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  1. B

    Newbie question Hilton timeshare

    Hi all, Had a timeshare presentation from Hilton (Parc Soleil Orlando) yesterday. The day before was researching, and found this site, which made me back off from purchasing. Agent was nice and friendly, and was upfront about the maintenance fees (we had gone to a different one a few years...
  2. timesharepro

    New Years in Las Vegas - Elara by HGVC 1 bedroom Grand Dec 30 - January 3

    Rented. 4 nights asking $450. Paypal, credit card, wire. December 30 - January 3, 2020. Elara by HGVC. 1 bedroom Grand, sleeps 4.
  3. S

    Free - Hilton Las Vegas Strip (HGVC), Floating Week

    Free - Hilton Las Vegas Strip (HGVC), Floating Week, 3400 points. Buyer to pay transfer fees. Available for use in 2021. Please contact for additional information.
  4. RNCollins

    At Hilton Waikoloa Village, cultivating a homegrown aesthetic

    At Hilton Waikoloa Village, cultivating a homegrown aesthetic https://www.travelweekly.com/Hawaii-Travel/Insights/Hilton-Waikoloa-Village-replanting-native-flora By Tovin Lapan / Hawaii Insight / Travel Weekly / travelweekly.com / October 17, 2019 “Raymond Keenan, director of landscaping at...
  5. Todd Fogelberg

    Hilton Honors Timeshare program

    After you rescind your developer sold timeshare...take a deep breath and join the Hilton Honors program. You can join for free and get a Hilton Amex card (if you have credit) and have access to over 4,000 Hilton properties including 2,500 Hampton Inns (all of which include a free hot breakfast...
  6. C

    Hilton Grand Vacations Default and Resale Purchase

    We attended a HGVC presentation earlier this year and purchased 3500 points every other year for $11,000. After doing some research online we learned that we had made a huge mistake. Fast forward a few months and we are now closing on a better deal for twice the amount of points with a better...
  7. H

    Rescind ?

    Been lurking around TUG for about a year. My story... Stayed at the Hilton in NYC and listened to their spiel in 2018 bad turned them down. We purchased a "try before you but" package for $1695 for 7200 points. We booked at the Grand Islander in HI and still have points left over. We went...
  8. taterhed

    Trouble Brewing For Hilton Hawaiian Village (Strike Action)

    https://loyaltylobby.com/2019/04/29/trouble-brewing-for-hilton-hawaiian-village-strike-action/?omhide=true Trouble Brewing For Hilton Hawaiian Village (Strike Action) Don't know if it's true, but forewarned is forearmed. Hope it get's settled without too much kerfuffle.
  9. D

    HGVC - Deal or no deal?

    I just want to preface this thread by being upfront that I probably should have researched this topic more that I did before posting this and definitely before I bought in (had no idea there was such a robust community around vacation package/timeshares) and I apologize in advance if I am...
  10. B

    Hilton points

    I am seriously thinking about buying a HGVC resale TS. Can you gift points to others or buy just points from someone else. For instance, if I am 1500 points short from where I want to go, is there a market to buy points from someone, so you don't have to upgrade and pay more MF?
  11. S

    Hilton MF in Scotland and VAT

    I received my two annual MF invoices for 2019 and I see VAT added onto them. One is for 88.56 and the other is 3.85. Since I don't live there and typically when I travel I get VAT back, does this also apply to these charges? Has anyone tried asking for them to be removed or get the VAT back?
  12. C

    Miami/ Fort Lauderdale December

    Looking for anything in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area. Any dates between December 16-22 (even if not all days are available- if a couple of nights are available that's fine).
  13. C

    Looking for Key West (or any Florida Keys)

    Looking for anything in the Florida Keys. Any dates between December 16-22 (even if not all days are available- if a couple of nights are available that's fine).
  14. H

    Selling my Hilton Timeshare Questions

    Greetings everyone and thank you for taking your time to even read this. I've been scouring this site but couldn't find all of the answers to the questions I had so I finally decided to post them and try my luck here. First of all, I want to just get rid of my Hilton Timeshare in its entirety...
  15. C

    Hawaii Dec

    Looking for something in Hawaii around Dec 14-22. Somewhat flexible with dates even if partial nights are available. Thanks
  16. angeloco15

    WANTED: Charleston, SC to Jekyll Island, GA 2BR-3BR Aug 10 or 11 for 7nts

    Found some last minute vacation time and I am looking for something close to the beach. Would like a nice resort with amenities that the entire family can enjoy... Please let me if you can can help me out ASAP... Thank you! Angelo
  17. O

    Looking for Hilton Head Island around July 27-30

    Looking for Hilton Head Island around July 27-30. Room is needed for two people. Thanks
  18. AriMorgan

    Hilton - Tuscany Village FREE 2018 USAGE to Orlando FL

    Hilton Tuscany Village 1 bedroom gold season float week - no limits listed on estoppel 3,400 Biennial Even points annual MFs approx. $1,014
  19. AriMorgan

    Hilton - Tuscany Village FREE 2018 USAGE to Orlando FL

    [Deleted - please review the posting rules before posting again - all Ads in this forum must be FREE.]
  20. AriMorgan

    Hilton Club At SeaWorld - FREE 2018 Usage

    [Deleted - please review the posting rules before posting again - all Ads in this forum must be FREE.]
  21. W

    Ocean Oak Resort Hilton Head Island SC

    2 Bedroom May 18-June1 Thanks in advance,
  22. D

    HGVC 1 in 4 rule

    Can anyone explain what the 1 in 4 rule means at HGVC (particularly Hawaii)? Does it bar you from staying at that specific resort again in 4 years or anything within the HGVC system? Thanks, ;)
  23. P

    Need Help trying to Buy HGVC - ROFR and RCI

    Hi, I need some advice and answers for my situation. I'm trying to buy 4800 Vegas Blvd with Hilton through SaleMyTimeshareNow. I got a great offer accepted for $2000 BUT Samuel with Selling Timeshares says there is no way that it will pass ROFR. Is he right? Is there not any chance it will...
  24. M

    Need help! Considering a time share

    Where do I go to look at options? We stayed at the new Hilton in Hilton Head, and loved it. We want somewhere to spend a week with our kids and eventually with grandchildren. We like Hilton Head (golf for me and beach for my wife) and would also consider something more family friendly for future...
  25. R


    [Text removed. Please review the posting rules for the Bargain Deals forum.]
  26. Anw015

    HGVC Resale

    where if the best place to buy HGVC resale?
  27. A

    The District - Benefits of "developer" purchase

    Hello all, first post, so be gentle! Here is my situation: my wife and I recently bought into The District in DC directly from HGVC. Here are the details: Club points: 7,200 Platinum odd year (exchangeable to HHonors at 1:50) One-time bonus club points: 20,000 (exchangeable to HHonors at 1:25)...
  28. B

    Hilton Orlando Sea World February ? Or Marriott November

    Owner with Diamond Resorts and thinking of booking the Hilton in Orlando at sea world for $358 cash, it's a program, we can purchase other weeks for a one time use, it's called club select. It's not an exchange, I'm booking it for for my brother in laws family. It's either that or the...
  29. md8287

    EBay poll...Private listings

    I have never understood why some sellers use private eBay listings (where you can not see, or even figure out, other bidding action). I have heard sellers say it protects the bidder privacy but don't buy that given the bidder name scramble. I have heard buyers say it is done to allow fake bids...