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Do you have any funny travel stories to share


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Jul 15, 2018
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I am kind of taking @Panina s lead here with her simple pleasures post. It’s time to talk travel and life....


Here’s mine:

On one Hawaii trip, my mom, dad and I went to Honolulu. It was time to go home so we took a cab to the airport. The fare was around 40 dollars. I always gave mom and dad a lot of spending money when we went as they had so little. Dad decided he was going to pay the cab bill this time.

In Canada our different denominations of bills are different colours. $5.00 is blue, $10.00 is purple, etc. So we always identify by the colour here. In the US, all bills are green so you have to look at the number itself.

So dad was feeling generous today... He pulled out 3 100 dollar bills by accident to pay the cab driver thinking they were 3 20s. The cab driver holds up the money and says, “Are you sure this is right Sir?” Dad says, “Oh yes, keep the change. I’m feeling generous today.” I’m pulling on dads collar and saying “Dad, Dad.. please...” He cuts me off and says “Quiet Son, it’s all good.”

The cab driver says, “My mother thanks you, my daughter thanks you, my sister thanks you, I thank you...!”

Dad says, “No problem....”

In the airport Dad says “Gee, what an appreciative guy! It’s only 20 bucks. He acted like I gave him a few hundred.” Ha ha ha.

Then I told him, “Well, that’s because it WAS a few hundred you gave him Dad!”

Silence, then Awww S**t, then blush, blush blush...

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Feb 24, 2016
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San Juan Capistrano, CA
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We were on a morning fight from LA to Dallas. This was so long ago that they served a full breakfast. Cliff was on the aisle, I was in the middle, and a sleeping man was at the window. You do not want to be trapped next to Cliff after he's been served scrambled eggs on a plane. So I'm staring daggers at him and a voice from the window seat says, "Geez, I thought I was having a nightmare!" I was starting to lose it, but more or less maintaining my composure, when Cliff puts his hand on his chest while saying "Moi?" and shaking his head and trying to look innocent. Window seat man then says ""Not I", said the pig"". That was it, I started laughing hysterically and this strange man is literally holding me in his arms as he joined in. By then Cliff is laughing too because his favorite childhood storybook is that of the Little Red Hen looking for help baking a cake (Not I said the goat", etc, etc), and of course at the end all the animals want to help eat it. We still say this at home anytime one of us needs help with something, "Who wants to help bring the groceries in?" Proper response is "Not I said the pig".

I was about dying the rest of the trip because it was so hard to keep from laughing again (35 years later I'm laughing as I type). Then the plane had to be diverted to Oklahoma City because of weather. We all had to deplane with our luggage, that's when I noticed window seat man had a wife and several kids in other rows. An hour or more later Cliff and I are on a moving sidewalk going one direction, and across the concourse (walkers in between us and the opposite moving sidewalk) is the man and his family going the other. He points at Cliff, his kids start laughing, obviously having been told the "I thought I was having a nightmare" story, and I lost it all over again.