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  1. 5

    Vistana sales email re: Marriott merge

    I receive the below email last week, and I am considering taking the call to find out about any concrete merger plans. Obviously I know an upsell is going to be part of the pitch, but curious if anyone has more information they can share to help me prepare for the call. FYI I have a even year...
  2. I

    Baja Point villas not part of The Westin Los Cabos Resort Villas & Spa anymore?

    Hello, does anyone know if the Baja Point villas have been recently separated from the main Westin Los Cabos resort? I tried to make a reservation for next October, as I am inside my home reservation period for the Los Cabos resort, and while there is availability at Baja Point, I am being told...
  3. JudyS

    RENTED - Sheraton Vistana (Orlando), 1bdrm sleeps four, Thanksgiving, 7 nights check-in 11/21

    I have already reserved a one-bedroom villa for Thanksgiving week at the original Sheraton Vistana Resort, close to Disney World! The dates are Sunday, November 21 through Sunday, November 28th. The price is $700. This is a standalone suite, not part of a lock-out. It is in the Cascades...
  4. T

    Using Previous Owner to Reserve Weeks Pending Resale Closure

    I bought at SVV-Bella this summer. The Closing Process is moving rather slow. I have a recorded deed approved by the county, and now the paperwork is in vistanas queue to confirm my ownership on their end. They have had the paperwork since 14 July. My issue is, I am planning a vacation to the...
  5. T

    Vistana confirming Timeshare Transfer

    Howdy! Question on Vistana Timelines. I just closed on SVV in late June and closing company sent docs to Vistana to confirm the transfer on their end. According to the tracking info I received, Vistana received all documents required on July 19. I haven’t heard anything beyond this point. I’ve...
  6. TJALB

    Booking WKORVN at 8 month mark

    I purchased a resale 2 Bdrm lock off at WKORVN. It is annual usage but, want to go every other year so we can save staroptions to take kids. Being new to Vistana I’m learning that banked options can only be used to book 8 months in advance even if booking at my home resort, instead of 12...
  7. W

    Verifying a vistana reservation purchased on ebay (Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas)

    Hi All, I recently purchased a timeshare on ebay for a 1 week rental @ Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas(Vistana Property). Payment was fully submitted via ebay and the seller was prompt in his response. He asked for my name and later said that he has changed the reservation to my name...
  8. J

    Going on Westin St. John sales tour

    Hi all. I’m going on a tour at Westin St. John just to get a free snorkel tour. We are actually interested in a unit here but obviously not retail. A few questions: 1) are developer prices negotiable ? To the price points of resale? I figured I’ll just offer them a market price for the...
  9. dioxide45

    Did Vistana Extend 120 COVID StarOptions to 12/2022?

    Marriott extended DC points that were from cancelled reservations under the 2020 COVID cancellation policy to December 2022. Has anyone checked to see if Vistana did the same for restricted StarOptions?
  10. T

    Every Other Year StarOptions Banking

    Considering Buying an Every Other Year (Odd) at a Mandatory Resort. I should have the ability to bank these options if I am unable to use this year correct? Can I bank them in 2021 and Spend them in 2022? All while only paying Maintenance Fee in 2021, 2023, etc.....? Thanks!
  11. R

    New Vacation Club Owner with possible Buyer's Remorse. Help appreciated!

    Hi All, New member to the TUG community and Vacation Club Owner. This past week we purchased the Sheraton Flex Vacation and can really use your guidance and expertise on the offer we received. We are not sure if we made the right decision. It was an emotional buy to be able to travel more...
  12. N

    Trouble getting reservations for 2022 Hawaii

    Last night at midnight Eastern time, I went online to reserve 2022 WKORV as I have for about the past 10 years. It returned zero inventory, and the message said I could try at the 8 months out window (which would not guarantee me the ocean view I pay for). This has never happened before. This...
  13. T

    Newbie. Wondering if I should rescind. Help appreciated!

    Hi, new member here! Currently staying at Vistana Villages in Orlando and was invited to a presentation yesterday. Long story short, purchased Sheraton Flex deeded ownership w/25,800 star options/points annually starting in 2022 and a bonus of 50K points this year. Unlimited getaway weeks and...
  14. J

    Vistana - cancelled contract few years back and suddenly received call about the ownership and points

    I'm just wondering if anyone had the same experience. We signed for timeshare ownership but cancelled it shortly thereafter and within the period as indicated in the contract. We received a cancellation confirmation from Vistana and any funds paid were returned. All this happened 4 years ago...
  15. B

    HELP needed re: “Upgrading” into Sheraton Flex (from Vistana Cascades Orlando)

    HELP needed! Ok, I got roped into going to my “owner update“ last week while using my timeshare at Vistana Cascades in Orlando, and despite insisting that I would NOT buy anything, I got convinced to sign a new contract to “upgrade” into the Sheraton Flex program. I am still within my 10-day...
  16. Andrearr

    Really happy with my 2020 exchanges so far

    Just wanted to share my experience with my recent exchanges. 2020 was my first use year for my Vistana Timeshare that I bought resale on this site after rescinding my developer purchase. We have a 2 bed lock off that can be split into two different weeks. Hawaii 2019 for Colorado 2020 We traded...
  17. B

    Anyone having any luck canceling Vistana bookings without cancellation fees?

