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owner update

  1. tahoeJoe

    Owner Update Incentives in Maui

    Currently at Westin Nanea and haven't seen the "concierge" yet but I know they will try to get me to attend the owner update. I'm curious what the best incentives are being offered for attending the owner update. Also, I have found that sometimes better incentives are offered off-property like...
  2. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 112... Wyndham Worldmark Dec 22 Owner Update

    With all the travel I am doing staying in timeshares full time, I get a lot of opportunities for Owner Updates. This is good especially with regards to Club Wyndham and Worldmark as they are having to compete with Marriott and Hilton which forces them to innovate. Today's video is from my...
  3. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 111... Dec 2022 HGVMax Owner Update

    With all the travel I am doing staying in timeshares full time, I get a lot of opportunities for Owner Updates. This is good especially with regards to Hilton and HGVMax as they are going thru a lot of changes. Today's video is from my December 2022 owner update. The sales team is expecting...
  4. D

    Owner update at WDW

    I am finishing a long stay at WDW, the last few days of which were an Encore Package, so today was my required owner update/sales presentation. The sales people (both the main sales guy and the "manager") were adamant that 95% of the Marriott and unsold Vistana inventory is now in the "Marriott...
  5. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 99... Club Wyndham Owner Update

    I recently completed an owner update in Hawaii at a Club Wyndham location. They also understand WorldMark, so they are able to address all of the potential value for me. I had a great salesperson who listened to how I use my timeshares and what I might need. The bottom line is I was shown a...
  6. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 79... HGVMax Owner Update

    I just completed an owner update and upgraded my resale purchase to HGVMax points. This puts me at the Premier + tier and I am happy with the purchase and the upgrade. In this video I will provide a summary of the benefits of the HGVMax program. I'll also discuss the highlights of the...
  7. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 70... How Doing 2 Marriott Owner Updates = 6 Days in Hawaii

    Who doesn't want to go to Hawaii for a week? Well, hopefully this video will provide you with a way to make your dream happen. I know that it did for me. Honestly, I was surprised that I could do this. But if it worked for me, it seemed like a great idea to share my success so other could...
  8. J

    Owner Update: How we upgraded and got HGV Max

    Hi All! We are "newer" HGVC owners and just attended our owners update... and we bit! By newer I mean we purchased our first EOY HGVC deed in 2019, and then upgraded to an EY BHC deed six months later. I will share the details of our owners update which was primarily focused on HGV Max...
  9. G

    Owner Update: Ocean Oak Resort, my experience

    Hi everyone, So some months ago, I took advantage of a "Would you like to hear an exciting new offer" phone-bait for 500 Honors Points and got hooked up into an owner update. I chose Hilton Head Island and then used some points to tack on an Ocean Oak Resort stay since I'd never been...
  10. tahoeJoe

    Latest Presentation Gift at Marbrisa

    Going to Marbrisa over the July 4th holiday weekend and I suspect they will try to get me to take the tour/owner update. Any idea what the current presentation gift is for HGVC owners? I MIGHT consider for two ticket to Seaworld or Legoland. Any ideas?
  11. tahoeJoe

    Owner Update Options - $100 or 10,000 MRP or free DC enrollment

    Currently staying at the NCV, and they are asking us to do an owner update. We haven't done an update in over 7 years. The gifts they are offering are listed above. The question is- is enrollment in the DC worth it? When they first rolled it out, it cost approx $2000. Our main concerns with...
  12. C

    ILG (Vistana Flex) and Marriott Vacation Club - Now what? Owner update?

    Has anyone listened to an owner update to find out how the Marriott purchase of ILG will impact Vistana Flex moving forward? I'm curious since I'll be staying in a Vistana resort next week and I'm wondering what will be shared if I do an "owner update".