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points and price estimation

  1. T

    Sapphire Resorts - recent point cost examples?

    Hey everyone! I've been given the offer to take over ownership of a timeshare for Sapphire Resorts. Here are the details: Transfer Costs: $150 Points: 33,000 per year Maintenance: ~$750/year Based on what I've seen, this is significantly more points and a lower maintenance fee than what others...
  2. S

    Valuation help for a possible Marriott resale

    Hi all! I am considering purchasing a family friend's Marriott timeshare and wanted to understand a few things first. There are 2 separate timeshares in the account: 1) Is a week at Marriott’s Grande Vista in Orlando. 2 Bedroom + 2 Bath. Season: Platinum It says “Enrolled” (I believe this means...
  3. P

    Right of First Refusal

    Does Marriott make decisions on whether to waive rofr or exercise based upon the seller or buyer? The reason is I have tried to buy points 5 times since August at 2.50-3.75 per point. AND we cancelled a contract for points in July with Marriott. I have seen posts that would make me think they...
  4. J

    [Marriott] weeks vs points

    Hello everyone, My family is interested to buy a Marriott timeshare. We own Worldmark timeshare and are new to Marriott's system. Can someone advice what are more beneficial to buy: Marriott week or Marriott destination points? Most of the time we travel by weeks, but it will be great to have a...
  5. T

    What's considered a Good Deal on Points in the Various Timeshare Groups?

    I'm sorry for the newbie question here which has probably been answered many times, but I I have been trying to find this information for weeks and I just can't. I don't know how to evaluate how many points I should aim for if I want to buy into a points based system. If I want to spend a week...
  6. T

    What to Charge A Guest Using Your Points

    How much should I charge a guest for using my points which is 17,640 points at my timeshare Grandview in Las Vegas. it cost $99 to reserve it, $79 for guest certificate and $49 for points protection. My guest will be staying for 3 nights in April 2018. What would be a fair price to charge? Let...
  7. R

    Should I buy points

    I have a friend, who wants to sell me 3,500 points, she does not use them said her maintenance fees are around $1,000. We love the villas but have found it fairly easy to rent them whenever we want to travel. I wish I understood the point system better. Are these points easy to use, Mexico...
  8. T

    [ 2017 ] How to compare point systems?

    I like the idea of a points based timeshare system but it is hard to determine how many points/credits are needed for one week in a one bedroom. Each system is different. And then it gets more confusion when you look at exchanging with RCI or II. Can anyone help by directing me to some source to...
  9. O

    Marriott Vacation Club Destinations - 2000 points need to sell!

    We currently have 2000 points with the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations program that we want to sell. We are hoping that there are suggestions from this forum of reputable brokers that can be suggested. We have been on the "waitlist" with Marriott's Resale Department since March 2016 and as...
  10. paulyray

    Pricing a Weeks Rental

    how does one go about establishing a price to rent an exchange for a week?