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  1. D

    Newbie Looking for Timeshare Advice on MVC!

    Hello everyone. I just joined and am looking for guidance on timeshares within the Marriott Vacation Club network, and timeshares in general. I don't own any timeshares, but do own a deeded fractional ownership vacation property. I've been considering a timeshare for many years, but haven't...
  2. S

    Best value outside of Mexico

    Hey Aloha, Could someone please either direct me to the best thread for my question or please answer, what is the best Westin resale (price per point / MF per point) outside of Lagunamar? Owning in Mexico is nerve racking to me, whether unfounded or not. Also, things keep changing and it's...
  3. R

    Westin Nanea Timeshare Purchase

    We went to a presentation and got the following offer. We are new to timeshares and hoping you all can guide us. We were offered 62,000 Staroptions deeded at Nanea annually, which they told us translated to 2,625 club (Abound?) points to be used elsewhere MF is $1,140 (plus $200 club fee)...
  4. T

    Potentially signing MVC WKOR

    Hello! I want to have your opinions on if this is a good deal. I just learned about this wonderful site last night and was up reading as much as I could. I have been traveling the last three years via the MVC promotions. We did our presentation yesterday, my husband is nearly sold on it as our...
  5. R

    Question about units at Vacation Village Bonaventure

    Looking at an RCI exchange at Bonaventure. When looking for a 2-bedroom, I see two options: a unit that sleeps 6 (6/6) and one that sleeps 8 (8/8), however the resort info on both RCI and VV websites only mentions a 2-bedroom that sleeps 8. Wondering what the deal is here?
  6. U

    Looking to buy TS at Westin Kaanapali/Nanea

    Hello to all, We are a family of 5 (2 adults sons and 11 year daughter). We want to purchase a TS on Maui, preferably Westin as we’ve been to all three. We would prefer OF and if possible 2 weeks. We want the option to either use the 2 BR or downsize depending who is joining in our family. We...
  7. C

    Hawaii AND Palm Springs Westin Timeshare Giveaway - Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort Villas AND Desert Willow Villas

    We are giving away our 2 timeshares as a bundle. 1. Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort Villas, Even Year Float, Platinum Season, 148,100 Star Options, Mandatory resort 2. Westin Desert Willow Villas, Even Year Float, Gold Season, 56,300 Star Options Please note that we are giving them away as a...
  8. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 113... Marriott Abound Dec 22 Owner Update

    With all the travel I am doing staying in timeshares full time, I get a lot of opportunities for Owner Updates. This is especially important with regards to Marriott ABOUND as the only real way to get information is to attend a sales presentation. In this update, there were a lot of...
  9. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 104... Tips to Maximize the Marriott Merger

    As 2023 approaches and the Merger of Vistana and Marriott gets closer to being fully functional, I felt it would be a great idea to provide an update on how to maximize your points in 2023. Since I am an owner with both Marriott and Vistana, I wanted to cover plans for 2023. For those of you...
  10. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 92... Owner Update at Marriott

    I completed my owner update Yesterday and wanted to publish the results quickly. Good news is that there were no changes in the description of Abound. Today was a more traditional sales presentation where they offered an upgrade and their reasoning. So much information is now on the websites...
  11. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 91... Extend Hawaii Paradise by choosing a Studio

    More is better... More time in Hawaii is more better (author's pun). Sometimes in life a small compromise can be significant. Sometimes this depends on your perspective. If a longer experience is more of a luxury than the place you stay, then maybe you should consider a studio timeshare for...
  12. T

    Just Purchased in the Abound program @ Ko Olina

    Just spent a week a Ko Olina and sat through the new presentation into the abound trust point system. I was a originally a Platinum deeded week at the Grand Chateau who then converted to be able to us the MVC exchange company. We had previously canceled buying into the trust points system in...
  13. Clifbell

    Two Bedroom Westin Kierland Villas Review in Scottsdale AZ

    As part of the Phoenix Metro Area, the Westin Kierland is located in the upscale town of Scottsdale Arizona. And this resort doesn't disappoint. Not only do you have access to the Westin Villas, but you have access to the Westin Kierland Resort and Spa. There are multiple pools at the Westin...
  14. Clifbell

    Two Bedroom Westin Mission Hills Review in Palm Desert Ca

    About two hours east of Los Angeles sits the beautiful Westin Mission Hills Villas. It is next to the Westin Mission Hills Resort and Spa. You can get a day pass to go to the hotel. Check with the front desk for Pricing. There are two pool Areas at the Westin Mission Hills Villas. The main...
  15. Clifbell

    Review One Bedroom Sheraton Kauai Resort Villas at Poipu Kauai Hawaii

    It is hard not to love staying at the Sheraton Kauai Resort... You are right on the beach... The pool looks out onto the ocean... You can get small cabanas right on the beach... The rooms are of high quality. The one bedroom / one bathroom layout is great. I was in Building 7 on the fourth...
  16. Clifbell

