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rci points

  1. fbast

    Selling RCI Points

    Does anyone know of a website where you can sell your RCI points? I have sold them in the past, but I'm not sure of the current marketplace options. Thanks in Advance Frank
  2. K

    Seeking information on RCI Points

    We had a two bedroom lockout (two units with 2 bedrooms) at Woodstone at Masanutten in Virginia. A few years ago we switched from weeks to points, at some cost. It generated 130,000 points each year and maintenance fee was about $800. We traded our Woodstone unit as part of the down payment...
  3. B

    Want information on points

    We owned a four bedroom lockout at Woodstone in Massanutten for about 20 years, I think. Although fees were rising, sometimes we could rent it, and it served as well as a low key place to relax or let our son ski, etc. A year or so ago we gave up our units as partial payment for an Estate at...
  4. T

    Ocean Pines by Capital Vacations FREE ?!?!

    Helllo! We have fixed week 18 in a 2 bedroom unit (A2) available. It's currently in RCI points and the 2021 points are available for this year. You may stay in RCI or simply use the week and unit in future years. We can transfer the 2021 points to you or book a week in your name somewhere. The...
  5. T

    FREE - Barrier Island Station Resort, Duck, NC - Week 48

    FREE - Barrier Island Station Resort, Duck, NC - Under new ownership! https://barrierislandstationresort.com/ I have owned the timeshare for over 9 years and been some amazing places through the RCI points; Greece, Las Vegas, Chicago and more! Sadly, my travel is very limited now and has been...
  6. E

    Wyndham to RCI Points Conversion Table

    Is there points conversion table to calculate club Wyndham points to RCI? Or are is 1:1 conversion? Or some thing like Value 1wpt =.5rpt and peak 1wpt = 2rpt? Or something like that? Please advise and many thanks in advanced.
  7. R

    Selling my RCI points

    I surrendered my timeshare a few months ago back to the timeshare company. I still have my RCI membership and have 165,205 RCI point that I would like to sell so I can close out my account. How can I sell those points and roughly what could I get for them?
  8. K

    Booking Disney Resort w/ RCI points

    I’ve been reading through as many threads as I could find about this, but posting so I can get a direct answer. We have RCI points (total of 41 points) and wanting to book at a Disney World resort in Sept 2020 or Jan 2021. I’ve read it’s most likely we would get SSR if anything, which is 45...
  9. JudyS

    Having trouble setting up OGS (Ongoing Search) in RCI Points

    I cannot figure out how to set up an ongoing search in RCI. If I put in a specific resort that has no availability, an option for an ongoing search shows up briefly, but won't let me click on it. Instead, the website defaults to showing me all availability worldwide. This is very...
  10. VanX

    RCI offering to merge 2 separate accounts

    Hi, We have 2 separate RCI accounts for 2 timeshares and RCI has always said we could not combine them, when I asked previously. Now they are offering to combine them but are adamant that one specific one has to be collapsed. In my opinion the one they want to collapse is the more valuable...
  11. S

    Advice for selling, please

    We bought a TS at Sedona Pines Resort in 2007, knowing nothing about how TSs work. I was attracted to the RCI points, thinking when we retired we could travel all over the world. It has not worked out how I thought it would! We have never been back to Sedona and only been back to AZ once (when...
  12. R

    Free Villas at Tree Tops 55,500 annual RCI points plus 163,000 free RCI points up front

    This is an annual RCI Points ownership with 55,500 RCI points awarded each year. The maintenance fees are $822. We are offering to transfer our current RCI membership/points (we currently have 163,000 RCI points available with 55,500 expiring 7/1/19 and the balance expiring the following...
  13. carl2591

    What happened to RCI points info thread??

    Was at Silver Lake Resort last week in Kissimme and while in hot tub got talking with a couple that has purchased points in Jan of 2018. I was telling the wife about TUG and how they should go on the forums and read more about the RCI points system which was different than DVC, Wyndham etc and...
  14. J

    New to RCI points . . .

