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  1. E

    What to buy?!

    My husband and I recently sat through an HICV timeshare presentation in Gatlinburg. We liked what we heard but we are extremely glad we didn’t buy now that I’ve found this site. However, we are still very interested in buying one resell just don’t know what would be best for us. We are avid...
  2. T

    Transfer from DRI to HGV - not sure if I did the right thing.

    My husband and I were Diamond Resorts owners. We bought in during 2020 (don't ask me what we were thinking) at $70k for the Hawaii Collection and got 30,000 points. We have been able to utilize our points and have been enjoying our purchase. We noticed that the maintenance fees skyrocketed...
  3. A

    Free Annual 16500 Points of Diamond Resorts US Collection

    2 Contracts(11500 & 5000 Points) - 2024 Full Points can be used Annual Fees- 3500 USD (2025 Onwards, 2024 is fully paid) Transfer Fee- 50% paid by me, 50% paid by purchaser- 250 USD per contract as per Hilton policy No other cost associated, Change of ownership as per Diamond Resort policy
  4. F

    Seeking Advice on HGV: Options After Falling Victim

    Hello everyone, My husband and I find ourselves in a challenging situation after recently realizing we fell for the HGV scam. Unfortunately, it has been almost two months since we purchased the timeshare, and due to an IT issue, we were only able to log into the HGV portal and start payments...
  5. T

    Rescission Letter HGVC/Diamond Resorts

    Hi everyone, I just signed a contract last night time share with HGVC for 23K with 5500 points annually, 7500 bonus points, with MF starting at 1700 yearly. The MFs bothered me the most so I had a change of heart. Had some buyers remorse last night after signing the timeshare conract and now...
  6. R

    Help me get rid of my Diamond Resorts timeshare! Desperate!

    Hi there everyone. I’m new here. My husband and I foolishly purchased a timeshare with Diamond Resorts in June 2021. I knew going into it not to do it and somehow still got persuaded to buy. Little did we know that Hilton was in the process of purchasing Diamond and now we were not grandfathered...
  7. I

    HGV Recession letter address

    Hi, my wife and I just bought a HGV timeshare and after doing some research on here and a Facebook group, we decided to recind. The timeshare was bought at Tuscany Village in Orlando, Florida. We spent $22,700 on 6000 points annually plus 7500 bonus points. This was bought on 09/16/23 and we...
  8. B

    My HGV club regrets, not what the presentation was about.

    I got into the HGV club, just received my bonus points, and am having my third wave of regrets. Paid $17k for 5.6k points biennially, 12k points as a bonus, and $1.5k yearly in fees. I have a few questions for you guys: 1. Please estimate how bad was this deal. 0-10, where 0 is total trash, and...
  9. S

    Will buying a resale effect my credit report?

    This might be a really silly question but I want to be 100% sure. I am looking to buy a resale deeded week with HVC/Diamond or Marriott. I will be paying in full. I am also in the process of buying a house. So, I don't want anything touching my credit report. Will buying the resale trigger a...
  10. R

    Newbie, Kings Land

    Hi all, So, I did the thing. Bought retail at Kingsland. THEN I went and found this resource, which is great! I can rescind until Monday, which I've been vacillating on based on this forum. Here's how the deal broke down: $18,025 (which included the week I'm here now) for 7680 points every...
  11. Clifbell

    Studio Hotel at the Modern By HGV Review in Honolulu Oahu Hawaii

    This is one of the New Hilton Vacation Club resorts (Formerly Diamond International located in Waikiki area of Oahu Hawaii. I enjoyed my stay at the Modern. It is a smaller building that the other Hilton Grand Vacation Properties, so the pools were less crowded and the view of the ocean was...
  12. simpsontruckdriver

    Best # of (resale) points?

    I'm considering buying HGV points at Boulevard. The MF looks like the resort has low per-point compared to others. My question is, how many points would be a good starting point to get 5 days in a single bedroom at many US resorts, not including Orlando? I understand most timeshares require...
  13. NiteMaire

    DeX Inventory: Massive Decrease in Availability

    I’ll limit this discussion to P@P, KBC, and The Modern. HGV has, IMO, clearly changed inventory availability in DeX for both weeks and points owners. In the past, there was plenty of availability at DRI managed resorts in Hawaii. Since HGV acquired DRI, inventory is nearly non-existent at P@P...
  14. R

    List on Redweek?

