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  1. S

    Will buying a resale effect my credit report?

    This might be a really silly question but I want to be 100% sure. I am looking to buy a resale deeded week with HVC/Diamond or Marriott. I will be paying in full. I am also in the process of buying a house. So, I don't want anything touching my credit report. Will buying the resale trigger a...
  2. L

    Current Enrolled Owner Questions RE: Purchasing Trust Points

    EDIT: I posted this under buying and selling first and am moving it here on advice of a member because it completely makes more sense! I've already spent over an hour wading through posts and searching to look for this answer so if it has been asked and answered previously, my apologies. I own...
  3. B

    Does anyone have any experience with purchasing Marriott Vacation Club points through a 3rd party

    I currently have a combination of Vacation Club points plus two Gold weeks at a Marriott resort. I'm very happy with the Marriott vacations clubs option and quality of the resorts. I am looking to purchase more Marriott Vacation Club points but upon speaking to a representative at Marriott...
  4. A

    Help! Purchased from Wyndham

    My husband and I are at Emerald grande and purchased 90k for 17,900. We are resale owners because someone game me a deed and I purchased a deed off ebay to add to it. We did the PIC program with 2 1bd that I had they sold us on the idea of being VIP. Plus, we really like the idea of having the...
  5. ecwinch

    Sticky - HELP! How can I cancel/rescind my recent Wyndham timeshare purchase

    How To Rescind Your Recent Wyndham Timeshare purchase This post is designed to be a quick guide on how to rescind your timeshare purchase from Wyndham. If you are not purchasing from Wyndham, or want a more in-depth guide please refer to this TUG advice article...
  6. P

    Assessment likely?

    How do you best determine if a big assessment is in the offing at desired unit before purchase?
  7. S

    Buying advice, language of contract question

    Help requested: If any of you are knowledgeable in purchasing secondary market Wyndham points would you please be able to help me out? I just received a contract for what I believe is 400000 points, however, the contract keeps using the phrase "condominium interval interest." Also in the...
  8. J

    Purchased & 1 Day left to Rescind at Grandview Las Vegas - please HELP and comment

    Found this site and realized I might have made a mistake. Please leave a comment and what your thoughts are on this deal and if I should Rescind or if I should keep it. Grandview at Las Vegas Total price $16,000 USD Usage: Annual Fixed annual week 4: They said I could change this anytime...
  9. F

    HELP! Just bought more Wyndham points...

    My Mom has owned a timeshare for more around 20 years. She started in Fairfield and was grandfathered into Wyndham. We just spent 6 hours today with a representative discussing how to reduce her maintenance fees and get her out of a fixed week in Fairfield Bay Arkansas. She has 670,000 total...
  10. VanX

    RTU - determining value for resale purchases

    Hi, Just wondering what measures folks are using to help determine the value of a RTU timeshare contract for sale. Kicking off a survey.
  11. DrKhyron

    Buying Multiple 6k WM vs Buying One 12k or 18k WM

    I Have decided that I want to buy into WorldMark. I'd like to get annual points somewhere from 12k to 18k based on my plans for the next few years. Right now I am evaluating 3 general options. 1) Get in small with a 6k WM and rent any points needed beyond that. 2) Get multiple 6k-8k contracts...
  12. taterhed

    Buying another timeshare....thoughts?

    Howdy all.... Thought I'd get a group opinion. We do Hawaii every year--two weeks for now, until retirement--and decided to shift our ownership. We're going to sell Waiohai and buy a different timeshare. We're considering our alternatives and trying to be open-minded. In a few years...
  13. M

    Need help! Considering a time share

    Where do I go to look at options? We stayed at the new Hilton in Hilton Head, and loved it. We want somewhere to spend a week with our kids and eventually with grandchildren. We like Hilton Head (golf for me and beach for my wife) and would also consider something more family friendly for future...
  14. Oceans82

    Looking to Purchase 14K Points

    Hi All, Hilton recently exercised ROFR on the HGVC Sea World property. I'm looking for 14K platinum points. I don't really care about the destination per say since my goal is to travel everywhere. Please contact me if you'd like to discuss, or forward my thread to someone looking to sell. Thanks!
  15. Oceans82

    Resale Purchase Planned Tomo

    Hello, I attended a sales presentation and ended up purchasing a VIP package so that I could really spend some time doing some research to understand all the moving parts. Needless to say I'm glad I didn't buy. I'm thinking about making a purchase for $10,500 for 14K points and $2100...
  16. Dom Mason

    HGVC Marbrisa purchase of 14k points

    Hi there, My wife and I are from the UK. We stay at HGVC Tuscany on a regular basis but have never gone through official owners site. We are thinking of buying a resale at HGVC Marbrisa aiming to go to there annually 20th (ish) March to mid (ish) April and possibly again late summer. Any...
  17. R

    First Time Buyer - What to Do ?

    I've seen threads on how to sell a timeshare, but I haven't seen anything on first time purchase. I am looking to buy Wyndham points. I have seen different offers that include transfer fees, closing costs, maintenance fees, etc. What costs (and approximately how much) should a first time...