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wyndham advice

  1. J

    Wyndham Resevation windows

    I am limited to a 5 month window. Other memberships have a longer window . However, it seems some members can recieve bonuses at the 30 day period
  2. M

    Inherited timeshares [moved]

    Hello, I inherited five Wyndham contracts from my parents. I knew nothing about timeshares initially but I've been reluctantly learning as I need to deal with these things. There is a rental company that has been handling the points so I'm not getting slammed with maintenance fees. The...
  3. O

    Wanted Anaheim or Orange County May 5th-ish

    Looking for Wyndham/ Worldmark Anaheim but open to any offers from other nearby properties in Anaheim or Orange County starting May 5, 2023 for 5-7 nights. Thanks so much!
  4. M

    Fixed week versus point system - need help deciding

    We currently own 1 fixed week at Shawnee Depuy Village ( 2 bedroom) and 1 bi-annual week at Westgate Town Center (3 bedroom). We are trying to decide if the up front money and the monthly expense are worth spending in order to gain the flexibility of the Wyndham point system. We are looking...
  5. T


    I really like Marriott Ocean Club Aruba. I want to upgrade to buy more Mariott Ocean Club points; but. I want to dispose of my two worthless Wyndham contracts, first. I really don't stay much at Wyndham properties. I mean, they are nice but I don't use them that much. What should I do...
  6. mayamart

    Was about to push the "purchase" button on a Wyndham TS; now... not so sure?

    I had done countless hours of research (I estimate 30+ hours of reading) over the past couple of months on purchasing a resale timeshare. We were wavering back and forth between Wyndham Kona Hawaiian or Waikiki Beach Club, Imperial Waikiki, or Club Donatello (close to home). We would use the TS...
  7. L

    1 day left to rescind contract and need some advice!

    We got 126k points with 175 bonus points for 19k. They were "resale" points, but purchased officially. I understand that I can get the same amount of points for like $800 resale online, and am likely going to rescind the contract. However.....I like that our current points include Wyndham and...
  8. T

    Wyndham and rci

    I bought a resale wyndham resort points last year. It closed in October and I deposited the Wyndham points into rci. I also have week resorts, non wyndham, and I have deposited some of those weeks into rcI and they show as tpus. I called wyndham and asked them if I get a free rci account and...
  9. A

    Help! Purchased from Wyndham

    My husband and I are at Emerald grande and purchased 90k for 17,900. We are resale owners because someone game me a deed and I purchased a deed off ebay to add to it. We did the PIC program with 2 1bd that I had they sold us on the idea of being VIP. Plus, we really like the idea of having the...
  10. L

    Wyndham purchase advice for family

    Looking for purchase advice so my family gets a decent resale value for Wyndham Access Points. Resale at a reasonable discount. For a family seems like we need about 300k points or so for a vacation or two per year with a few bedrooms. eBay big discounts seem filled with fraudsters that may too...
  11. G

    Wyndham Breach of Contract

    Wyndham arbitrarily stopped charging our monthly payment of our Club Wyndham Plus dues. They did not inform us or bill us. Then they turned us over for collection, with an added monthly billing fee of $8 per month and also a collection fee. I have been fighting this battle with them for over...
  12. O

    Wyndham Discovery Question

    Hey all! I can't find the answer I'm looking for in other threads so I'm hoping someone can help. I signed up for the Wyndham Discovery program at Myrtle Beach on July 22. I have been able to login to my Club Wyndham account and already secure my first vacation. However, I still haven't received...
  13. K

    Have to attend additional presentation as Wyndham Discovery member

    Hi everyone, I purchased a discovery VIP membership last year for Wyndham (400k points, 2 years) to use at Clearwater beach location. Checked in yesterday (first year using points) and was told we have to attend a sales presentation during this trip (60 mins, but you know how that goes). When I...
  14. E

    Regular room vs delux room - what's the difference?

    I stayed at a 3 bed room with my family one night which has prompted my interest in the wyndham timeshare. However, I haven't really stayed, outside of that one night, anywhere else. So when I am looking at the resort directory, I see options for regular room vs delux (for more points). is the...
  15. E

    How to get VIP status when having resale points

    I am new to timeshare, and almost bought points from the developer... lucky i found you guys and I am currently looking to buy re-sale points. I have a family of five and I like the 2 room setup and I think i can cover the maintenance fees with what I usually budget for vacation for a big room...
  16. V

    Bought Wyndham points - am I screwed? How do I make the best of it?

    just hit day 10 and realized I cannot rescind now. I think i’m stuck with overpaid Wyndham vacation points. Is there any way to rescind past the time period? If i’m Stuck, how do I make the best of this situation?
  17. Grammarhero

    Is this Wyndham TS a good deal?