    Does anyone have any experience with posting their HGV timeshare with Redweek? We are new to using Redweek and are unsure of the process. Any help and advice is appreciated!
  15. P


    In October of 2022 we signed for a HGVC in Las Vegas for Elara. The total cost was about $15,000 and we get 2560 points a year. Everything sounded good until we logged in and realized that 2560 points doesn't get you much of anything! Definitely not the "about 10 days" we were sold. Do I not...
  16. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 81... Simulation of HGVMax

    ok... This is a long video. But I have included a lot of searches. I have attempted to simulate the rules of HGVMax by using my Diamond Resorts International account and my Hilton Grand Vacations account. I have shown samples of searches at six months and 10 months. The purpose of the six...
  17. Agepay

    HGV Owner Using Only RCI

    Thank y'all for TUG! Such a wealth of information and generous spirit here. So I'm a newbie and need your advice. Ours seems to be a classic TS situation. Before we knew about TUG or even researched timeshares, about 5 years ago, our family vacationed in Orlando & bought into HGVC Las Palmeras...
  18. K

    Help: Should we keep or rescind

    We attended a presentation in Hilton Hawaiian Village with no intention to buy. But the sales guy was good and he sold us the following: Ocean Tower/ Studio / Platinum / 3400 points every other year/ $1000 HOA every other year. Cost: 15,600/ Bonus: 10,500 points (To be used in 2y 9m) Later I...
  19. B

    Point Chart - HGV Ocean Tower, Waikoloa Hawaii

    Sharing what I believe to be a complete points chart for Ocean Tower within Hilton Waikoloa Village, Waikoloa Beach, Hawaii (The Big Island). As of August 2021, this property remains under active conversion from the original hotel rooms to HGV's timeshares, so there may eventually be additions...
  20. prajora

    HGV West coast group

    HGV West coast owners: The # of HGV properties are lower esp in Northern California. Like some good trip ideas to use HGV points or RCI points from experienced HGV owners on West Coast please. Thanks
  21. prajora

    HGV App limitations

    Just wondering what are the limitation of the HGV App vs. HGVwe site. Here are some I can point out: 1. HGV App cannot be used for RCI bookings or last min deals 2. HGV App does not also show Hilton Last mins deals There may be many more. Let’s hear from the experienced HGV owners. Thanks
  22. P

    Sent cancellation letter to Hilton, should I call?

    So I sent a cancellation letter to Hilton within four days of signing. Cancellation was within the allotted 10 days and it says they have 20 days according to the contract to refund our money. I didn’t put too much in the letter other than me and my wife’s decision to cancel within the time...
  23. Family Traveler

    Advice Needed on Selling HGV NY Club

    Greetings, Like so many others, I wish I found this forum years ago! Thank you for all your informative posts. We are looking to sell our timeshare and would like advice on how/where to sell it and realistically what we should expect to get for it. We own at The New York Club, 7,000 points and...
  24. C

    Inherit HGV timeshare or decline - Advise pls

    My parents own the HGV's below. Would you accept them both, one, or neither and WHY? I really love the Bay Club better than Kingsland. I do know a little bit about them and my mom's frustration with reservations, etc. I have been using them over the years when my parents can't but I am not...
  25. W

    Cancellation proceed time?

    Hello everyone, My husband and I went for an honeymoon last week and was convinced to purchase a Hilton grand vacation ownership in Florida on 12/11. I regretted almost immediately at same day afternoon when we were at Disney.... So we read a lot of threads on TUG forum and took action to send...
  26. G


    Okay, First I am new to this website, and already appreciate the time and effort that has gone into having access to this wealth of information. Second, because of this forum I was able to make a smart decision and try and cancel my contract with Hilton before the 5 days was up to Rescind the...
  27. T

    Buy direct or resale ?

    I have looked through the forums and I think I'm getting the answer I need, but figured I'd ask specifically. We are considering buying into HGV. For example, say we purchased 7000 to 9000 points at one of the Orlando properties, would we get the same benefits if we purchase resale as we...