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  1. R

    Westin Nanea Timeshare Purchase

    We went to a presentation and got the following offer. We are new to timeshares and hoping you all can guide us. We were offered 62,000 Staroptions deeded at Nanea annually, which they told us translated to 2,625 club (Abound?) points to be used elsewhere MF is $1,140 (plus $200 club fee)...
  2. V

    Nanea resort view - can we rent it out?

    We bought a 2BR resort view EY at Nanea from Westin. Our deed shows 148,100 points, no unit number, no week, no mention of “Flex”. Reading through posts it’s not clear to me what we bought. Is Nanea part of a Flex program? If we don’t use a year, my understanding is we have 148.1k StarOptions to...
  3. controller1

    Nanea sand-entry pool being refurbished

    The Nanea sand-entry pool is currently closed and is being refurbished. They are doing work on the pumps and replacing the sand. I was unable to get an estimate on when the work would be completed.
  4. R

    Parents bought Nanea and have no idea how to use it

    Hi, My parents bought in Nanea 3 years ago and have never used it. My dad is too embarrassed to ask anyone, so I am trying to figure out what they bought and how to use it. I have all the paperwork but I am struggling to make heads or tails of it. Any chance someone can point me in the right...
  5. Alwayslucky21

    Advice for Renting My Westin Timeshare

    Hello, I own at Westin Nanea and am trying to rent out one of my weeks for the first time. I've looked through several posts and read the free advice articles for renting and am left with a few questions regarding the need for a contract. Most of the sample contracts I see are for specific...
  6. Z

    Selling Westin Nanea - advice?

    Hi everyone I purchased into Westin Nanea last year (2BR, Annual) and am going to sell it as my lifestyle just does not jive with the timeshare idea. AND the annual fee is astronomical by my pocketbook, too much for me. 1. I'd like to know your opinions on what I might list for. Of course I'm...
  7. G

    Question about WKORV/WKORVN vs Nanea

    Hello: I have a somewhat urgent (because we just did this and we're still on site) question because we just purchased 2BR week from the developer at Nanea and I'm wondering if the things we liked about Nanea are also available from a resale WKORV/WKORVN: - we liked the floating/flex day concept...
  8. M

    Nanea Villas and views?

    We are planning a "last minute" (this April as compared to 8 or 12 months out) trip and thought we might as well use points at Nanea rather than being far down on the timestamp list at our home resort. I understand they are not lock-off units and there are only 2 of us so far. I saw somewhere...
  9. Moparman42

    Pitfalls of buying resale

    Good day, all! I am an owner at Westin Nanea. I pre purchased from the developer in October of 2016. I am using my timeshare and am happy to have it. I am considering purchasing more. Nanea wants to sell me the other half (EOYE) for 26k, or I can get WKORV for 33k. That being said, I want...