    I’m new to TS and looking to own in SF. I’d like to have at least a one bedroom with a separate sofa bed every two years at Wyndham Canterbury. I’m going to read the Wyndham TS system. In the meantime, would you all advise whether this resale is a good deal or not? Weeks: 01 2020 01 2020...
  18. tahoeJoe

    Worldmark Newbie

    I am interested in having regular access or owning at the Woldmark in Windsor CA (Wine Country). What is the cheapest (MF and purchase costs) way to do this? 1) Buy a resale week at the Worldmark Windsor resort? 2) Buy a resale week at another Worldmark resort with lower MFs and trade in? 2a)...
  19. B

    Locations where ARP is Needed

    I am planning on purchasing a resale soon and have a few more questions. What locations do you feel 13 month ARP is needed to get a week? Is Club Access a good idea for ARP at bonnet creek? Does anyone have a list of locations where 13 month ARP is usually a need? I usually book 2 weeks in...
  20. D

    Should I inherit my aunt’s Wyndham points? Help! Million plus points

    Hi, let me start out by saying I own 3 deeded weeks and 7,650 shell points (I didn’t buy off developers). So I thought I knew a lot about timeshares as I work hard to check daily and use our benefits to the max, but I’m so confused about this decision. My aunt recently passed and my cousin is...
  21. U

    Worldmark or Wyndham? I live in Arizona

    First, I have been advised to look into Worldmark, instead of Wyndham because I live in Arizona. I already own Wyndham Governors Green in VA for a 126000 Biannual/even years. However, we are paying $46/month, or around $1100MFs ($550/each year) for it. This does not sound like a good deal as it...
  22. Ninjaneer80

    Buy non wyndham RCI POINTS - PIC purchase #2 questions

    Once again I can't thank this community enough of everyone sharing there experience and idea's of what to do with timeshares etc..... with every post / question I ask. I get better idea of how to ask the question better and It brings more questions. I can't thank everyone enough ! with that...
  23. J

    Trying to decide if need to rescind

    Please don’t just commmet rescind without some reason why. Ok we are new to timeshares. We have friends that own them with different companies and we have looked at them multiple times and we are numbers people. We travel a lot and do tend to end up spending a lot on vacations it seems in the...
  24. K

    New to Club Wyndham Access [Duplicate/Closed]

    My husband and I were on a weekend get away this summer and were suckered into a Wyndham time share at plantation resort in Myrtle Beach. Although I do think this was the right choice for our family I wish I had known more about resale’s etc. so here are our questions after finding this forum...
  25. A


    Hi, I am trying to cancel my timeshare contract with Wyndham Resort, but I have question about rescission period. I live in VA and bought timeshare in VA. The VA laws stated that I have 7 days to cancel the timeshare contract. My 7th day is a Sunday. So, I believe I have until next day (Monday)...
  26. S

    What do you think of your Wyndham timeshare?

    Wondering if purchasing was the right decision. Would love to hear your honest opinions.
  27. S

    Seeking the truth, please help!

    We purchased 85k Wyndham points last year and stayed at a hotel using our points for the first time this past weekend. We went to the "owner update" presentation which was clearly a sales presentation. Honestly, we just don't have the ability to buy more points, not even sure we made the right...
  28. A

    Newbie Needs Advice!! Points/Ebay purchase Questions

    Hello friends! I have been considering ownership for sometime now. My husband and I were sucked into a Wyndham preview package of some sort. We paid around $3k for 400,000 points to be used in 2 years. We had an awesome honeymoon in Oahu at the Wyndham Waikiki beach walk!! We ended up throwing...
  29. AlohaAmy

    What does it mean to own points a a certain resort? Any priority there?

    Hi All, I am thinking of buying Wyndham points. They are at "Resort A". The ad on eBay advertises it is for a two bedroom unit. When I look at the chart from 2014-2015, all I can find, the 154,000 points will only get a studio at Resort A. Is there a different point chart for owners at a given...
  30. P

    Advice for a Worldmark Owner considering buying Wyndham Resale

    Hello! Brand new member here:) We love WM and (without bragging!) know all the ins and outs of my membership. I have a great "portfolio" with some developer credits, twice as many resale, and all non-housekeeping. Although I can use Club Pass at Wyndham, it is limited to the actual number of...