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hilton grand vacation club

  1. M

    HGVC Annual 5,440 points fully paid off

    Selling Park Soleil 5,440 Annual points one bedroom HGVC Deed for $1. Deed is fully paid off. Deed can be used to book all HGVC resorts. The same exact deed is being sold by the Retail Salesman for $30,000. Maintenance fees was already paid for year 2024 . Maintenance Fees including real...
  2. K

    Hilton Elara 1 Br: 5440pts EOY

    Hilton Elara 1 Br: 5440pts EOY 1 bedroom Gold season Total due for 2024 MF fees: $970 Points: 5440 EOY Even years. Renovated: This resort was completely renovated and redecorated 2 years ago. Title Transfer: www.lttransfers.com Buyer: Pays closing costs - but I am willing to pay if we...
  3. A

    Hilton Resale Questions/Advice!

    I am looking to purchase my 1st hilton timeshare. I am thinking between 6000 to 8000 points and had a few questions I hope the community can answer for me. - Do resale owners have access to international destinations (this is the main reason for the purchase, to supplement my MVC membership)...
  4. S

    Free HGVC Craigendarroch Lodge - Only pay transfer fees

    Hi, I have the following Lodges at Craigendarroch available for a free transfer. (These can be enrolled into HGVC, currently they are only fixed weeks)
  5. C

    HGVC Rescission Letter Sent - Awaiting Response

    Hello TUGBBS! First of all, I wanted to thank this website and these forums for existing. You greatly helped me and my fiancée make a better decision than the one we made in our sales meeting last week! As most, we got the 4 Day / 3 Night offer from Hilton months back and planned a trip to...
  6. R

    List on Redweek?

    Does anyone have any experience with posting their HGV timeshare with Redweek? We are new to using Redweek and are unsure of the process. Any help and advice is appreciated!
  7. P

    Cancel Timeshare Contract after Rescission Period

    Hello all, I made this account due to inability to find anything specific to my situation thus far. Backstory: I signed with HGVC in May 2021. My contract entails 3,520 points every even year of the platinum season at Las Palmeras. I have monthly payments of $189, which I have always paid on...
  8. B

    Info on Cancelling Time Share

    Hello everyone I appreciate your all’s time. Me and my Fiancé purchased a Timeshare back in May from HGVC and we have continually been trying to research ways to get out of it. We have been hit with a bunch of random fees we weren’t told about and they made us believe we would only be making...
  9. Clifbell

    HGV owner Thinking of doing a Diamond International tour

    I noticed a 3 night tour of Diamond International for $249 in Sedona. I am wondering what other HGV owners think of the idea. Of couse I will say "no", but learning more about one of their resorts as a learning process to th future integration seemed like a good idea. However, before I book...
  10. TJALB

    Any new info regarding DRI sale to Hilton?

    Just wondering if anyone has any new information regarding the sale of DRI to Hilton? A friend of mine is at The Point at Poipu this week. I own in the Hawaii collection but she owns deeded weeks in Sedona Arizona. She called me today to say that she attended a “owners update” in other words...
  11. Clifbell

    Hilton Grand Vacations - Pay less vacation more purchase

    This post and video is about leveraging all aspects of buying into a timeshare. Focus on everything Hilton when you decide on getting a timeshare (or whatever brand you choose ... Marriott, Worldmark, etc...). I provide two options. The first option is to buy through Hilton direct...This is...
  12. prajora

    Hilton points converted to RCI

    Dear TUB members, I am relatively new to Timeshares. I am owner of Hilton Grandvacation TS. I recently converted my Hilton point to RCI. I am living in Northern California- Bay area and do not see much of RCI properties to use my points. Q1: Seems the RCI properties bookable thru Hilton is not...
  13. Y

    Advice needed - walk out of mortgage tied to HGV Florida T/S

    Hello, I'm a 22yr old non-resident alien resided within the US, in 2019, I was hyped by salesman along with my parent's approval of it (it was really dumb of me to not do any researches first, which is my fault). Up till now, I did not realize that this was a corporate scam and now I'm unable to...
  14. H

    Free HGVC Timeshare - Anderson Ocean Club in Myrtle Beach - Comes with 5,000 free points!!

    Haven't taken to the timeshare experience and looking to transfer ownership. New owner to cover any transfer/title fees/closing costs. No current HOA or maintenance fees due - just paid for 2020. Currently have timeshare for: Hilton Grand Vacations Club Anderson Ocean Club - 2BR Season: Gold...