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II and their travel insurance scam


TUG Review Crew: Veteran
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Jun 14, 2005
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Houston Tx
This is going to be a rant and rave posting. I was going to let this go but since it is the second time I have been scammed by II's travel insurance INSURE AMERICA, this deserves a posting.
I purchased and insured two tickets to London for the Christmas holiday's back in May. Three weeks before the trip, I called American to make sure the flights were the same departing time, etc. They had cancelled our outbound flight back in October and put us on a connecting flight through Chicago with an EIGHT hour layover in Chicago. Well, that was unacceptable, so they reimbursed our money. Called II to get new tickets. We had paid $632 a piece, they found us tickets for around $1152 a piece. I found my own tickets on United for 647 so I booked them. Called II to get the travel insurance changed or reimbursed. This was Dec. They refused to transfer the insurance to the new tickets because I did not let them book it for me. Called Insure America, they said II had to handle everything. Called them back asking for a refund. Never heard back, got no refund on my credit card. Called this morning and spoke with Darel, a customer relation supervisor. She told me first of all, it is not II's responsibility to call and tell you a flight has been cancelled. That is why you are told to call ahead. Put me on hold, came back and told me there would be no refund because you can not GET A REFUND on travel insurance. Started telling me if I had let them book the tickets, etc!
Two years ago, I did an exchange, booked my airline tickets through II, bought insurance for the exchange and the tickets. Two days into the trip, my brother in law died. A month later after I collected myself, I started looking into re-imbursement. They demanded a death certificate etc. To this day, I have never received a penny. They have worn me down to the point I don't even care if I get a dime from them. Why I used them again, I do not know other than I was a fool. We purchased our travel insurance for this London trip through AA. Not only was it cheaper but also got medical coverage for still even less than Insure America.
I hope this hopes one make the decision to look online or try sources othen than Insure America and II.


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Jun 6, 2005
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It's customary to require a death certificate when an insurance claim in dependent upon it. If you haven't provided acceptable proof of death, then you'll never get your claim paid.

I've learned the hard way that travel insurance can be tricky business. Our $1,400 claim was denied because our trip was delayed by a stike that affected the docking of our ship. The policy would only pay if the FLIGHT was delayed. I've since learned to read the ENTIRE policy before puchasing. Even if it's extremely boring. Each policy has it's own restricitions or specific perils that it will pay for. I've found Insure America to be one of the most restrictive with the fewest benefits. I've also found it to be one of the least expensive, but not worth it because it just doesn't cover squat.