    Anyone having any luck canceling Vistana bookings within 60 days without cancellation fees or other onerous terms? Our state of MN is requesting no travel and a 14 day quarantine on return. So we can’t go to our January reservations at Kierland. This is a public health emergency and even...
  18. D

    Maui Westin 2b2b Villa Rental w. Kaanapali Beach Access Dec 12-19th/7n $800

    Timeshare owner renting a 2b2b villa on at a brand new Westin Resort on Kaanapali Beach (famous for its beautiful sunsets!). The time booked is Dec 12-19, 2020 for 7 nights of stay. The villa has 2 spacious bedrooms with 2 king beds, 1 sofa bed, fully equipped kitchen, dining , living room, and...
  19. Clifbell

    Review of Sales presentations in a pandemic

    I have managed to tour WorldMark, Vistana, Hilton, and Marriott in the last 2 months. This is for two reasons. First, my house is being upgraded and therefore I needed places to stay. And secondly, I needed to use my points. I was very curious how the timeshare presentations had changed from...
  20. T

    Mandatory Resort Rules

    First Time Resale Buyer just doing research... There is likely a thread out there already, but I'm struggling to find it if so. I am looking at buying a Mandatory SVN Unit. I was hoping someone can point me in the direction of rules that accompany this. Main Questions are below... I...
  21. rad.travel.dad

    Considering Vistana Village Resale Purchase

    I'm considering purchasing a Sheraton Vistana Village Resale in Orlando. I've been doing research on the resale restrictions with Vistana and I'm hoping I can clarify a few things before going forward with this purchase. My primary interest with this purchase is being able to use the...
  22. SenorBlanco

    Current state of timesharing---opinions /poll

    Good morning! Spent a lot of time over the last few days going through the incredible information contained here trying to educate myself in the timesharing vernacular. Quite honestly, from what I'm gathering there appears to be a sense of uncertainty around a few items in the industry which...
  23. M

    Encore Package - 150,000 SPG points

    Hi there, Last February I purchased an Encore Package at the Westin Lagunamar. The terms of the contract which I signed indicate that I will receive 150,000 SPG points, NOT 150,000 Marriott Bonvoy points. When I asked about this before I signed, the sales rep was surprised that the paperwork...
  24. CPNY

    Harborside Atlantis building map

    Does anyone have a map of the buildings with villa numbers for phase 1 for harborside resort at Atlantis?
  25. L

    Vistana problems ...reviews

    I’m in the process of buying a resale at Lagunamar in Cancun. Has anyone had a problem with booking your weeks or any other problems I should know about .
  26. JudyS

    Orlando for Christmas: 1Bdrm at the Sheraton Vistana, Dec 20 -27

    Enjoy Christmas week in a One-Bedroom Villa at the Sheraton Vistana Resort, just minutes away from Disney World! I have already reserved a one-bedroom villa for Friday, December 20, 2019 to Friday, December 27, 2019. I am asking $700 for the week, with no other charges. I also have the same...
  27. SteelerGal

    Vistana and II

    So I reviewing my II account and noticed our Feb 2020 vacation was cancelled. Checked my messages folder and saw nothing. Checked my Vistana account and saw nothing. Checked my CC and charges were refunded. WTH. Well I called II and was notified that a letter was sent and since I did not...
  28. controller1

    Earning Bonvoy Points for ALL Activities Booked??

    We've discussed in the past how some activities booked through a Vistana timeshare resort's concierge or pool group do not earn Marriott Bonvoy points and we've surmised this is due to the fact those activities are not owned/operated by the Vistana timeshare itself. This afternoon I received an...
  29. md8287

    Westin Lagunamar in Cancun - 11/16-23

    1 BR Premium Oceanview Villa available for 11/16-11/23 for $800. Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort in Cancun. We have two available for these dates at this price each.
  30. H

    Westin Flex Purchase questions. Help!

    Help! We just purchased a Westin Flex upgrade and are wanting to either confirm that we made the right decision for us, or, that we could possibly achieve the same goal, using other option(s). We own KORN (ocean front) and PORV 2 br lock offs for EY. We’re happy with the KORN but never use...