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Alii Kai... are there ocean views?


Tug Review Crew: Rookie
TUG Member
Nov 22, 2007
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Ohio in body, Hawaii in mind
Here is my story... Several years ago I took a survey of all the Princeville timeshares during a Kauai visit. One of the resorts that caught my attention was the Alii Kai. The units on the cliff edge especially interested me. The views they offered were great.

Skip forward a couple of years... a couple traveling with me wanted to stay an extra week, so I called RCI to see if there were any Last Calls and found Alii Kai to be available. I got them a guest certificate and I went back to Ohio. When my friends got back to Ohio they went on and on how much they enjoyed their extended stay at the Alii Kai and the ocean views from their lanai.

Skipping forward to about a year ago, I was recounting this tale and raving about Alii Kai's great views to an Alii Kai owner. He told me that the units at the Alii Kai that I referred to were wholly owned condos. There were no timeshares at Alii Kai considered ocean view. I didn't believe him because of my friends report. On my last visit to Kauai, last January, I revisited the Alii Kai and talked to at least a couple of different people that I ran into and they confirmed that the cliff edge units were wholly owned and none were timeshares. I took from those statements that my friends were just trying to thank me for getting them a week at the Alii Kai by exagerating the experience they enjoyed at the Alii Kai.

Fast forward to yesterday when an owner reported that there WERE ocean views at Alii Kai. So, now I am really disturbed that I have gotten conflicting reports on such a simple issue... does Alii Kai offer ocean view timeshares? The thing I hate more than getting conflicting information is that I have passed on incorrect information... I was either wrong when I reported that Alii Kai didn't have ocean views or I was wrong when I reported that they had great ocean views.

Today, I have been pondering the possible explanations for the conflicting reports. I have come to presume that the explanation is due to the quality of the ocean views. Perhaps the cliff edge condos are wholly owned while the buildings further back perhaps have some degree of ocean views. But, I would really appreciate the truth, the whole truth, the precise truth rather than presuming. If there are cliff edge timeshares at the Alii Kai, I definitely want to own one them. If the timeshares that have ocean views aren't the ones along the cliff edge, I would like to know how good the view is so that I can determine if the views are good enough for me to still become an owner. I also want to know the details so that I don't pass on false information.

Please, if you know the details about the location of the timeshare buildings and the quality of their ocean views, pass them on with precision... please.


TUG Review Crew: Veteran
TUG Member
Mar 17, 2006
Reaction score
I raised this issue in October and received rather conflicting replies.

Kauai Kid has promised to take photos in December:

'When we are there in Dec I'll take pictures of both Alii Kai I and alii Kai II so we can drive a stake through the heart of the issue once and for all.

There are a couple of units at Alii Kai I that DO NOT have ocean front views and there are some units at Alii Kai II that have both ocean and mountain views.

The way things are at Poipu with all the building going on and stopping mid construction, because of money issues I'd rather be at PRINCEVILLE than Poipu.'


TUG Member
Jun 6, 2005
Reaction score
Vacaville, Ca.
Some Alii Kai timeshares DO have ocean views. The unit we were in a couple of year's ago DID have an ocean view, mainly from the back side of the unit (one bedroom and living room). The unit/building was 12-G, I think (upstairs in building 12, second unit in from the right side of the building, facing the building).

I would go back to the Alii Kai in a "heartbeat" !!!