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Cancun Crown Paridase Club ????


Jul 5, 2005
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Hello Tugers. I have a great deal to Cancun Crown Paridise club. Has anyone been there recently, how is the resort, rooms and beach ?


Tug Review Crew: Rookie
TUG Lifetime Member
Oct 27, 2005
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Mexico City
Crown Paradise Club

Never heard of it.... I wouldn't buy anywhere but at a Royal Resort. I know this is unfair to Crown Paradise, but I have never heard of it, and great deals somehow always turn out to have a bad side to them. Perhaps it is going to be a great place, but perhaps not. I don't see a reason to guess, when I can go with the ones I already know by mine and other's experience.

I suggest you have to spend some time reading TUG reviews, and then stick to the ones with many good reviews and no complaints.

- Ellis


TUG Review Crew
TUG Member
Jun 6, 2005
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Frederick, MD
Family members stayed there. It's a family resort - all inclusive - and according to my brother - more like a Holiday Inn than a Hyatt. Lots of programs designed for children including fun pool slides and things.

FWIW - after their stay at the Crown Paradise, they returned to Cancun and stayed at a Royal Resort. 4 years later, even with 3 kids in tow, they return to the Royals and never once thought about returning to the Crown Paradise.


TUG Member
Jun 6, 2005
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Middle Village, NY
I copied one of my old posts. It was not this Aug but Aug of 04.

I just visted this resort this past Aug when I was there. My cousin was also there she is an owner there.
The resort is close to the end of the strip not far from the Westin. It is an all Inclusive resort. The 2 bedroom that my cousin owns is a lock out. The resort it self is huge. It does have some very nice furnishing's. It offers many night clubs including a kids disco. If you have kids the activites are very well planed. There is sort of like a mini water park there.

Now for the negative

The pool water that does over look the ocean looks dirty. The pool is way to small for the amount of people that are at the resort. You have to get there real early to get a lounge chair and you will be inchs from the next chair, It is very crowded. The drinks I felt where watered down and very sweet. The atmosphere is loud since everyone seems to be drunk from the free drinks. I found the place to look prety but it was very dirty with people leaving there glasses all over. The resort staff can not keep up with the picking up the garbage that is left behind.
Would I stay there Yes, Would my wife stay here she said no. My son seemed to have a good time there while visting the resort for a few days but he said he liked the Mayan Palace the best but also liked the Royals.
BTW Also if you have guests that are not staying here they will not be able to pay for drinks nor eat with you at the resort since it is AI. Also keep in mind that all your meals and drinks are paid for. You can eat any time of the day or night as much as you want with a mast variety of restaurants to choose from. The bad part of this is that If you want to go out to eat somewhere else you are paying for food twice.
I also want to mention that my cousins got sick from the Sushi bar. This was the first time in 3 years that this has happened to them.

My cousins went out with me for a few nights and went with me for a few nights at the grand Mayan in rivera Maya. After seeing that resort they rather go to the MP. They decided to bank this years unit and on my recomendation go to OLCC. Next year will be one of the last years that they are going to use there week. They prefer to not be tied down and go to a non AI.