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AA Lost & Found is great!!


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Jun 20, 2007
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Apex, NC (The Peak of Good Living)
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Last Thursday, I flew from SFO to JFK. It was an odd flight overall, with all of the crazy attitude that a handful of travelers had. I was asked to move seats to allow a couple to sit together, so I did. I left my carry-on suitcase and laptop bag in the back of the plane and moved to the front of the plane. When we landed, I was thinking about getting my items from the back, so accidentally left my iPad in the seatback. I realized that I left it on the plane the next day. I filed a report online, and then received an email to contact the JFK office directly. I called them, not thinking I had a chance to get my iPad back, but they found it in just a few minutes. At least at JFK, they identify each flight with date and seperate items so its easy for them to find. I was very surprised and happy.

The thing that surprised me even more is that they told me that they throw away hundreds of iPads every month. They keep items for 30 days and then throw away whatever is not claimed.

I didn't want to drive back to JFK, because with traffic, that would be a 4 hour drive. So they shipped it to me and packaged it up very nicely. I just needed to get a FedEx account setup to have them send it. It was awesome!


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Jun 6, 2005
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McLean (Fairfax County), Virginia, USA.
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Grandview At Las Vegas

[triennial - points]
United Lost & Found Came Through Also.

AA Lost & Found is great!
Our grandson (age 12) flew alone from IAD to MCO to have a Disney weekend with us when we were timeshare vacationing in Kissimmee FL last January.

He got home OK, but when his parents met him at the airport, he did not have his wallet (containing $40 & some StarBux gift cards).

They called us. We searched high & low all through our 2BR timeshare condo, also everywhere in the rental car. No luck.

A few weeks later, a small FedEx package addressed to our grandson was delivered to his & his parents' house. Inside was the formerly lost wallet. The money & StarBux cards were still there. (Who'd a-thunk?)

So hats off to the lost & found crews of United, in addition to their AA counterparts.

-- Alan Cole, McLean (Fairfax County), Virginia, USA.​


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Jun 9, 2005
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Seattle area
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Delta does too

I left my cell phone phone on a chair in the SEA airport! near the Delta ticket counter.

Soon after in the air, I discovered I did not have it -- I asked the attendant to check on it, and also gave her our son's phone number who lives in Seattle.

BY the time we landed, our son had already had it!! he's gone to the airport and picked it up after a phone call form Delta

I was pretty impressed