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orange lake

  1. D

    Timeframe for removing deceased member

    My mother and father bought a unit at Orange Lake Kissimmee in the 1990's. My father passed away about 20 years ago and my siblings and I recently found that my mother: 1) still had the time share-she hadn't mentioned it since the early 2010's, 2) was being scammed by someone who promised to...
  2. N

    Help me get out of Orange Lake Contract

    I've just begun the process of learning EVERYTHING about timeshares, specifically HIVC. I've never owned one, so I'm starting from zero, trying to learn all that I can. My husband and MIL purchased at Orange Lake in 1999 and they no longer want to own it. My MIL has been paying for it and using...
  3. J

    Successful Removal of foreclosure from credit before the 7 year?

    Hi All, I made a huge mistake in 2015 in purchasing a timeshare from Silver Leaf resorts. I was single, no kids, and had a large amount of disposable income. My situation changed about a year later as I went back to school full time to get my bachelors degree. I defaulted on my payments and...
  4. Tank

    Holiday Inn Vacation Club Orange Lake Nice revue

    Nice review on Orange Lake in Kissemee. This is a Holiday Inn Vacation Club resort. Gives a nice insight of the resort of what it has to offer https://www.canadiantraveller.com/A-Kissimmee-Resort-that-Promises-a-Real-Vacation-for-Parents-Too Dave
  5. C

    Orange Lake timeshare - need to get out (Newbie here)

    Please help me in finding direction to get out of my Orange Lake timeshare - for which I still owe nearly 20-thousand dollars. As many others, I made the purchase foolishly, thinking I could accelerate payments, then lounge on the beach worry-free. However, as bad luck would have it, I lost my...
  6. cassvilleokie

    2 Week 29 units at Orange Lake West Village $700 week ea

    Have 2- 2 Bedroom At Orange Lake West 1 Ck in Saturday July 21 -- Ck out July 28th $700 1 Ck in Sunday July 22 -- Ck out July 29th $700 Please respond here for more info, Orange Lake West Orlando Florida, great location for families to stay while hitting the Parks at Disney World, MGM...
  7. J

    HICV Orange Lake property - I survived without buying

    First post for me, but after 4.5 hours of torture, I can say I survived a presentation without buying. The salesman was a nice guy, but when I mentioned resale market things took an ugly turn. He got very defensive and argumentative.. at that point he just started talking mainly to my wife...
  8. M

    Why no "deed-backs?"

    Can someone please explain to me why a resort like Orange Lake would not jump at the opportunity to get my (paid-off) deed back free of charge, so they could turn around and resell it? I do not understand why they are so against this. Thank you, Matt
  9. K

    Holiday Inn Club Vacations - Orange Lake - How to Dump It!

    So...this timeshare has been of absolutely no use to us. We are never able to use any location when we want and when we do find something, we have to use almost all of the points we paid for that year. We are bi-annual. All they ever do is try so sell us promotions to upgrade. Make us pay to...
  10. simpsontruckdriver

    New to RCI question

    if this was discussed elsewhere, kindly point me in the right direction. Currently, I am looking at buying a Fixed-Week-7 2-bedroom West Village at HICV Orange Lake. That is the perfect week for my wife and I to go to OL, but let's say we decide to go to some other resort and NOT pay $0.20/point...
  11. N

    Holiday Inn Orange Lake Florida

    I am glad I found this site. I am totally new to Timeshares and just went to Orange lake this weekend and went through the sales presentation. I did sign up knowing I can cancel within 10 days if I could not find a better deal. What I purchased was 100,000 points for 17,000 and they were...
  12. T

    Brand new to forum... took the plunge on a purchase and now regret

    Hi all, Let me introduce myself, my name is Manny, I am 31 with a girlfriend and no kids from NYC. Im sure you have seen this before, and the famous phrase, I wish I would have found this site prior to purchase. However as far as I know I may still be saved. I was in Orlando yesterday and...
  13. J

    Holiday Inn Orange Lake- Resale info

    Hello group! I'm hoping you all can help me with some questions. I am very interested in buying at Orange Lake and found a free resale. I've never bought resale so if anyone knows the process and or pitfalls to avoid at Orange Lake I would appreciate any advice. I found a fixed week which is...
  14. R

    Orange Lake Trading Power

    I have checked around the site and couldn't find anything on this, so my apologies if I've missed something. I own 4 fixed weeks at Orange Lake: 2 week 51's (West Village) 1 week 52 (West Village) 1 week 4 (East Village) My weeks 51 & 52 have always had a trading power of between 52-56 points...