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  1. A

    Rescinding a timeshare

    Hi all, Like many I now see here my husband and I feel we have been duped into signing a timeshare with Westgate Palace, Orlando. I immediately had second thoughts and want out. We leave Florida tomorrow and head home to Scotland arriving Monday. I plan to draft the letter of rescission that...
  2. S

    Bluegreen Vacations Rescission

    Hi! Bought my Bluegreen Vacations timeshare in Tennessee on Apr 22, 2023 so well within the 10-day rescission period. Had a few questions: I received 40k Choice points and a $100 gift card as a gift just for attending the presentation, am I correct in assuming I do not need to return these...
  3. J

    Make payments while rescission is pending?

    Hi everyone, I signed a WorldMark contract on Sun 3/26 in Vegas. When I signed I put no money down knowing I may rescind after doing more research. Based off the great advice from this forum, I sent a rescission letter 1 day after signing (Mon 3/27), via certified mail and received the signature...
  4. B

    Rescinding Bluegreen Certified Mail Not Signed

    Per the Tennessee instructions for contract rescission, I sent a notice of rescission to the address provided via USPS certified mail with return receipt: ATTN: Corporate Sales Accounting Dept. Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc. 4960 Conference Way North, Suite 100 Boca Raton FL 33431 The...
  5. V

    Sent Rescission letter to wrong address

    Good day, So I recently was tricked into buying a timeshare when I was in TN on a vacation and had second thoughts the night after I bought so I decided to send a rescission letter. I tried looking for the cancellation policy on my contract but was not able to find it. I was confused on what...
  6. A

    Another Wyndham Discovery Rescission for the Books

    Thanks to everyone who contributed to this forum, I won’t be paying $3,524 for a Wyndham Discovery membership. I sent in my rescission letter to the Wyndham Rescission Department in Las Vegas, Nevada. I checked the USPS tracking today and an individual picked up the package (with the letter and...
  7. I

    Westgate Gatlinburg rescission help

    Sorry if it’s been asked, there’s thousands of threads here and many are very helpful. I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for. I’m filing a rescission letter with westgate after signing with them 3 days ago. Does anyone have the address to send it too? I’m gonna comb through the cd they gave...
  8. S

    [ 2020 ] What happens once we submit Rescission Letter to Diamond Resorts?

    My mom is already a DRI owner and last weekend at a sales presentation she got talked into buying more points to solve a problem that points don't solve. (Topic for another thread...) I have found this forum to be so valuable in helping understand how to get her out of this situation, so THANK...
  9. pammiet

    Rescission period in my state is shorter than where purchased

    Hello, I want to rescind a HGVC timeshare (points) we purchased on Dec 2 in Orlando. Florida allows 10 days but there is an addendum in our agreement that shows the rescission period in Our state of Delaware is 5 days (today). Which time will be honored. The fine print says that if the...
  10. B

    Help me out of Wyndham hooks

    Got bamboozled in Tennessee in October 5th , by the folks at a Wyndham timeshare. Got home on the 7th contacted the sales guy said I needed an address to send cancellation letter he gave me an address . We hand wrote a letter telling them we wanted out (we were given a 10 day period ) sent the...
  11. S

    Question about rescinding, please help

    Hello all, I bought Worldmark vacation credit of 6000 yesterday (9/21) with $16k after attending a seminar(!) in Austin, TX. Did some research last night and realized what a ridiculous deal that was and felt very stupid. Also luckily found this forum and learnt about rescinding and resale...
  12. Anw015

    Can’t believe I fell for it ‍♀️‍♀️

    So I went on Monday on a tour and it’s not my first tour but someone they got me. The offered so many bonus points I thought it would be stupid to pass up but I instantly knew I was being dumb. With that being said I sent my rescind letter today. I asked they confirm it in writing and I also...
  13. A

    Should I Wait to Buy Resale Until My Rescission Goes Through?

    Hi, I’m a timeshare newbie and am sending my rescission letter to Wyndham Resorts today after buying from them a couple days ago. Thanks to this site for saving me $$! And I thought they gave me a good deal.. I am now researching into buying resale as well as keeping an eye on the giveaway...
  14. D

    Within Recission period on Worldmark purchase

    Need help, Just want to verify everything gets done right I stupidly signed a contract yesterday (TX) so I have 5ish days left to cancel. When I signed I opted for the tempting 0 down option, not realizing my 10 year average on travel is about the exact same as the purchase price for my...
  15. E

    Should I hire a lawyer to sue Wyndham?

    Hi, all, Me and my hubby fell into the sales pitch at Wyndham sales office in San Antonio, TX and bought 200,000 points for $29,000 about a month ago. Then we did some research that day and went down to the sales office the following day to cancel the purchase with a rescission letter. We asked...
  16. I

    Rescind info needed...

    Hi Community! I took the decision to cancel my new contract with Wyndham Resorts Inc. as I'm still within the rescission period. I printed and signed the cancellation letter that I will send today; my question is: Other than the letter, do I have to send them anything else? any...
  17. C

    Rescission complete and mailed certified - signature required?

    Hi All, Yesterday my fiancé and I got pressured into buying an Atlantic City, NJ Flagship Fantaseas Resort time share. They started us at $20,000 promising it had a 94% exchange rate. I told them I had never researched the company, didn't know much about time shares, and wasn't comfortable...
  18. S

    Specific Rescission Scenario

    My husband and I attended a very intense presentation in Panama City on May 31st. Needless to say after being held for 6 hours (with our kids) and not truly realizing what we were involved in we purchased $64,000 contract points with a bonus $64,000 for $12,500. Overnight the night of the 31st I...