    Thanks to all posters. I've read a lot of threads and picked up a lot of useful info. I do have a couple questions still and also some ideas about my plans I'd like to hear advice from TUGers about. Background: I own 229K HICV - originally a Ron Jon owner bought resale then had to make a...
  15. VanX

    First RCI exchange booked today - after an ongoing search

    Well we joined RCI this year after buying on the resale market late last year and we deposited 240K points into RCI. We paid for an ongoing search as we don’t have a platinum account and crossed our fingers a good deal would come up for a week over Christmas. Voila ! We received an email...
  16. M

    Free! Silver Lake Resort RCI timeshare

    Free! 154,000 RCI points a year. We officially own at Silver Lake Resort near Disney World, but points can be used at any RCI resort. Great for someone who is in a position to do some traveling!
  17. D

    RCI Points

    Does anyone know of a good source of information for RCI points membership? Things like best way to use them and what represents good value in terms of MF’s? Thanks in advance.
  18. D

    Recently widowed. Need advice.

    Hi All, A year and a half ago I lost my husband (suddenly and unexpectedly) and he was the one who mostly dealt with RCI, however, I have a pretty solid understanding of the basics. I own two red weeks in Duck, NC (The Outerbanks); one is beachfront (1 bedroom) and one is part of a beach...
  19. lyoung72

    Las Vegas off the Strip - Quiet but close to the action CLIFFS AT PEACE CANYON

    Got this unit strictly to trade - never actually stayed in the 12 years I've owned it. Facts: 1. Fixed week 4 - 2 BR, 2 Bath, around Super Bowl (Cliffs at Peace Canyon) 2. 2018 Maintenance Fees ($764) 3. 2018 Week is tied up in RCI, but... RCI points are available for transfer OR I could gift...
  20. TUGBrian

    RCI points faq update

    http://www.tug2.net/advice/tugrcipoints.html so this page is woefully outdated and in need of updating. any suggestions on additional "commonly asked questions" to include in the update now 11 years in the making?
  21. Zeus7111

    "Canuck" looking for help buying a timeshare! Suggestions welcome!

    Hello Everyone! First off, this site is amazing! I am grateful that I came across this site, what great information oh here, and thank you to everyone who reads these things and answers people's questions! I am new to the timeshare game, and I'm hoping you could help me out. I think I know...
  22. simpsontruckdriver

    New to RCI question

    if this was discussed elsewhere, kindly point me in the right direction. Currently, I am looking at buying a Fixed-Week-7 2-bedroom West Village at HICV Orange Lake. That is the perfect week for my wife and I to go to OL, but let's say we decide to go to some other resort and NOT pay $0.20/point...
  23. RNCollins

    Renting out my RCI points week?

    Hi! I have a timeshare that is in RCI points. My home Week is week 43, and that is what I reserved. I am unable to use it this year. Can I rent out my week?
  24. R

    RCI Transfer

    [I'm sorry, but advertising/soliciting is not permitted in the discussion forums. I suggest that you post a want Ad in the TUG marketplace. For a list of other sites with resales, see the list at the top of the Buying, Selling, Renting Forum.]
  25. A

    How can I sell RCI Points?

    Hi; I have some points with RCI and have no wish to extend them. Can I sell them? Which site can I use to do this. Thanks
  26. L

    Wyndham points vs Rci points?

    New to all this and it's a lot to absorb! I read a thread in 2011 that Wyndham took over Rci? I am looking to get rci points so my husband and I can start travel. Should I look to buy wyndham points or rci points? Looking to buy 308,000 wyd points. Thank you!
  27. M

    NEWBIE!! RCI Help

    Hello, I have recently started managing my family's timeshare. We have a week at Vistana in Orlando that is managed (not sure if that is the term) with RCI. We have been paying and not using these much for a long long long time. I'm hoping to change that. We currently have 102,000 RCI points...
  28. H

    Hello all - Timeshare advice please - my first post!

    Hello all - I would very much appreciated some TS advice. We have a TS that we've owned for 6 years in Lanzarote - Weeks 33 and 34 - we do like the place but don't necessarily want to keep going back to the same location. We have been advised to join RCI points (but still keep ownership) - to...
  29. F

    Fool me twice, shame on me

    So I'm twice a sucker, shame on me. TL;DR at bottom, otherwise enjoy the story and I'll happily answer any questions! I purchased a Woodstone weeks unit pre-construction about a year ago for just over $13k with a $355-ish maintenance fee. As many of you probably did, I went in uninformed, and...
  30. EAM

    Worth it to upgrade to RCI Points?

    We have a fixed week that we can covert to RCI points for a hefty fee. We also have Wyndham Points with RCI Nightly Stay access. Would we be able to access significantly more RCI Points inventory (e.g. Keys) with RCI Points compared to what we would get via Wyndham's RCI Nightly Stay?