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Cabo San Lucas for parents


TUG Member
Jul 19, 2005
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Woodbury, Minnesota
My mother is turning 70, and for her birthday, we are sending her and her husband to Cabo for a week. I am unfamiliar with the area and the resorts and would like some guidance before I decide.

These are the resorts which I am able to exchange into during the timeframe when they would like to go:

Pueblo Bonito Resort at Sunset Beach
Pueblo Bonito Rose Spa and Resort
Hacienda del Mar Resort

Here is a little bit about them: They are very social and enjoy being out. My mom's husband has just had a dual knee replacement and is getting around very well, but still has some trouble climbing steps, or walking great distances. He will go golfing, but that is not a priority. They will have a car with them to enjoy the area. The do like to shop and enjoy quaint old shoppping areas. They like to eat out, but are rather economical.

I have read all the reviews on these resorts, and they all seem to be very nice. Is there one, that someone might recommend over the other? I want their stay to be as pleasant as possible.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


TUG Lifetime Member
Jun 6, 2005
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Rosarito Beach, Baja, Mex., & Phx
Check the Cabo board on www.tripadvisor.com There are lots and lots of comments on the resorts, both advantages and disadvantages, and some great restaurant lists and thoughts about where to go and what to see. To get there, click on Mexico, then forums, then Cabo.

Karen G

Aug 17, 2004
Reaction score
Henderson, NV
Resorts Owned
Once owned these: FirstFairway@Walden X 2; Lawai Beach; ManhattanClub; PuebloBonitoRose; 4 South Africa--now timeshare-free
How soon would they be going to Cabo? With the main road under construction and detours in place, driving around town will be a bit of a hassle, especially if they are unfamiliar with the town.

I just returned from our annual stay at the Pueblo Bonito Rose and it is my favorite of the three resorts you listed. I think they would probably like the pool and there would most likely be lots of people to talk to there. The food prices at the pool are fairly reasonable and the weekday breakfast buffet at $15/person is a good value for what is offered. It jumps to $39/person for Sunday brunch which I thought was outrageous. There's a lot of activity on the beach and lots of people-watching opportunities. The beach is safe for swimming and affords a long area for strolling along the beach.

Dinners at the resort might be expensive for them if they want to eat economically. But, having a car, they could venture out from the resort. There is a lot of shopping available at the new mall, but I wouldn't classify it as "quaint." They might want to drive to San Jose del Cabo for that type of activity.

The gentleman's walking ability might limit what they'd be able to do. One of the reasons I like the Rose is that it's within walking distance to town and the marina. But the sidewalk and roads you need to take are sometimes uneven or unpaved or dark at night, and it might be kind of treacherous for someone with difficulties in walking. Of course, they could drive themselves if they have a car, but again with the roads torn up that might be a problem, too.

Sunset Beach is a beautiful resort but it's built on a hillside and doesn't really lend itself to walking around a lot. They have carts that transport people from place to place and the system works well. It's a quieter, larger resort than the Rose and people who want to "get away from it all" seem to like it. Having a car would them allow them to explore the area, though, and they could drive to other restaurants than the ones at the resort.

Hacienda del Mar is a lovely resort--haven't stayed there but have toured there a few years ago. It's on the corridor between Cabo and San Jose and a car would be a necessity. It would be closer to the golf courses.

Wherever they end up staying, I'd encourage them to take the Caborey sunset cruise. I think they'd really enjoy it, and it would give them an upclose view of Land's End, the arch, the sealions, and the pelicans that are Cabo trademarks.


TUG Review Crew: Expert
TUG Member
Jun 1, 2006
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Mesquite, Nevada
Resorts Owned
Free Agent
I've stayed at Hacienda Del Mar, and my brother owns there. It's an excellent choice for older visitors who want to enjoy some quiet luxury without all the pounding nightlife noise closer to town. It felt like pretty "traditional Mexican" decor to me, and the garden-like grounds are beautiful. Five swimming pools, good restaurants, health spa, and great accommodations are on-site. Most buildings are only three stories high, so stairclimbing would be minimal, if they were placed on a lower floor. And since your folks will have a car, getting into town for shopping, restaurants, or other activities wouldn't be a problem. Bonus: There is excellent golf right next door at a Jack Nicklaus course, too.

Check the photo gallery on their website: http://www.haciendadelmar.com.mx

Hope this helps,

x3 skier

TUG Review Crew: Veteran
TUG Member
Apr 17, 2006
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Ohio and Colorado
Resorts Owned
Steamboat Grand, The West,
Raintree and, formerly, The Allen House
The Sunset Beach has a free bus that takes you back and forth to the Rose downtown. It is a bit of a walk from the Rose to the Heart of Downtown or the Marina. We stayed at Sunset Beach and really enjoyed it. The Rose is also the one with a swimming Beach while Sunset Beach is on the Pacific and ocean swimming is prohibited there.

We did take the bus a couple of times after turning in our Avis Car at the agency at Sunset Beach. We had picked it up at the airport and dropped it at the Resort. Took a shuttle back to the airport for departure. You can pick up or drop off there so I suggest you select the Sunset Beach option and if they want/need a car when they get there, they can rent right at the resort.



TUG Member
Jun 6, 2005
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Fresno, CA
Pueblo Bonito Resorts

Are wonderful, the grounds, the staff, everything. As Karen noted she has her favorite of Rose, and my favorite is Sunset Beach. You are away from downtown, but that is not a problem if you wish to go just hop on the free shuttle and you are there in 10 minutes. I let a friend of mine use my studio at Sunset last year and he was getting over a hip replacement, and all he did was ride the golf carts from his room to the pool or the lobby. The staff is very accomadating. I have heard good and bad about the Hacienda del Mar, the only reason I wouldn't stay there is that it is out on the corridor a long ways from everything. Whatever resort you pick I am sure they will have a wonderful time in Cabo as we all do that go every year. I as probably Karen does, look foward to my next trip the moment I get home.