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Buying Wyndham Points from EBay:

Tom T

TUG Member
Jul 5, 2005
Reaction score
If you buy points from TUG or EBay are you treated like an outsider and not get all the benefits that you would if you purchased from Wyndham. I was told at a Wyndham sales presentation that I would lose my VIP Status?


TUG Review Crew: Elite
TUG Member
Jun 6, 2005
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The Centennial State
Resorts Owned
Wyndham Founder; Disney OKW & SSR; Marriott's Willow Ridge and Shadow Ridge,Grand Chateau; Val Chatelle; Hono Koa OF (3); SBR(LOTS), SDO a few; Grand Palms(selling); WKORV-OF ,Westin Desert Willow.
No, you won't lose VIP status by adding resale points to your membership. They haven't gotten that nasty about resales at corporate. You don't get VIP benefits in resale purchases, and that is why resales are so cheap.


TUG Member
Nov 14, 2006
Reaction score
The People's Republic of Ann Arbor
You cannot use resale points to qualify for VIP, or to qualify for a higher level. For the moment, if you have otherwise qualified for VIP, any resale points you add to your account are also extended the benefits that you already have. Expect that to change, though---sooner rather than later.

A resale-only purchaser also does not have access to Plus Partners without enrolling. An owner who has one developer purchase (or has otherwise enrolled any deed) has the Plus Partners attribute extended to all of their points.

That's about the only difference between the two.