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wyndam points

  1. P

    Worldmark by Wyndham- Successful cancellation (Rescission)

    So thanks to doing research on this forum, I was able to cancel a purchase I made (i know smh) at a time share presentation while on vacation in Vegas. Nevada law gives you five calendar days, so I had to write and mail the letter in that time frame. Even though the operations department is in...
  2. andex

    Resources and RCI point deposits

    1) Been a while since I've posted or even asked a question on Tugg! Can someone point me to the resources on Wyndham new point system. I did take notes but can't find them anywhere? What i found on site was the old point system dating back to 2011 2) Maybe someone can chime in? Would save me...
  3. E

    13 vs 10 month registration window - how bad is it?

    newbie here... I was looking to buy CWA vs deeded points. I am thinking to get 400 points with a home resort vs 400 points CWA. There is a significant maintenance difference, so I am wondering if I go the less expensive maintenance route is the right thing to do? I live in FL and the home resort...
  4. S

    Wyndham access vs. Plus

    What is the better purchase access or plus through wyndham? Buying through ebay. Plus is 146,000 points and 90 a month for fees and access is 189,000 points and 100 for fees. Do both have same Benefits?
  5. Ninjaneer80

    Wyndham teleSales ?

    I keep hearing about buying from the developer thru telesales is better than at the resort. How do I call someone for for this mystic Telesale ?
  6. J

    wyndham resale points.

    I currently have 84000 points I bought from the developer an I'm looking pick up another 120 to 200. After looking around it seems like buying points off line is the way to go. I know they won't count toward VIP but at the end of the day I don't plan on buying enough to get there anyway. I just...
  7. V

    Looking at buying 154,000 Wyndham bonnet creek points

    im totally new to the timeshare game. If I buy 154k “even year” points with a maintenance fee of 605 is this a good deal? Our goal is to stay at places for 2-3 nights. Most hotels are $150-$200+ A night and for 605 a year it seems like a no brainer if the points give us 10 or more nights. So...
  8. P

    Does Wyndham make owning more than one timeshare easy?

    i was just wondering if owning more than one Wyndham timeshare is pretty easy to maintain. Are both mf combined each month? Are points combined together on the account? If there are two timeshares and combined they are cheaper than one timeshare with the exact same amount of points, would...
  9. P

    Should I buy a resale right after sending letter in to rescind?

    Hey everyone I just joined the forums today after reading through all of them for the past couple of days. Long story short I just purchased a Wyndham Club Access by the developer on Sunday. As soon as I had gotten home I started researching and typed a rescind letter with my signature on it...
  10. L

    Wyndham Clearwater Beach

    can I buy into a Wyndham program to stay at Wyndham Clearwater Beach or if want to stay there most of the time do I have Buy directly from Wyndham Clearwater Beach ? All the programs seem to exclude Clearwater Beach ? Am I correct? New to tug and know little of how Wyndham programs work.
  11. D

    Do I need points deposited in RCI to be able to search availability?

    I am a new resale owner and I'm trying to access the RCI portal but all it allows me to do is deposit points and I don't seem to be able to search RCI availability?
  12. D

    How long are title transfers taking ATM?

    Has anyone had any titles successfully transferred recently and how long did they take? I've got one that's been with Wyndham for 12 weeks and I'm wondering how much longer this could take?? Thanks
  13. S

    Club Wyndham question

    I'll admit, I don't follow Wyndham changes and new programs and usually turn off at these "owner update" meetings. We go to Branson, MO 2-3 times per year and just got back from a weekend stay with the family. Of course, we went to the owner meeting on the pretext of offering comments on the...
  14. M

    Cancel & Rebook / New Website

    A number of posts have brought up when trying to cancel and rebook to take advantage of our discounts their reservation seems to have gone into a black hole. Today I was told an "enhancement" of the system is when a reservation is cancelled it is automatically run through new logic and given to...
  15. D

    WorldMark Coral Baja

    Does anyone have a points chart for this resort? Also, any booking experience? Thanks
  16. L

    Wyndham points vs Rci points?

    New to all this and it's a lot to absorb! I read a thread in 2011 that Wyndham took over Rci? I am looking to get rci points so my husband and I can start travel. Should I look to buy wyndham points or rci points? Looking to buy 308,000 wyd points. Thank you!