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How Can a Marriott Vacation Club Owner have access to Hilton Waikaloa water amenities


TUG Member
Aug 7, 2005
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Ottawa, Canada
Last week I stayed at the HGVC Waikaloa unit (big island of Hawaii) (with my family), at a promotional rate (which means I attended the timeshare presentation, but I did not buy - I prefer to be a Marriott owner for several reasons, one of which is that HGVC is not affiliated to II).

I was impressed with the Hilton hotel - grounds, main lagoon and main pool.

If as a Marriott owner I wish to access the amenities of the Hilton Hotel, how can I do so? I know there is a Marriott hotel at Waikaloa - do guests there have access to the Hilton Hotel amenities?

I guess that another way is for one to directly exchange 1 week of a Marriott resort with another's owner's week at this HGVC resort.


TUG Review Crew: Veteran
TUG Member
Jun 9, 2005
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Cheshire, CT
I do not think you will find reciprocity between the two and I also do not think you are likely to get a trade using II because of Hilton's internal trading process.

Some ways you might be able to stay at that property again would be to
1) accumulate Hilton hotel points by using their hotels or getting a credit card that gives Hilton points. I believe they still have an aloha package using points that allows stays in Hawaii ..not sure.
2) Another way is to purchase an affiliate property (much less money) or another location that cost less (Vegas or Orlando) and trade it in for Hilton vacation club points each year and use those points to reserve at this property the next time you want to go.

I am over simplifying their points system but basically it can work like this:
- we bought a Hilton property on Sanibel Island (Florida) and it is a gold 2 bedroom fixed week and is part of the Hilton system. In with our closing we paid an extra 200 or 300 dollars to be part of the Hilton system. Our unit is worth 5000 Hilton timeshare points ( I think platinum is 7200 or 7400 points).
Different properties may have different point values based upon the unit size, season, etc.

Our choices are to use this week, trade it with RCI (we must keep our membership with Hilton but we do not need to keep a separate membership with RCI) or turn it into Hilton before the end of the year before the usage date for Hilton points. We can then use those Hilton points to reserve anything in the Hilton system at the 9 month mark. The points needed to reserve are based again on unit size and season not location.

Problems with not owning exactly where you want to be is that you can not make a reservation 12 months out unless you own at that specific property. So if you know you want to be there, at that one property, regularly, then you need to buy there. If you have flexibility, then you could get away with owning elsewhere for much less money and trying to reserve in at 9 months.



TUG Review Crew: Veteran
TUG Member
Aug 20, 2006
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Resorts Owned
You can't get access to the Hilton when staying at Marriott, other than walking around the grounds. Since HGVC trades in RCI, you'll never see it in II, which Marriott trades in. I doubt it ever shows up in RCI--maybe rarely.
You might try finding someone to do a direct trade with.