    Review Two Bedroom Sheraton Kauai Resort Villas at Poipu Kauai Hawaii

    It is hard not to love staying at the Sheraton Kauai Resort... You are right on the beach... The pool looks out onto the ocean... You can get small cabanas right on the beach... The rooms are of high quality. The two bedroom / two bathroom layout is great. I happened to stay here as part of an...
  17. R

    Westin Kierland Villas Question

    Hello! I am trying to purchase a 1 bedroom unit at WKV that says it is for 30,500 Starpoints. However, that point total seems to equal the Premium 1 bedroom, not the smaller, Deluxe 1 bedroom. The seller doesn't seem to know which one she is trying to sell me and I was hoping for confirmation...
  18. N

    Interested in Marriott Vacations Worldwide financials and markets Updates?

    This is a great update on Marriott Vacations Worldwide financials, demographics, markets - includes updates on MVC, Westin, Sheraton, Hyatt and Welk, and Interval... https://ir.marriottvacationsworldwide.com/static-files/1f003fef-f67d-420b-aa1d-e742fad7d963
  19. susan28

    Lagunamar Building preference

    Hi were scheduled to visit Lagunamar later this month. one of the previous times we stayed there we were put in a building that was very close to the Aqua’s air conditioning system. It was incredibly loud - It was impossible to have a conversation on the balcony. does anyone know which...
  20. M

    Just bought westin vacation club flex timeshare. PLEASE HELP! I think I made a mistake…

    Just bought westin vacation club flex timeshare. PLEASE HELP! I think I made a mistake… I bought it at the Westin Maui as our home resort but after reading all of the bad reviews online I feel like a sucker. I have 5 days left to cancel and they said I just have to send a fax to cancel it. But...
  21. K

    Which timeshare flex is right for me [Sheraton Flex]

    Hi new member here, so I recently rescinded but I’m still interested, one of the sales agent said with the 9k package I think it was 30k points he said I could get any hotel under their brand 5 days 4 nights even if it’s Hawaii during peak season, it sounds too good to be true and a load of crap...
  22. T

    Using Previous Owner to Reserve Weeks Pending Resale Closure

    I bought at SVV-Bella this summer. The Closing Process is moving rather slow. I have a recorded deed approved by the county, and now the paperwork is in vistanas queue to confirm my ownership on their end. They have had the paperwork since 14 July. My issue is, I am planning a vacation to the...
  23. J

    Going on Westin St. John sales tour

    Hi all. I’m going on a tour at Westin St. John just to get a free snorkel tour. We are actually interested in a unit here but obviously not retail. A few questions: 1) are developer prices negotiable ? To the price points of resale? I figured I’ll just offer them a market price for the...
  24. T

    Every Other Year StarOptions Banking

    Considering Buying an Every Other Year (Odd) at a Mandatory Resort. I should have the ability to bank these options if I am unable to use this year correct? Can I bank them in 2021 and Spend them in 2022? All while only paying Maintenance Fee in 2021, 2023, etc.....? Thanks!
  25. T

    Mandatory Resort Rules

    First Time Resale Buyer just doing research... There is likely a thread out there already, but I'm struggling to find it if so. I am looking at buying a Mandatory SVN Unit. I was hoping someone can point me in the direction of rules that accompany this. Main Questions are below... I...
  26. D

    Points Dump

    [redacted to comply with forum rules.] I let the birth of my newest little one distract me from banking my SO in time, also slightly blame COVID for the distraction too. All set to expire Dec 31st, 2020. [redacted to comply with forum rules.]
  27. PcflEZFlng

    Westin Mission Hills Villas 2BD LO EOYO Gold Plus FREE

    Resort: Westin Mission Hills Villas Location: Rancho Mirage, CA (Palm Springs/Palm Desert) Unit Size: 2BR Lockoff Season: Gold Plus weeks 22-27, 36-49 Usage: Odd Year Float, begins 2021 Maintenance Fee (2020): $932.46 annually - paid. Next payment due after 1/1/21. Property tax is billed to the...
  28. SteelerGal

    2019 Portfolio Changes/Divesting and Gaining

    We finally have divested all of our Westin’s. As much as I loved the Westin’s, we realized that we needed more SOs, our children’s taste was more simplistic and the MF were to high for EOY. We eventually want to add an Annusl WKV Platinum but won’t execute until I find the right deal( Thrifty...
  29. md8287

    Westin Lagunamar in Cancun - 11/16-23

    1 BR Premium Oceanview Villa available for 11/16-11/23 for $800. Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort in Cancun. We have two available for these dates at this price each.
  30. TJALB

    [2019] Is Westin now called Marriott or what is the relationship?

    i know Marriott purchased Westin awhile back. Is Westin now known as Mariott? I’m thinking about purchasing a TS from a Westin owner. All their paperwork is from Westin dated 2007. I don’t know where to start in terms of educating myself regarding a possible purchase. I’m currently a DRI...