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Construction noise at the Whaler?


TUG Member
Jun 19, 2005
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Eagle, Idaho
I have someone I work with that is considering a stay at The Whaler next month and he was wondering if there is significant construction noise.

I told him that I would check with all the great TUGGERS and see what I could find!!

Thanks in advance for your help!!


TUG Member
Sep 15, 2005
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The Beautiful Pacific NW
I would have them check out tripadvisor's Maui reviews and forum. There have been several recent reviews regarding the noise from the construction. Most of it is not good. The pool is also closed right now for about 90 days if I recall correctly.

humuhumu nukunukuapua'a

TUG Lifetime Member
Jun 6, 2005
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Redmond, WA
Whaler can still be very enjoyable

YES, there is significant construction at The Whaler. The entire center courtyard (between the two tower buildings), and often involves loud extensive jackhammering M-F, 8:30-5pm. On the other hand, this noise MAY NOT occur during a given week. Construction will be ongoing until mid-summer 2009.

Even worse, for pool lovers, is that The Whaler pool area is also undergoing total renovation. Although The Whaler pool is NOT available until about Thanksgiving, the pool at the next door neighbor, the Kaanapali Beach Hotel is available to all Whaler guests. That pool is less than a 5 minute walk from The Whaler; that pool is just a bit larger, is located on very large and comfortable grassy KBH grounds, with lots of lounge chairs available, and has a handy Tiki Bar and inexpensive outdoor food grille. If you love greasy onion rings, you'll love 'em.

You MAY be able to limit the effect construction has on YOU. Try booking through ResortQuest Hotels, and ask if you can be guaranteed a room in either "outside" edge of The Whaler: Tower 1 - NORTH side, or Tower 2 - SOUTH side. These sides do NOT face the construction and you would not hear any noise at all. Further, if you aren't a pool lover in the first place, you can still enjoy Kaanapali Beach on either SIDE of The Whaler, where the ocean noise would make jackhammering a non-factor. Furthermore, if one plans to spend most of every day off property, being a busy tourist all over the island, the construction noise is a moot point.

Alternatively, one can also book through a private owner (VRBO.com is a great source): Ask the renting owner where their Whaler condo is located. One can also rent from either of two totally reputable realty management agencies: Ask Monte Fitts Realty or Whalers Realty for a unit located away from the noise (both those names are easily searchable on the internet...and each has toll free phone #'s).

I also encourage anyone considering The Whaler to read the reviews at TripAdvisor, and you will learn that many recent guests (since early 2008) have had very enjoyable stays; others have faced the noisy courtyard...and been outraged! One cannot overlook the benefit that The Whaler is located on gorgeous Kaanapali Beach, and convenient to Whalers Village shopping and dining, as well as visiting the grounds of all the other hotels located on Kaanapali Beach.

Yeah, I'm totally biased, because I'm a Whaler owner (and lucky to be located in Tower 2, AWAY from the noise...and a beach lover in the first place!). Even mo' bettah, my wife and I leave for The Whaler on Sunday...and I can guarantee you that the construction won't bother us one bit...even though it makes the courtyard grounds very unattractive.:cheer:

I have gone to the time and effort to prepare the above information solely because I love to help others enjoy The Whaler...and am truly certain that anyone CAN still have a wonderful vacation there (and the rest of Kaanapali Beach) throughout the construction period.

Anyone is welcome to ask here OR Email me for further information about The Whaler.

Bob Cohen