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timeshare resale scam

  1. P

    Some help needed

    My wife and I recently (less than month/more than 5 day rescission period) were bullied and bamboozled into an expensive upgrade at Vidanta PV Grand Luxx Residence unit. Of course there were MANY misrepresentations/lies. We signed credit card promissory notes totaling over $46,000 as a down...
  2. TUGBrian

    another upfront fee scammer goes to jail! Bluwyn Management

    https://www.ktnv.com/news/nevada-man-pleads-guilty-to-role-in-timeshare-scam never pay large upfront fees folks, you are just throwing money away to scammers!
  3. TUGBrian

    Broad Horizons Travel / Gilian County Title - Scam warning

    https://www.google.com/url?rct=j&sa=t&url=http://investigations.blog.ajc.com/2018/01/24/bbb-warns-consumers-about-atlanta-based-broad-horizons-travel/&ct=ga&cd=CAEYACoTNjA4MDI3NDQxMTI4OTc3OTIwNzIaM2Y4ODkzMzdlNWI2NTViYzpjb206ZW46VVM&usg=AFQjCNE81cELWyyR59eJJ_DZ5ZKvDKezDg the usual...cold calls...
  4. TUGBrian

    "we have a buyer lined up for your Timeshare"

    a great story explaining this very common scam. http://www.times-standard.com/opinion/20170828/you-and-the-law-beware-of-the-mexican-timeshare-resale-scam always remember. 1. no legitimate company will contact you out of the blue with an offer/buyer/whatever to buy or sell your timeshare...
  5. TUGBrian

    Another upfront fee resale scammer arrested!

    never pay upfront fees to sell or rent a timeshare! http://www.wftv.com/news/local/orlando-wolf-fleeces-victims-out-of-33-million-in-timeshare-fraud-officials-say/488267776
  6. TUGBrian

    [2016] Huge upfront fee scam bust! Pro Timeshare Resales bilks owners of $15mil!

    http://protectingyourpocket.blog.palmbeachpost.com/2016/12/22/ftc-florida-based-timeshare-resellers-took-15-million-from-consumers/ this is such great holiday news! sounds like they froze the assets as well so some victims might have a chance at getting refunds! (sad part is that these folks...
  7. R

    "Very Important Call" from Corporate?

    The last three days we've received voice messages from Corporate saying that it is a "very important call" based on a review of our account... I'm thinking it's just a sales pitch (again). I inherited a small ownership from my father - Ocean Blvd. 127K points annually. It's tied to this...
  8. E

    Another Scam or...?

    Received an "Urgent Notice" in the mail from Xxxxx Xxxxx Transfers (no free adverts thus the Xxxx) from Grand Rapids, MI and Gilbert, AZ, saying we havebeen "pre-qualified" to eliminate our timeshare obligations. They maintain they "are the #1 trusted name in Timeshare Exit with the #1 proven...
  9. C

    Professional Investment Solutions

    HAs anyone here had any dealings with this company? They are offering to buy my timeshare and are apparently using a very legitimate looking title and escrow company to complete the contract.