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  1. J

    Current happy HGVC owner... looking to add another property for our timeshare stable

    We current own a resale Flamingo 11,200 2BR platinum deed and thus far, it has been very good for us. We just got back last month from a 12day stint at HGVC Kingsland and had an absolute blast. Add that to a week last fall in Orlando and we still had a few points leftover from this years...
  2. S

    Looking to purchase from Sell my timeshare now

    Hello I found a HGVC in Hawaii that we are interested in (meeting points, season, MF, price we would be interested in etc we are not targeting JUST buying points at any resort for this specific purchase). We are already owners with HGVC so know it well. My question is specifically with this...
  3. D

    Help We signed the contract yesterday

    New and first time member HGV party of 6 (2 adults and 4kids under 5yrs old. We got Hawaii collection (11 properties) any here can share thier experience got 8500 points but we leave in California. I have the trust points. Not deeded. Whats the difference? Insights and experience about time...
  4. S

    Diamond Resorts, Palm Canyon Resort in Palm Springs, Ca

    Timeshare adiós para siempre “BEWARE” of Palm Canyon Resort in Palm Springs. It charges…. labeled as “Resort Fees (EXCHGE)” and they charge “3% Tourism Bid Assessment (RST FEE) AND “A TAX RESORT FEE (11.50%)!!!!!!!!! It doesn’t matter even if you do a straight across exchange through RCI...
  5. A

    Free Annual 16500 Points of Diamond Resorts US Collection

    2 Contracts(11500 & 5000 Points) - 2024 Full Points can be used Annual Fees- 3500 USD (2025 Onwards, 2024 is fully paid) Transfer Fee- 50% paid by me, 50% paid by purchaser- 250 USD per contract as per Hilton policy No other cost associated, Change of ownership as per Diamond Resort policy
  6. M

    HGVC original vs. MAX

    Please forgive me, as I am new to this group. I purchased a platinum deeded week at Tuscany Village almost 20 years ago. Since the merger with Diamond, it seems like I can never find availability anymore for the more desirable locations, even when checking exactly nine months out. We are...
  7. B

    Looking for Input… [ Hilton ]

    Hello all! I’m wanting some advice on a situation I’m in. I have a timeshare with Hilton the HGV Max program. My wife and I own it already but don’t really use it much. We don’t want to keep paying maintenance fees on it since we don’t use it much. Should we sell it or try renting it out or just...
  8. L

    Hilton sale for Vida purchase

    We own a Hilton timeshare with access to 22,000 points. It’s is paid off and the maintenance fees are paid through December. We used some RCI points through that membership to travel to the Vidanta in Nuevo Vallarta this past November and really loved the experience. We sat though the...
  9. H

    pending - West 57th Street, Hilton in NY - Platinum Weeks

    West 57th Street, a Hilton Club 8400 Points Annual (2023 points were rolled over to 2024) Platinum: Weeks 7–28, 35–52 Mon-Thurs Nightly Points Fri-Sun Nightly Points 7 Night Weekly Points Studio 840 1680 8400 I am trying to help my aunt and uncle unload their timeshare. They can no longer...
  10. B

    Hgv max cabo Collection

    Hola. Just turned down 'opportunity ' to pay $25 to move our 12k us collection points to cabo collection. Told our maintenance fee would drop from $2400 to $1800 this year and likely never go up whereas US will go up 5% or more per year. We will recoup the $25k in less than 10years and be...
  11. K

    Hilton Elara 1 Br: 5440pts EOY

    Hilton Elara 1 Br: 5440pts EOY 1 bedroom Gold season Total due for 2024 MF fees: $970 Points: 5440 EOY Even years. Renovated: This resort was completely renovated and redecorated 2 years ago. Title Transfer: www.lttransfers.com Buyer: Pays closing costs - but I am willing to pay if we...
  12. P

    Free SeaWorld Orlando, HGVC, Odd Year Contract Free Closing!

    Resort Name: SeaWorld Orlando, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club Resort Location: Orlando, Florida Fixed Week / Floating Week / Number of Points: Floating, 5600 Points. frequency (every year? every other year?) Every Other Year (Odd Year) unit size: 2 BEDS Annual Maintenance fees: For Odd Year...
  13. Clifbell

    Studio Homewood Suites Review in Concord Ca - Timeshare Lite

    Today I am review a Homewood Suites Studio in Concord, Ca. I call this "timeshare Lite" because the unit has many of the features of a timeshare (full kitchen, pool, activities, Studio), but typically not as elegant as a timeshare... This is why you take the points when doing an owner update...
  14. T

