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  1. C

    Canadian hoping to stop paying for HICV (Orange Lake) Timeshare

    We purchased the Timeshare in Orange Lake Florida in August 2023. We are past the 10 days grace refund period for Florida and now having buyers remorse as we reevaluated and it is not worth it considering the Maintenance cost as we may not be travelling as much. Also, the last calls as promised...
  2. D

    Timeframe for removing deceased member

    My mother and father bought a unit at Orange Lake Kissimmee in the 1990's. My father passed away about 20 years ago and my siblings and I recently found that my mother: 1) still had the time share-she hadn't mentioned it since the early 2010's, 2) was being scammed by someone who promised to...
  3. A

    HIVC Foreclosure/Deedback Question

    Hi Everyone, Silver leaf suckered me and my wife into a timeshare at Apple Mountain, GA in 2012. By the time we came to our senses, the rescind period passed and we just decided to suck it up and payoff the mortgage. We paid it off by 2017 and since then we have just been paying maintenance but...
  4. H

    HICV buys Royal Resorts

    Received today: Dear Holiday Inn Club Vacations® Owner, As a valued Owner, you're among the first to hear about exciting news. Today, I am thrilled to announce that Holiday Inn Club Vacations Incorporated has acquired four luxurious beachfront resorts in Mexico from Royal Resorts®—The Royal...
  5. G

    worth it to extend points?

    Wondering whether we should extend our points. We have 38,050 points, it would be $200 to extend, so if I'm doing the math correctly, it's cheaper to extend than to rent if we needed more. If we extend, do we have to use them by July 31st or book by July 31st? I think they have to be used? We...
  6. M

    Time is of the essence, we are at day 3 of 5 before rescinding, PLEASE HELP

    We purchased Holiday Inn Club Vacations in CA on Saturday. It is Tuesday night. After research and feedback, we think it's wise to rescind and do more research before any future purchases. Questions: 1. Does anyone have a template handy for these types of letters? I understand that both my...
  7. simpsontruckdriver

    HICV hostile takeover of Galveston HOA

    This was posted yesterday on the Facebook group "Holiday Inn Owners Page, Not Affiliated With Corporate". Essentially, if they could take over an HOA in Galveston, they could take over ANY resort HOA and kick out owners at any time. ------------------------ If you have any advice, go to the...
  8. B

    The 1-in-3 year rule

    Sorry to bring this old thing up again, but I have been searching through any thread talking about this and they are all about 3 years old at this point and I just want to verify. Does this mean that I am blocked out of just the one HICV resort for 3 years or all of them? The wording in...
  9. Tank

    Holiday Inn Vacation Club Orange Lake Nice revue

    Nice review on Orange Lake in Kissemee. This is a Holiday Inn Vacation Club resort. Gives a nice insight of the resort of what it has to offer https://www.canadiantraveller.com/A-Kissimmee-Resort-that-Promises-a-Real-Vacation-for-Parents-Too Dave
  10. K

    Making the best of HICV

    Found TUG too late. In Feb staying at Orange Lake we bought into a low point thing quickly, paid cash (we had it). Not many points/yr, but it was a "special deal" I'm sure to get us in. Went to a resort over the summer, got a "good rate for points" on upgrading to 120k/yr. So... not so great a...
  11. S

    HICV Williamsburg Interval International Deposit process (was Colonial Crossings)

    I have a 3 bedroom EOY Even unit that I only deposit in Interval International. I split it into a 1 bedroom and a 2 bedroom. Every time I deposit, they only deposit on the week that is on the deed. But I always request the weeks later in the year so that it expires later. It gives me that...
  12. S

    HICV Myrtle Beach (South Beach) Attraction Price Sheet

    I've attached the Price Sheet for Myrtle Beach Attractions that I received from Holiday Inn Club Vacations (HICV) in May 2019. After completing a tour, they provided this price sheet so I could purchase tickets at wholesale price (in addition to resort credit towards the attractions). It would...
  13. Planebird

    HIVC-Myrtle Beach

    Hi, I’m new to this group and hoping someone can help us. We bought the points from a meeting at Holiday inn Orange lake resort in Orlando. We started at 150k points at use biannually. Unfortunately job circumstances have changed for us and we are not able to use them as we hoped. We have used...
  14. MoneyBear

    HICV Question - What should I do?

