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selling timeshare

  1. V

    Should I return my KCII timeshare?

    Hi beloved Tuggers, Would love some advice from my fellow Tuggers. I bought my Kona Coast 1BR flex-week deeded timeshare back in the 90's. It has served me well, first trading through II and then RCI. The maintenance fees are now about $1100 annually. We also have a DIK week with RCI and have...
  2. J

    I need a guide to help me decide how best to exit

    As a general overview, my elderly (90) dad informed me that he was tens of thousands of dollars in debt to Worldmark by Wyndham for a series of purchases of timeshare points he never used and never will use. He cannot travel, and none of his family members want this debt or to vacation in...
  3. fcrawford

    Selling My Timeshare

    I have several timeshares and would like to sell one of them. I would like to know what is the best way to sell my timeshare and what is the process? Thanks
  4. G

    Lake Okanagan Resorts and getting rid of a timeshare

    Hello TUG Group, First time user and soon to be paid member. Thank you for this site. My 82 year old mother has a timeshare in Lake Okanagan that we are trying to get rid of. However, how do we go about getting rid of a time share there and not have to pay a huge chunk of fees? Kind...
  5. P

    Best way to get out of my paid off Shell Vacation time share

    My wife and I bought a Shell Vacation timeshare in 2008. The few times we tried to use it there was either no availability or the points I had did not amount to much. I have been doing some research online and really don’t know what to believe anymore. We paid approximately $8000 for our (paid...
  6. Luvtoride

    Article in USA Today- Trapped in a timeshare? Here's how to escape

    Not sure if anyone posted (or saw) this yet but I'm sure its of interest to many here and will be posted eventually. Its pretty one-sided, from the standpoint of folks who don't use their timeshares but does have some interesting anecdotal comments about timeshare companies "taking back" weeks...
  7. H

    Selling my Hilton Timeshare Questions

    Greetings everyone and thank you for taking your time to even read this. I've been scouring this site but couldn't find all of the answers to the questions I had so I finally decided to post them and try my luck here. First of all, I want to just get rid of my Hilton Timeshare in its entirety...
  8. C

    Need details for transferring a DRI timeshare to a new owner.

    New TUG member here. Wife and I finally decided to let go of our Diamond Resorts International timeshares (points) in Lake Tahoe and Orlando for free, since we have no use for them anymore. My question is - what are the steps to "sell" them to a prospective buyer, assuming we already have one...
  9. T

    Help! New owner with Vistana network...

    I recently purchased a timeshare with Vistana/Sheraton Flex Vacations and am having a bit of buyers remorse; I’ve obviously already surpassed the time limit to rescind my contract, I’ve contacted the company to see about buyback (which they said they do not do), so can anyone help advise me as...
  10. H

    Getaway Travelers and Escrow Holding Management - SCAM?

    Has anyone done business with these guys? They are offering my elderly parents a lot of money to buy a time share..... cant find anything on them.... seems odd?
  11. HeidingOut

    Warning to Timeshare Sellers about Redweek Full Service

    I don't know if this is the right place to post my frustration. But, here goes. I've now twice attempted to purchase timeshares via redweek. On both transactions which were "full service" transactions, the Redweek agents were just completely unhelpful or maybe uninformed causing the seller to...