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Grand Luxxe Nuevo Vallarta questions


TUG Member
Oct 15, 2008
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Ontario, Canada
The never ending winter of 2018 prompted me to do a bit of looking around on Interval to see what if anything could be picked up with my SVR 2BDRM. I am very well aware that the possibility of picking up anything during high season(Feb to April) in the Caribbean or Mexico was a long shot so I was surprised to see what I believe are the hotel rooms available at the Grand Luxxe Nuevo Vallarta in February and March of 2019. My next thought was okay there must be a catch in there somewhere. We have only been to Cancun so we have no previous experience with the west coast of Mexico to draw on so with that in mind I have a few questions for those who have been to the resort before and particularly those who have exchanged into it.

Since the exchange offered is a hotel room with no kitchen, would the rooms be in one of the tower buildings instead of the residence club building near the rear of the property??

Do those rooms have a balcony?? Opinions on the quality of the rooms. Are the pictures on Interval an accurate depiction of the accomodations offered for exchange.

Are the adjacent Grand (Vidanta??)properties accessible in whole or in part by Grand Luxxe guests/exchangers?? Pools, restaurants etc. From aerial pictures the property looks very large but just how much of that entire resort complex is available to Grand Luxxe exchangers

Beach and beach facilities/amenities restricted in any way other than beach chairs being reserved for platinum owners??

Not necessarily about the resort but the Beach in Nuevo Vallarta.... how does it stack up against the likes of Cancun or the Florida gulf coast beaches?

When I say no, no and no again to any timeshare presentation will there be any punitive actions by the resort because of that...eg. like they put you in the room next to the garbage dumpster.

Current resort fees charged?? pp/per day

And lastly. Anybody have any idea why is the Grand Luxxe NV is willing to make units available for exchanges at a time of year when any other Interval Gold Crown resort (including the ones in Florida) won't?

We aren't fussy. I don't have to have an ocean view, a massive room or the beach or pool steps away from our door. A nice room with a decent balcony/patio on par with a Sheraton or Westin room will be fine with me, but that said, I don't want to end up with a room out of the 1980's either.


TUG Member
Jun 10, 2015
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Resorts Owned
Mayan Palace Regency
You can also look at Mayan Palace Puerto Vallarta - Marina
Has some FEB 2019 WEEKS available via RCI ( and likely ll )

resort fee is $ 20 pp/ pd ( at MP-PV - Marina )
Easier location to explore PV / smaller footprint - 200 units approx.
Grand Luxxe is on their Nuevo Vallarta property - which is on the other side of the airport and Ameca River ) Add 20 minutes to centro PV vs MP - PV - Marina .

There were 1 bedrooms / 750 sq feet on RCI this week for Feb 2019
also weeks 51 / 52 for 2018
I was looking for 2020 and saw them .

There is no catch .

Vidanta is all RTU / float weeks .
They build to have availability for peak snowbird season
< they build in pesos and collect MF in USD >
Grand Luxxe owners generally have 12 month ARP ( can already book Feb 2019 )
Other owner levels are mostly 6 months ARP ( book Feb 2019- Aug 1 2018 )

Vidanta manages room inventory to leave enough for exchangers . This is so they can feed the sales machine .

Grand Luxxe NV exchangers can use the entire rest of the resort .
If you book Grand Mayan NV you cannot use Grand Bliss or GL pools
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Eric B

TUG Member
Jun 10, 2017
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Resorts Owned
Vacation Village, Wyndham, WorldMark, Vistana, Vidanta, Flora Farms, HGVC Max, and some independents
I’m not in II, so couldn’t guess which rooms they are for sure. The Grand Luxxe one’s that are listed as “hotel” units should be in one of the Grand Luxxe towers 1-4 along the Ameca River and have small balconies. I haven’t stayed in one of those, but heard that they have a mini-fridge. The furnishings are quite nice in the Grand Luxxe units.

These rooms are the lock off side of a Grand Luxxe 2 BR suite, so they would essentially be what’s left over if someone books the other half as a 1 BR. Vidanta does a decent job of managing their capacity and made a lot of “hotel” rooms available in the high season in Grand Luxxe this year; they just finished tower 5, which is mostly studio “loft” units that they may not have sold access to sufficiently to fill them those months yet. There are a fair number of those available in the Registry Collection, but I don’t know if they trade in II. Between the two, they could look to upgrade folks to the studios if necessary in order to meet the hotel capacity needs and to incentivize sales attendance. Purely speculation on my part, of course. Some actual owners have commented on adverse room assignment for skipping the pitch, but I believe the worst of it was a poor view in Luxxe and near a/c units at the Grand Mayan level. I haven’t had a bad room there yet, myself.

My understanding is that there aren’t restrictions in Nuevo Vallarta like those in Riviera Maya.

The season there tapers off in April. They only book a year in advance and the higher tier units seem to show up in exchanges later. If that’s in your desired travel window, and you can get it through the exchange, picking a loft or spa unit gives you better control of the room assignment issue.

I do agree with Tom, the Mayan Palace in the marina is nice and much more convenient for getting out in PV. Not sure it’s on par with a Sheraton or Westin, though, but good enough for us to enjoy staying there.

Finally, the resort fee for Grand Luxxe NV is $30 pppd, with 25% of it credited to room charges for restaurants, shopping, etc., on the Vidanta site. That site includes the Grand Bliss, Grand Mayan and Mayan Palace, by the way; there’s a Sea Garden there, too, off to the side but the facilities you’d use mostly are at the rest.