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DC Points Chart


Oct 24, 2011
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I'll preface this by saying that I am not a Marriott TS owner yet and know that if a buy resale that I will not be able to get into the DC club..yet. But I am learning a ton and trying to be an educated buyer.

That being said I stumbled across the DC points chart in a different thread:

All of this is assuming the DC club will open up to all resales..... Not good to assume but I just want to understand the program.

I want to make sure I am reading this chart correctly. Let's take Aruba Surf Club 2012 for example. If my TS is deeded week 4, 2 bed, ov, does that give me 4125 points? If so can I use those 4125 points to stay at lets say Boston Common House from Jan 6 - Jan 20 for 2000 points each week and have 125 points left over?


TUG Review Crew: Expert
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May 20, 2006
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NE Florida
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No, what matters is what season your week is not the specific week. Marriott offers a set amount of points based on the resort and season you own.

There was a lot of discussion on this topic in the beginning of DC roll-out. It was all about "skim" as Marriott typically gives you fewer points than it costs to book many weeks within the season you own.

To find out what Marriott offers for a week, you are best to check out GregT's signature as there is a link to a document that contains many of the resorts/seasons and the points that Marriott offers to legacy enrollees that convert.

If your hope is that Marriott will at one time offer enrollment to post 6/2010 resale owners, you would be best to buy the lowest MF per point week you can. Something you can determine from the same document I referenced by GregT.


Tug Review Crew
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Aug 2, 2006
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Marriott Aruba Surf Club 2 & 3BRs
If your hope is that Marriott will at one time offer enrollment to post 6/2010 resale owners, you would be best to buy the lowest MF per point week you can. Something you can determine from the same document I referenced by GregT.

While I certainly understand your point, I think it is important to also recommend to prospective buyers that if there is a resort that they foresee themselves returning to at least half the time that they purchase a resale week there. IMHO that is a better course than to worry about maximizing points for MF's on the chance that Marriott does open up enrollment to post 6/20/10 resale weeks.

To answer the OP's question- Marriott allocated legacy week owners less points than necessary to book many, and in some cases (like in Aruba Platinum season, since you inquired about that) all the weeks in the owned season; this is the skim referred to by Dioxide above. Week owners can still book their owned week in the season using weeks and not points, but if they want to book elsewhere, they are effectively given less points than the value of the week they are giving up. In some cases, they can only book 5 or 6 days in points for the unit they could book a week in. However,your example illustrates how the DC option works for some people, exchanging into a smaller size or perhaps an off season week, which stretches the points.

Welcome to Tug :wave: . The happiest owners are well informed, and it is great for you to learn as much as you can BEFORE making a purchase, so you make the right purchase decision for you and your family. For some of us, ownership is a great benefit, but it is easier to buy than to sell, so take your time and ask lots of questions!