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welk resorts

  1. H

    Free Welk resort timeshare

    I week resort stay in San Diego with option to trade out at other resorts. Timeshare is paid off. HOA fee is the only cost for potential new owner. The timeshare is 120,000 points. The week may be used at any time I believe with a 60 day booking window. It is available to be used this year ...
  2. G

    Free Welk Platinum Ownership 120,000 Points Yearly

    Welk Platinum ownership of 120,000 points a year. We currently have 240,000 points accrued to be used upon transfer but 120,000 of those expire 12/21/2021. The maintenance fees are yearly due January 1stand have been paid for this year. 2021 fees were $1180 to give an idea for 2022. Just...
  3. CindyinSD

    Welk resale vs buying from developer

    We currently own 540,000 Welk points that we purchased on ebay. We were recently staying in Lake Tahoe and went to an owners presentation (i.e. sales pitch) we were told that Welk is going to be changing how they handle resale customers. They said we would soon only be able to use the points...
  4. S

    Welk Perks for Resale Buyer

    We recently attended a Welk sales presentation and opted for the auditions plan as I knew nothing about timeshares going in so didn't feel comfortable committing fully. We vacation regularly so the auditions plan seemed like a good deal vs what we would spend otherwise on accommodation and a...
  5. Shankilicious

    Resale Welk Collections use

    Ok Welk friends, this is for those of you who own resale points. Have you been able to book any of the collections resorts with your resale points? If not, could you login to the Owners Lounge reservation page and check? I'm looking to buy 400-500k points but want to make sure that the...
  6. J

    Welk Resort - Not worth it?

    Good evening everyone. I have played with the thought of buying Welk but tried to figure out what my per night cost would be if I buy from the developer vs resale and at what point is my nightly cost going up? The above example shows my calculation for 240,000 points. The yellow mark...
  7. J

    Welk Resort - Experience

    Hello, We're considering Welk Resort as our first timeshare and had a great time in their Tahoe and Cabo locations. As we start looking into the details, I was hoping to find some guidance on what other have paid for their points with Welk and also how much have you seen the maintenance fees go...
  8. Shankilicious

    Borrowing Welk points

    So my Welk friends, I've been told by resale buyers that resale points will remain in seperase accounts. This sounds like a problem, HOWEVER: I have been told by owner services that an owner can borrow/trade points with other owners. The seemingly obvious thing to do would be to trade points...


    I can no longer travel due to health issues and want to giveaway away my timeshare with Welk Resort. TIME SHARE: WELK RESORT. PLATINUM POINTS *CAN EXCHANGE W RCI & INTERVAL * I WILL PAY FOR ALL TRANSFER FEES -1 WEEK WITH WELK EVERY OTHER YEAR (120,000 PTS.) OR *2* WEEKS IF TRADED THRU RCI...
  10. CindyinSD

    deed vs right to use, Club ownership

    Is there a different process for a purchasing club ownership with a right to use certificate. vs buying a timeshare deed? Does the seller need to use an escrow and title company for a club ownership transaction? I am specifically looking at purchasing a Welk club ownership through a seller on...
  11. CindyinSD

    Ebay purchase of Welk Escondido points with HP Consultants

    i just won a bid on eBay for 540k Welk points - the seller is Larry Hansen with HP Consultants. The ebay ad stated seller would pay all closing costs. Larry sent me an invoice for 1/2 the sales price and a blank contract to sign and return. I asked him to fill in all the blanks first (missing...
  12. M

    Rescinding a Welks Resort contract

    Hello, I recently purchased a Welks Resort timeshare on 7/2/17 and after extensive research about timeshares, I've decided to rescind. I probably should've done my research prior to purchasing, but I honestly just went to the presentation so I could get my free gift but I easily gave in to...