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2 weeks together


TUG Member
Jan 7, 2008
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In 2010, we would like to get our whole family to Mallorca, Spain in August. We own a gold Horizons Orlando and a platinum Grande Vista. I believe we can reserve 13 months out with 2 units. My question is, how do we actually do this? I don't want to get stuck with one trade and not the other. And do we have enough trading power being that August is prime time over there and a gold Horizons really isn't a monster trader? Should I use my vacation advisor to help with this?


TUG Member
Jun 6, 2005
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Sedona AZ
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At the Marbella and Playa Andaluza resorts, August is the most in-demand month. Especially so for the first two weeks of August when the Spaniards themselves like to hit the beach in droves. Couple this with already high occupancy rates, and one needs to really be on the ball trading into either of those resorts, so you are correct to be looking far ahead. I do not how/if this same demand paradigm applies to the Mallorca Son Antem resort. Hopefully an owner there can better address that question.

But a possible strategy comes to mind. Check out the owners section of MVCI and pull up Son Antem's resort calender. In 2010, the platinum season there runs weeks 29 thru 34 (16 July to 27 August ) while gold season runs week 35 thru week 40 ( August 27 thru October 8th ). There's also a gold holiday season running weeks 27 & 28 (2 July thru 16 July ).

You could try to visit in either of the gold seasons, putting your gold week up for gold and your platinum week up for a gold week. I'd assume that your platinum week will certainly trade. Your gold week is the question, especially if you try to get into the gold holiday season. If I had to choose, I'd go for that 27 August gold week with your units. A nice little "secret" is that there is no difference in the weather with those gold week which straddle platinum season in Spain. An absolutely great time to go.

So if you're flexible and plan in advance, I think that there does exist a strategy for you. But be sure to contact your rep and try to get more information. Maybe some other TUGgers can also add insight/advice.

good luck.



TUG Review Crew: Expert
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May 20, 2006
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NE Florida
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Marriott Grande Vista
Marriott Harbour Lake
Sheraton Vistana Villages
Club Wyndham CWA
The problem is that to book 13 months out you have to book consecutive or concurrent weeks at Grande Vista and Horizons. Both resorts have identical seasons except Horizons Platinum Plus week 52 so you have to book concurrent weeks with the seasons that you own.

In order to book 13 months out you have to book the following combinations

MGV - Wk 17 (115), MHZ - Wk 18 (95)
MHZ - Wk 21 (100), MGV - Wk 22 (110)
MGV - Wk 34 (95), MHZ - Wk 35 (75)
MHZ - Wk 50 (65), MGV - Wk 51 (130)

The problem is that almost all of these weeks only have average to below average demand on the II index (in brackets above). Week 51 is the only exception that has very high demand.

MHZ - Wk 21, 33, 41, 47 (100), MGV - Wk 9, 13, 51 (130) would be the best weeks for trading power. You may be better to book higher demand weeks 12 months out instead of trying to book concurrent weeks. If you book the earliest weeks (MHZ - Wk 21 and MGV Wk 9 or 13) you would be able to place your request at 14 months vs only 12 or 13.
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Dave M

TUG Lifetime Member
Jun 16, 2004
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Sun City Hilton Head, SC
Reserving 13 months out won't help, because the two weeks that you want together are in Spain, not at your home resorts. You can't reserve those. You must exchange for them.

Your Vacation Ownership Advisor won't be able to help much, because you'll be exchanging through II, not through your Advisor.

I think the best strategy is to reserve the very best 2009 weeks at your resorts that you can (based on the II Travel Demand Index for Orlando), deposit them with II and immediately request the 2010 trades that you want. If your 2009 weeks are already committed, reserve 2010 weeks as early as possible and deposit them, but be sure you make your exchange requests at least 13 months in advance. You want those exchange requests in the II system when Marriott owners start depositing those weeks that you want.

Yes, you might wind up with one trade and not the other. If you can afford it, you might consider reserving a one-week rental through Marriott as a backup, using the Marriott owners' discount ("MOD") if it's available. Then you can cancel the rental reservation if your second exchange comes through.