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  1. C

    How to spot a scam? and how to sell?

    HI all I'm new to this, but need some information. I 'own' a Club Solaris club membership, the one in Cabo San Lucas. I'm still paying a monthly payment on it (about 3 yrs to go). At this point I have gotten nothing out of it, mostly due to the pandemic of course. So thinking about selling. And...
  2. S

    Selling cheap or giving away my timeshare - what paperwork do I need to receive to confirm I no longer own it?

    I have a timeshare which I want to unload, but I haven't decided whether to attempt to deed it back to the resort or dump it for $1 on ebay or other websites. In any event, what I really want is to be completely free of any further financial (or other) obligations once the transaction is...
  3. Family Traveler

    Advice Needed on Selling HGV NY Club

    Greetings, Like so many others, I wish I found this forum years ago! Thank you for all your informative posts. We are looking to sell our timeshare and would like advice on how/where to sell it and realistically what we should expect to get for it. We own at The New York Club, 7,000 points and...
  4. S

    Need to sell Timeshare in Las Vegss

    We have a bi-annual timeshare rental in Las Vegas, week 26. It’s paid off, and we need to sell just to be rid of the annual fees for something we do not use (4 children and 4 pets are just not conducive to travel). I am a new member, I just want some advise on where and how I can do this as...
  5. J

    Not sure if I'm getting a deal

    Discovered this forum today and new to T/S. I own a deeded timeshare/vacation club with very low points (5k) that I bought a couple of years ago. It's paid off and the maintenance is minimal (approx $150/year). It came with access to RCI and I've used it multiple times to book "extra vacations"...
  6. momofthreeplusone

    HTSE Lawai Beach Resort deedback?

    Good morning everyone, just got back from a lovely rented week at Lawai Beach Resort. Have been considering buying there now for over a year, not making rash decisions, really thinking it through. We are confident that we will use it and love it and are ready to buy. The resort is re-selling 2...
  7. A

    Any legal way out of a timeshare for someone who has become infirm?

    Hello, I am trying to help my mother-in-law get out of two different timeshare weeks that she purchased years ago, hasn't used in years and can no longer use as she is in an assisted living facility. One in Florida and one in North Carolina. In reading some posts here, it sounds like none of...
  8. G

    Good luck renting on TUG?

    Hello, I have a timeshare in Virginia, and am wondering if it would be useful to list rental of the timeshare on the TUG website and if anyone has had good luck renting (or selling) a timeshare on the TUG website. Thank you!
  9. L

    Thank you TUG!!

    My husband and I had three weeks of timeshares that we had inherited or been given by family. We tried to get out of two weeks, first by listing with the realtor through Deercreek in Surfside Beach, SC. Then we tried Redweek.com and got no inquiries after posting an ad on their site for one...
  10. C


    Has anyone heard of this company? They claim no upfront fees for selling. Are they legit?
  11. R

    Due to Injury=Need to give /sell Krystal International Vacation Club puerto vallarta studio

    Hi, After 4 back operations -90% rods in my back--Need to give /sell Krystal International Vacation Club puerto vallarta studio have 20 years left. I have no clue how to do this--The resort wants $1300.00+ to deed it back. Prefer someone to do what is needed. Please share with me what to...
  12. R

    Advice on selling our timeshare

    Good morning, My wife and I have purchased a time share with (now) Diamond Resorts in Virginia Beach, VA. When we bought it, we purchased it from Gold Key Resorts. This company was later bought by Diamond. When we purchased the timeshare, we got a deed for the "property". Diamond has tried HARD...
  13. B

    Selling timeshare help and advise please

    I really need some help trying to sell my timeshare and wondering if anyone could assist me. I have this timeshare for more than 18 years and is the Windham Pahio in Kawaii. I owe a week every other year and my maintenance payment is a little over $800 ( also every other year). I have...
  14. schwanke87

    Free Club Wyndham UDI Points - 105,000

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to give away my Club Wyndham points. -105,000 yearly points -Home resort is Wyndham Williamsburg -Total yearly assessment fees are $687 or $57.29 per month -105,000 available for 2018 use -December 31st is use year end date I will pay the Wyndham transfer fee ($299)...
  15. JJohnsonx21s

    Trying to help my Mom with selling a Williamsburg Plantation Timeshare...

    Looking to help my Mom sell her Williamsburg Plantation Timeshare. It is week 16, usually around mid to end of April. The unit numbers are 295A and 295B side A has a full kitchen and side B has a limited kitchen. The maintenance fee is about $409. We were told that it was worth anywhere from...
  16. V

    If I sell my timeshare can I still use my booked vacation?

    I am a member of RCI and booked 2 weeks in Palm Springs for September 2017. In the meanwhile, I want to divest myself of the timeshare that I own and posted it on Craigs List. I have a buyer and wondered if after the sale goes through, would I still be able to use the 2 weeks I booked for Palm...
  17. S

    Anyone heard of Ralston and Reiner and Associates??

    I have been corresponding with a Dana from Ralston Reiner and Associates for about 3 weeks now. She first contacted me asking if I was interested in selling. She gathered some info and said I was entered into a database. Today, about 2 weeks later, she called and informed me that we had a firm...