    I have 5 properties with HICV that I've listed below. I'm considering sitting through another Sales Weasel pitch in order to trade the "equity" (HA!) in one of my properties for a piece of their "property trust". My original purchase was the Piney Shores deed and I bought it for the bonus time...
  15. G

    Best Option for HIVC Level Upgrade - Own 2 already

    My wife and I are currently in a presidential unit at Holiday Inn club in Sheradon Illinois. We own a two bedroom unit which was originally a fixed week with Silverleaf before HIVC took over. We ended up purchasing into the points system last year by acquiring 55000 point in the signature...
  16. Happytravels


    Here's an article that was published this Monday. Help us fight.
  17. M

    Rescinding holiday inn club vacations

    Hi guys! We have a total of 3 timeshares through holiday inn that we want to cancel, so last year we were told we could merge all of them and get one, with that being said could we upgrade then rescind the contract? Or would it convert back to the 3 that we had before? Or should we...
  18. MoneyBear

    Looking for Info about how owners rent their HICV points?

    [I edited your post to comply with the forum rules:] "Can anyone provide info about how an owner can rent their HICV points?"
  19. E

    holiday inn club vacations $41k for 200,000 points(crisis averted thanks 2 TUG)

    This past week my wife took the kids to orange lake resorts in Orlando. She told me she was going to a time share meeting the following morning. She called explaining this great deal that we would have to refinance and pay off within a short amount of time but after paying off we would pay 2k...
  20. J

    Just bought a Holiday Inn vacation timeshare

    Hi There, I just bought a timeshare along with my wife this last Saturday, but after finding this site, we are thinking about rescinding. We bought 100k points for 20k at the resort at Scottsdale resort and bought this while visiting the Cape Canaveral Resort in Florida. After reading some...
  21. M

    Renting HICV Points

    I am considering buying a unit on the secondary market, and I'm wondering if anyone can tell my how renting points works. As best I can tell, at the lower level, you can rent 50% of your annual points, and you would pay a $4 fee for each 1,000 points rented. Does anyone know how much the...
  22. J

    New to RCI points . . .

    Thanks to all posters. I've read a lot of threads and picked up a lot of useful info. I do have a couple questions still and also some ideas about my plans I'd like to hear advice from TUGers about. Background: I own 229K HICV - originally a Ron Jon owner bought resale then had to make a...
  23. S

    Warning/Issue with RCI banking with HICV for formerly Silverleaf Owners

    I know that I should have verified it or spotted it before (especially since I have made exchanges in my RCI account since) but last year (October/November 2017) I spacebanked with RCI my Silverleaf Timeshare using the owner's portal for Silverleaf owners. Checking my RCI account recently, I...
  24. S

    How do I get out of a timeshare deal after the rescind period

    I purchased a Holiday Inn Timeshare on 16 days ago. I was told during the sales pitch, that the 61,000 points that I purchased would give me at least 7 days and possibly more of vacation. I was also told that I could use the points to stay at IHG properties. I specifically asked if the points...
  25. J

    HICV Orange Lake property - I survived without buying

    First post for me, but after 4.5 hours of torture, I can say I survived a presentation without buying. The salesman was a nice guy, but when I mentioned resale market things took an ugly turn. He got very defensive and argumentative.. at that point he just started talking mainly to my wife...
  26. K

    Rescinding on an HICV Orange Lake Country Club Timeshare???

    All, I can't tell you how blessed I am to have found this site. My wife and I just left Holiday Inn's Smoky Mountain Resort where we got a 4 day 3 night stay in there resort after paying $249. Friday 3/9/18, we went to the "2 hour" presentation that turned into 7 HOURS!!! We both went in with...
  27. RNCollins


    I attempted to purchase from Sumday: HICV Panama City Beach, Florida Fixed Week #31 Biennial odd beginning 2019 Price: $ 499.00 ROFR was exercised
  28. M

    Transfer our Orange Lake week

    Hello, I apologize in advance if I am not posting to the right forum. I tried to follow the advice from a TUG member. As a side not, let me say how helpful I have found TUG. You members as great! Our Orange Lake week 41 (East village) is paid off and fees are up to date. We have owned since...
  29. Zeus7111

    HICV Desert Club Las Vegas - Rental & Extra Vacation question

    Hello! This site is awesome - I cannot thank everyone enough for their knowledge and wisdom! You are all awesome! My question to the experts is if the HICV Desert Club Las Vegas has any restrictions using a week which I rented from an resort owner (via TUG) and adding on an Extra Vacation...
  30. O

    First time at HICV Oak & Spruce in Massachusetts

    Hi Everyone, We visited the HICV Oak and Spruce resort for the first time in June and made a video of our visit to the area in the Berkshires including Beartown State Park, the Oak and Spruce resort, Barrington Micro Brewery, and Joe's Diner. The link to the video is below if anyone would...