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Got stamps?


TUG Lifetime Member
Jul 22, 2005
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The US Postal Service has new postage rates in effect, beginning today, Sunday, January 22nd. This was known back in October, but the USPS then announced only the one ounce price and made everyone wait until today to see the full list for various weights. And I'll bet that some businesses jammed up their outgoing mail for the last few days because they weren't sure how much postage to use.

The "Forever" stamp that sold for 44¢ until yesterday, is worth 45¢ today, which is the one ounce first class domestic rate. Additionally, as a new development, the Forever stamp can be used in INTERNATIONAL mail and foreign postal systems will accept it for 45¢ worth; previously foreign postal systems insisted on stamps that had the numbers for their monetary value.

US Domestic letters
up to:
1 oz 45¢
2 oz 65¢
3 oz 85¢
3½ oz $ 1.05
heavier than 3½ ounces, letters are treated as "large envelopes":
4 oz $ 1.50
5 oz $ 1.70
and every additional ounce + 20¢ up to a maximum of 13 ounces

letters to Canada:
1 oz 85¢
2 oz $ 1.17
3 oz $ 1.49

letters to UK
1 oz $ 1.05
2 oz $ 1.92
3 oz $ 2.79

Remember, the USPS also plans to trim back its services, including hours that postal stations are open to sell stamps. So buy your stamps when convenient, in advance of mailing stuff.


TUG Member
Jan 14, 2006
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Butler, PA
Really good info; thanks; I did not know rates are going up. But I'm not surprised.


Tug Review Crew: Rookie
TUG Member
Jun 6, 2005
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Moonstone, ON
You have it good! In Canada the basic rate for a letter is $0.61 within Canada & $1.05 for us to send a letter down to the USA! You dont even want to know about large envelope or package rates!:annoyed: