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Alarm clock mis-cues...


TUG Member
Feb 24, 2016
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San Juan Capistrano, CA
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Twas the morning of surgery when all through San P,
Not a creature was stirring not even JB
The humans were snuggled asleep in their beds,
The alarm clock not set, messed up surely instead
When all of a sudden there rose such a clatter,
I awoke with a start to see what was the matter
Faith shrieking and freaking and having a fit
Oh I did not like it, not one little bit.
Oh !@#$%, oh ^&*%$, oh #@%$^ all,
I stumbled up and out into the hall
Waited three months for the doctor to cut me,
Now I am late oh !@#$ me, !@#$ me.

We (meaning me) are very organized. I am rarely ever late. We've now had the second near disaster with an alarm clock not going off. Cliff was scheduled for Mohs surgery this morning on the hideous skin cancer wound on his face. Tracing back what happened, I bumped the clock as I sat down to set it last night, apparently hitting the "play music for an hour then turn off" button. It took me several minutes to shut the music off because radio wouldn't respond to the off button. Apparently that side trip caused me not to run the alarm fully around and into AM settings, so it got set for 6:45PM. At 7:45 (really 7:35 because I set my clock 10 minutes fast on purpose) my eyes opened at the exact time we were supposed to be walking in the door at the doctor's office. Luckily they called as we were running out the door, and we were parking at 8:20. It rained all night but thankfully just wet streets and no rain on the 25 minute freeway drive. Of course JB Orange Cat, who generally starts up fussing to go out by 6am, decided to sleep in today.

Doctor told Cliff good thing he was doing surgery (we've only been working this issue since July when I sent Cliff back to Dermatologist #1 because of the blood puddles on his pillow every morning) because cancer had almost eaten into a nerve that goes like a superhighway to his brain. Of course I will worry that the "almost" actually did throw off bad cells. But he's home with a Frankenstein scar down the middle of his cheek from his chin to his hairline, and hopefully he won't be too uncomfortable as it heals.

Our other near disaster with an alarm clock was our last day in Sydney about ten years ago. The power had gone off twice the evening before in our Worldmark apartment. We'd had to fuss with the clocks, and set the alarm. The alarm did go off and I remember sitting up stupidly and looking at the clock and wondering why it said 7am (our Shuttle departure time), took several minutes to comprehend we were late. Thank goodness we were showered and pre-packed, but even so a shuttle full of people waited on us 30 minutes. So embarrassing!


TUG Review Crew
TUG Member
Dec 5, 2010
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Somewhere Out There
Nice poem. We always set 2 alarms... one on the digital clock that runs on backup battery if power goes off and the other on one of our cell phones. It always works for us.


Tug Review Crew: Rookie
TUG Member
Jul 4, 2007
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If it's important or very early, I set 3 alarms:
Am'zon Echo, my tablet and my cell phone.
I also set an Echo Reminder: "AIC (ass in car) Now!"
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Jun 6, 2005
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For anything important or very early, I set 3 alarms:
Am-zon Echo, my tablet and my cell phone.
I also set an Echo Reminder: "AIC (as in car) Now!"
Yeah, I got into multiple-alarm mode back in college days when I might be getting only 2 hrs sleep. I have little trust in things working right when I really need them to.


Aug 29, 2015
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De Forest, Wisconsin
Resorts Owned
Westin St. John Plat+
Westin St. John Plat
I've learned my lesson with allowing DH to set alarms, especially on vacation. Once he didn't set it and we needed to be at an early morning tournament. Woke up less than a 1/2 hour before it started. He quick got ready and I drove him to the venue and went back to the hotel to get ready. Thank goodness I wasn't participating in that tournament. He did the exact same thing for the same tournament last year. But I have learned my lesson. I set my own alarm and gloat when his never goes off. His answer is always "I thought I set it."

I sure love my smart phone. No longer have to worry about figuring out a strange alarm clock or asking for a wake up call.

Hope recovery goes well!