - it was a bit hot. Weather was mid to high 70s at the bottom of the mountain - up the mountain at the hiking trails - so close to the sun - I felt as if it was high 80's low 90's. I still jokingly refer to the hiking trails up the mountains as "The March of Death."

So - if during the week that you go - if weather below is hotter than mid 70's - it might be too hot up the mountain. However, if you don't mind hot weather and pack a picnic lunch - I think that you will have a good time. They have country music and nice tables/benches for you to sit and relax. I would say - we spent about 3.5-4 hrs up there - wandering around. I believe that the last Gondola down in June was 5pm.

Besides the Gondola - I also recommend Thunderbird Lodge (gorgeous), Emerald Bay, and Sandy Beach in Lake Tahoe. Also - ck out Denise M tips on Tahoe in her Home page. The price to attend Thunderbird Lodge is the same as the Gondola. I think that we enjoyed the Thunderbird Lodge a little more. However, if you don't have to choose and would like to do both - it would be fine as well.

We also bought the Entertainment book and received a $32 Free adult ticket on the Woodwind II sail boat tour of Lake Tahoe.

Happy Travels. :cheer:

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