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  1. P

    Back from Waikoloa

    I recently visited the Marriott Waikoloa. I had a 2 bedroom suite. The suite was excellent with 3 balcony's & 3 TV's which helped a lot to satisfy all interests. The room had partial ocean view. I've been here before and the place hasn't changed a lot since my last visit. Everyone wore a mask...
  2. B

    Point Chart - HGV Ocean Tower, Waikoloa Hawaii

    Sharing what I believe to be a complete points chart for Ocean Tower within Hilton Waikoloa Village, Waikoloa Beach, Hawaii (The Big Island). As of August 2021, this property remains under active conversion from the original hotel rooms to HGV's timeshares, so there may eventually be additions...
  3. T

    Any new info regarding DRI sale to Hilton?

    Just wondering if anyone has any new information regarding the sale of DRI to Hilton? A friend of mine is at The Point at Poipu this week. I own in the Hawaii collection but she owns deeded weeks in Sedona Arizona. She called me today to say that she attended a “owners update” in other words...
  4. x3 skier

    YouTube Pilot uses a timeshare promo as part of a flying vacation

    Just Plane Silly is a YouTube poster who creates funny shorts about flying. I know him personally and most of his stuff is humorous and some isn’t. I have no qualms about telling him which is which. His latest video is about flying around Oahu in a rented plane. Some really nice aerial shots...
  5. prajora

    HGVC or RCI resorts in Hawaii

    Dear HGVC owners, Could you advise on good HGVC resorts or RCI deposited points, for stay in Hawaii. Important consideration is bookable in next 4months. So offer good chance to get booking. - Looking for 1bedroom, Kitchen- 1week stay. - Not looking to eat out a lot. - Is rental car...
  6. R

    Looking for week in Hawaii/Honolulu around March 27th - April 4th

    Hi! I'm interested in going to Hawaii around March 27th - April 4th, preferably Honolulu Looking for at least a 1 BDR. Prefer higher end beach resorts such as Marriot/Hilton.
  7. RNCollins

    United adding an Orange County-Hawaii route

    United adding an Orange County-Hawaii [Honolulu] route https://www.travelweekly.com/Travel-News/Airline-News/United-adding-an-Orange-County-Hawaii-route
  8. K

    Maui Hawaii Covid 19 Test & Travel Tips

    Just returned from Maui and had multiple family members flying in so multiple tests in different geographic locations. Here are my Lessons Learned/Take Away’s : Walgreens- their drive through worked well although you need to watch the online calendar as they only open test appointments 3-4 days...
  9. RNCollins

    Hawaii reaches out to 'mindful travelers'

    Hawaii reaches out to ‘mindful travelers’ https://www.travelweekly.com/Hawaii-Travel/Hawaii-reaches-out-to-mindful-travelers
  10. D

    Maui Westin 2b2b Villa Rental w. Kaanapali Beach Access Dec 12-19th/7n $800

    Timeshare owner renting a 2b2b villa on at a brand new Westin Resort on Kaanapali Beach (famous for its beautiful sunsets!). The time booked is Dec 12-19, 2020 for 7 nights of stay. The villa has 2 spacious bedrooms with 2 king beds, 1 sofa bed, fully equipped kitchen, dining , living room, and...
  11. R

    HGVC Hawaii resort/cruise questions

    Hello, I am brand new to HGVC, but I have been doing a lot of homework. We are looking to go to Hawaii in 2022 and taking my wife's family as a 50th wedding anniversary gift to her parents...total of 8 or 9 people most likely. We have 10,000 bonus points to utilize. Trying to figure out...
  12. akbear

    FREE - 2 Weeks, SANDS OF KAHANA, MAUI, HAWAII, Floating 1-50, Even Year, 2 bdrm/2bath, sleeps 6

    2 Weeks at Sands of Kahana Resort – Maui, Hawaii Located in western Maui, between Kaanapali and Kapalua https://www.sandsofkahanaresort.com/ Unit: Orchid unit, 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath - with numerous amenities, sleeps 6. Weeks Available: Two (2) weeks, Deeded Usage: Floating 1-50 weeks of...
  13. R

    Timeshare noob very interested in particular resort in Kauai

    Hi All - I've pondered for many years about jumping into timeshare but never got really serious for a number of reasons. Finally, have the time, money and familiarity with a particular area in Kauai and familiarity with many of the condos in the area. Two in particular I like - Pono Kai and...
  14. T

    What's considered a Good Deal on Points in the Various Timeshare Groups?

