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Interesting tidbits from my Association Documents


TUG Review Crew
TUG Member
Mar 10, 2007
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'burbs of Cincinnati, OH
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Used to own: WKORV-N; SVV - Bella
Was browsing through my Bella documents and came across some interesting tidbits, especially when you read it with the knowledge that II will now own SVN. It will be interesting to see how they balance the SVN v II inventory. SVV Bella Owner Information Page 271-273 (all bolding mine):

SVN Operator has the right to affiliate resorts that have Home Resort Reservation Periods, Home Resort Fixed Priority Periods, Home Resort Float Periods of varying lengths or Home Resort Reservation Periods which do not contain a Home Resort Fixed Priority Period or a Home Resort Float Period.
Bulk Banking for Anticipated External and Starwood Preferred Guest Program Exchanges
. SVN Operator has the right, but not the obligation, to reserve a number of Floating Vacation Periods from time to time at any time after the beginning of the Home Resort Reservation Period, and any unreserved Vacation Period after the Home Resort Reservation Period, for the purpose of depositing the reserved Vacation Periods with an External
Exchange Program on behalf of SVN Members based on SVN Operator's determination, in its sole discretion, of anticipated SVN Member demand to access an External Exchange Program or the Starwood Preferred Guest Program.
SVN Members may request an external exchange company assignment based upon the resort, unit and season being assigned by the SVN Member for an external exchange request.
SVN Float Period
. The SVN Float Period begins eight (8) months prior to the Check-in Day for a given Vacation Period and ends sixty (60) days prior to the Check-in Day. It follows the Home Resort Reservation Period for a given Vacation Period and precedes the SVN Priority Period. During the SVN Float Period, all SVN Members must compete with other SVN Members for reservations on a first-come, first-served basis for a reservation for any available Vacation Period that the SVN Member has sufficient StarOptions to reserve.
Due to the automatic reservation of Reserved Periods as described in Section 4.2.a (2), the availability of such Vacation Periods may be
SVN Members also will compete with SVN Operator for reservations during the SVN Float Period with respect to SVN Operator's rights to make reservations for bulk banking for external exchange and anticipating SVN Member demand to access the Starwood Preferred Guest Program as discussed above.

Banked StarOptions may be used to reserve a Vacation Period during the SVN Float Period as permitted in Section 3.6. StarOptions may also be Borrowed to reserve a Vacation Period during the SVN Float Period. Additional housekeeping fees may apply
SVN Priority Period
. The SVN Priority Period is the sixty (60)-day period immediately preceding the Check-in Day of a given Vacation Period. If a reservation request for a given Vacation Period has not been received by Owner Services by the beginning of the SVN Priority Period, Owner Services' ability to confirm a subsequent reservation request for the Vacation Period will be limited by and subject to the following:
(1) Any reservations made available by SVN Operator to the Managing Entity for maintenance purposes;
(2) Any reservations used by SVN Operator for rental to SVN Members; and
(3) Any reservations used by SVN Operator for its own purposes including exchange, promotional use, rental to third parties, or any other purpose as SVN Operator determines in its sole discretion.
Vacation Periods Less than Seven Days
. During the SVN Float Period and the SVN Priority Period
Members will be permitted to reserve Vacation Periods of less than seven days as permitted by SVN Operator from time to time. All such reservations are subject to the reservation request priorities for the Vacation Period containing the days in question, including those set forth in the Resort Documents. SVN Operator reserves the right in its sole discretion to restrict those Vacation Periods in which daily reservations will be permitted to be reserved from time to time. The StarOptions required to reserve a Vacation Period of less than seven days are subject to change by SVN
Operator from time to time pursuant to Article III. Additional housekeeping fees may apply as described on the SVN
Fees Chart.


TUG Member
Sep 17, 2009
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Resorts Owned
Vistana, Marriott, DVC
Availability is already very different from prior years. You can't even get a studio in Hawaii at 8 months out in July. That was never the case for a non-4th of July week.


TUG Member
Oct 15, 2013
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Availability is already very different from prior years. You can't even get a studio in Hawaii at 8 months out in July. That was never the case for a non-4th of July week.

You're absolutely right, in that availability is very different from prior years. However, there is still availability for all sizes of units in Hawaii for July, but one has to be flexible with their desired check-in date and be ready to book right at the dot of midnight, Eastern time.