    Rescinded Hilton

    We signed on Sunday for a Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare with a 5 day rescission period, excluding Sundays. Letter was sent certified with return receipt requested this morning (Thursday). We love the property but parking is an issue and after more thought it’s just a lot of money for what we...
  15. Clifbell

    One Bedroom Homewood Suites Fairfield, Ca... Timeshare lite

    Today I am review a Homewood Suites one Bedroom in Fairfield, Ca. I call this "timeshare Lite" because the unit has many of the features of a timeshare (full kitchen, pool, activities, One bedroom), but typically not as elegant as a timeshare... This is why you take the points when doing an...
  16. D

    Bait and Switch

    I'm looking for some advice on an issue with my marketing rental in Hawaii. I booked a week in Hawaii for my wife and 3 kids. We go next week. We booked a stay with a suite with two beds in the bedroom and a pull-out couch. We did this because one of our kids has serious problems sleeping in a...
  17. simpsontruckdriver

    Best # of (resale) points?

    I'm considering buying HGV points at Boulevard. The MF looks like the resort has low per-point compared to others. My question is, how many points would be a good starting point to get 5 days in a single bedroom at many US resorts, not including Orlando? I understand most timeshares require...
  18. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 122... Stay 'n Fly Reduces Stress

    This video is for everyone who is a worrier on the day of travel like I am. Will I wake up in time? Are there traffic Delays? Will my Uber / Lyft Driver be available or show up? Is long term parking filled? I could go on and on... But I think you get the point. An option I have started...
  19. S

    Completely New

    Hi everyone, I’m excited to join this incredibly knowledgeable community. I am just returning from Florida after attending a Hilton Vacation Club session. We didn’t buy but the program has me interested in resales. A few questions: 1) Did I make the right call? The package was expensive for...
  20. R

    List on Redweek?

    Does anyone have any experience with posting their HGV timeshare with Redweek? We are new to using Redweek and are unsure of the process. Any help and advice is appreciated!
  21. A

    New buyer at HGV Max

    Hello Friends, I just bought an HGVMax membership at Cabo Azul (The Diamond Property, at 5000 points)and have few days to rescind. I want to ask few questions to the group to ensure I am making the right decision. It appears that we could almost always buy the timeshare in the secondary...
  22. P


    In October of 2022 we signed for a HGVC in Las Vegas for Elara. The total cost was about $15,000 and we get 2560 points a year. Everything sounded good until we logged in and realized that 2560 points doesn't get you much of anything! Definitely not the "about 10 days" we were sold. Do I not...
  23. Clifbell

    Arizona Biltmore Review Phoenix Arizona

    This is one of the Hotels that you can book for a free nights stay by having the Hilton Aspire card. In my case, I had saved up two years and stayed for two nights. And what a luxury. Not only is the hotel stay free, but you get a $50/day meal benefit that you can use at one of the...
  24. B

    Transfer title to kids

    I am getting conflicting information about transferring my ownership in an HGVC property to our sons. How much does Hilton charge for the transfer? Can it be done by an attorney and then inform Hilton?
  25. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 106... My all time favorite Travel Credit Card

    After traveling for a year (almost) and using credit cards for almost 100% of my payments, I thought I would do a video on why the American Express Aspire Card is my favorite. My travel is greater than most people so I do have a lot of experience using different cards. It is possible that you...
  26. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 102... Timeshare Hotel Comparison

    I wanted to make a video to explain the value of a timeshare as compared to staying in a hotel. This video compares the Hilton Grand Vacations Studio at Ocean Tower to the Hilton Waikoloa basic room. I go through the cost to rent each of them, the maintenance costs as an owner, and the actual...
  27. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 95...Maui Comparison of Marriott, Hilton, WorldMark

    For those of you that want to vacation on Maui, this is the video for you. In this video, I not only compare two different locations on Maui from Worldmark, Hilton, and Marriott... But I also compare the programs (my opinion) on how they stack up on Maui. Below, I have included the reviews of...
  28. J

    Diamond Resorts to Hilton

    We have a deeded timeshare in Sedona with Diamond and the salesperson wants us to transfer into a Hilton program since Diamond was bought out. We have no idea what to do. Thank you
  29. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 86... A monthly Hawaii Budget for 4 persons

    Many People have dreamed of spending an extended vacation in Hawaii... Well, I have put together a monthly budget (actually four weeks) that shows what it takes to stay in Hawaii for a month. I have done this several times and it really works. In my last post, I discussed a four week trip for...
  30. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 85... A Monthly Hawaii Budget for 2 persons

    Many People have dreamed of spending an extended vacation in Hawaii... Well, I have put together a monthly budget (actually four weeks) that shows what it takes to stay in Hawaii for a month. I have done this several times and it really works. For those of you who think you can't afford this...