    I'm sorry for the newbie question here which has probably been answered many times, but I I have been trying to find this information for weeks and I just can't. I don't know how to evaluate how many points I should aim for if I want to buy into a points based system. If I want to spend a week...
  15. samara64

    When will we be able to fly to Hawaii without the 14 day quarantine

    Just wondering what everyone thinks.
  16. RNCollins

    Hawaii Island Bird Festival returning in October

    Hawaii Island Bird Festival returning in October https://www.travelweekly.com/Hawaii-Travel/Hawaii-Island-Bird-Festival-returning-in-October By Tovin Lapan / Hawaii / Travel Weekly / travelweekly.com / Mar 05, 2020 “The fifth installment of the Hawaii Island Festival of Birds...
  17. J

    DRI Hawaii Collection - Transition or Sell?

    Hello, trying to suss out if it would be better to move forward with the Transitions program or sell/give away my points at DRI Hawaii Collection. I'm looking to give away/sell my 9000 DRI hawaii collection points. DRI will Transition the contracts (4500x2) for $1,000 each = $2k (they have...
  18. momofthreeplusone

    Hurricanes and Maintenance Fees

    Can anyone with experience tell me what happens if a hurricane hits the resort you own weeks at? The realator I have been talking with said damage is covered by the resorts insurance, however I am wondering what happens, typically, with maintenance fees? Also, if the resort cannot be used due to...
  19. H

    Lodging - Please Help

    (Details deleted as it constitutes advertising/soliciting a rental. Such ads should be placed in TUG Marketplace and not in the discussion forums.)
  20. B

    Wanted 2/3 bedroom in Hawaii Feb 7 -Feb 14

    Hello , I am looking for 2-3 bedroom in hawaii from Feb 7 - Feb 14. please respond.
  21. RNCollins

    Top golfers flock to Hawaii for winter

    Top golfers flock to Hawaii for winter https://www.travelweekly.com/Hawaii-Travel/Insights/Top-golfers-flock-to-Hawaii-for-winter By Tovin Lapan / Hawaii Insight / Travel Weekly / travelweekly.com / December 27, 2019 “When the weather gets cold and stormy on the mainland, the PGA Tour turns to...
  22. emcnulty15

    Waikiki Jan 25-Feb 1

    I am looking for a 1 bedroom in Waikiki Jan 25-Feb 1. Many thanks in advance for your help.
  23. RNCollins

    Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to increase entrance fees

    Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to increase entrance fees https://www.travelweekly.com/Hawaii-Travel/Hawaii-Volcanoes-National-Park-to-increase-entrance-fees By Tovin Lapan / Hawaii / Travel Weekly / travelweekly.com / Dec 13, 2019 “Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, along with other U.S national...
  24. mayamart

    Likelihood of getting RCI exchange on Big Island Jan/Feb 2020?

    Has anyone had luck in getting an exchange on the Big Island in Jan or Feb, on RCI? I put up a week at my home resort Hotel Xcaret Mexico, for a week at a resort on the Big Island (Ongoing Search). Am I out of my mind or do I have a chance?
  25. RNCollins

    State asks public not to swim or snorkel in 7 new anchialine pools on Big Isle

    State asks public not to swim or snorkel in 7 new anchialine pools on Big Isle https://www.staradvertiser.com/2019/11/15/breaking-news/state-asks-public-not-to-swim-snorkel-in-seven-new-anchialine-pools-on-big-isle/ By Nina Wu / Star Advertiser / staradvertiser.com / Nov. 15, 2019 “In addition...
  26. RNCollins

    Trails reopen as Hawaii Volcanoes National Park repairs continue

    Trails reopen as Hawaii Volcanoes National Park repairs continue https://www.travelweekly.com/Hawaii-Travel/Trails-reopen-as-Hawaii-Volcanoes-National-Park-repairs-continue By Tovin Lapan / Hawaii / Travel Weekly / travelweekly.com / Nov 15, 2019 “Hawaii Volcanoes National Park staff reopened...
  27. K

    Wanted Hawai’i 11/22-11/26

    Our VRBO just cancelled and we are in need of four more nights. Prefer Big island but also open to Kauai or Maui.
  28. H

    Wanted: Maui 11/29 or 11/30 to 12/6

    Something upscale with a water view for a couples getaway.
  29. K

    Wanted: Hawaii Marriott, Vistana, or Hilton VC 11/16 - 11/26

    Open to any of the islands. Looking for any combination of at least 3 nights starting 11/16. Studio or 1 Bed. Thanks
  30. H

    When to start Ongoing RCI Search in Hawaii for Spring Break 2020?

    Hi All, I have 300K RCI Points (clearly I'm not using this Timeshare enough) and my son is in his Senior Year of high school. Rather than some Spring Break party, I offered for the family to go to Hawaii, which he thought was awesome. So I created an ongoing search for either Maui or Oahu...