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diamond resorts

  1. Clifbell

    My Advice to Hilton Grand Vacations... Timeshare Traveler Episode 200

    I wanted to provide Hilton Grand Vacation a list of what they should do more of to improve their program. I consider myself an experienced traveler and knowledgable of their program. But I also have some ideas on how the program could be better. In this video, I go through the major...
  2. D

    Free: Hilton Vacation Club / Diamond Resorts US Collection, 5000 Points

    Resort Name: Diamond Resorts, Now owned by Hilton Grand Vacation Resort Location: Hundreds of Resorts around the United States Fixed Week / Floating Week / Number of Points (and specify what system): Points - 5000 Each Year Frequency (every year? every other year?): As many as you have points...
  3. S

    Diamond Resorts, Palm Canyon Resort in Palm Springs, Ca

    Timeshare adiós para siempre “BEWARE” of Palm Canyon Resort in Palm Springs. It charges…. labeled as “Resort Fees (EXCHGE)” and they charge “3% Tourism Bid Assessment (RST FEE) AND “A TAX RESORT FEE (11.50%)!!!!!!!!! It doesn’t matter even if you do a straight across exchange through RCI...
  4. A

    DRI US Regional Club Points- Cancellation/Best Use Options

    Hi All, I am new to Timeshare, I recently bought a timeshare from resale market with 2024 maintenance fee are already paid by the seller. Collection Name- DRI US Regional Club Yearly Points - 16500 Considering this collection is not part of HGV Max program & limited resorts availability...
  5. hihompls

    SOLD - Free Sedona Summit Units: Studio& 1BR

    After 25 years of enjoying the benefits of timeshare exchange and traveling, our family is no longer traveling much. We would like to give someone else the opportunity to make the kinds of memories we did with our timeshares. We have two units available: Studio & 1BR (PENDING). Take one or both...
  6. T

    Diamond resorts owner … SO UNHAPPY

    My husband and I bought in to Diamond a few years ago specifically because we wanted to keep coming back to Cabo. We fo around 3-4 times per year and always stay at Cabo Azule . We love it there so much however , soon as we became owners , we could barely ever get availability ( even trying to...
  7. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 97...HGVMax is now Live with New Locations

    When Hilton grand Vacations changed their launch date to October, I certainly wasn't thinking October 5th. I was assuming October 28th or October 31st. But I am happy to be wrong. This video is hot off the presses reviewing the details of the new HGVMax locations. There was skepticism about...
  8. J

    Diamond Resorts to Hilton

    We have a deeded timeshare in Sedona with Diamond and the salesperson wants us to transfer into a Hilton program since Diamond was bought out. We have no idea what to do. Thank you
  9. J

    DR not reflecting on credit report

    Hello everyone, I’m stuck with a DR 10yr contract. Unfortunately fell for the scam in Vegas. Although I know it’s impossible to get out of my contract, I’d like your thoughts… Also, they have not reported any of our on-time payments to credit bureaus as nothing is reflected on our reports what’s...
  10. J

    Diamond Resorts US Collection - Maintenance Paid, Will Pay Transfer Fees

    Diamond Resorts US Collection - negotiable transfer, make an offer 12,000 annual points (currently have 10,000 in 2021 and 18,000 for 2022) Use at any of Diamond Resorts US Collection Locations - includes some in Canada and Mexico as well Diamond just merged with Hilton and is now the largest...
  11. C

    [Deleted - see note below]

    [DELETED: Soliciting is not allowed in the discussion forums.]
  12. NOLA47

    Cancellation Flexibility

    Does anyone know if there is any flexibility in cancelling/rescheduling early June vacations due to the continuing uncertainty of the virus? My large family has plans for Destin but they are scattered in different states with varying school situations that we still don’t know about. I’m...
  13. Grammarhero

    Diamond Now Require Seller and Buyer Affidavits

    this past summer, apparently Diamond now requires buyer and sellers to sign and notarize transfer affidavits. Check out the screenshot! Wonder if this is just stonewalling, or Diamond forcing sellers to use their Transitions program.
  14. M

    Anyone heard of Ardent law group?

    We signed up with Timeshare Exit Team in March 2018 and never heard from them again. This summer, they sent me an email saying they were referring my file to Ardent Law Group. Ardent does not offer a "money-back guarantee" and the person I spoke with was obviously a CSR and not a paralegal or...
  15. N

    How to get out of a Diamond Resorts travel club

    I am looking for a way to give away or get out of a Diamond Resorts points membership that we paid over $30,000.00 for. We are not using it and just want out of it. We tried writing and calling Diamond Resorts and since we upgraded the membership in the past year they will not let us out of it...
  16. cindyc

    Change in Affiliate Status for Grand Pacific Palisades and Carlsbad Seapointe?

    I own HGVC and a deeded week in DRI - Sedona Summitt and noticed a change recently. When I logged into my HGVC the listings for Carlsbad Seapointe and Grand Pacific at Palisades are now tagged as "External Exchange Resort." Perhaps not coincidentally, both of those resorts now show up in DRI's...
  17. rboesl

    Diamond Resorts Pleased to Announce Settlement with "Timeshare Exit Attourney"

    Saw this on a Facebook page for Diamond Owners. Kinda seems like an oxymoron but I guess you can't look a gift horse in the mouth. The interesting thing to me is that Diamond is pursuing several other exit companies as well. This win should give the a solid foundation in that effort...
  18. S

    Help/Advice on cancelling Diamond timeshare (w/ mortgage)

    Hello all. New member here looking for advice/help. Long story short - my husband and I got suckered into buying a Diamond Sampler in January 2018 (Hawaii). We converted to ownership while in Cabo, and have overall been unhappy with all of the lies we were fed on our sampler and ownership...
  19. cindyc

    Deeded Owner - Completely Satisfied!

    My husband and I fell twice for the sales pitch at Diamond Resorts - Sedona Summit. I blame it on Red Rocks Intoxication, either that or those mysterious Sedona vortices! Anyway, we sobered up each time and rescinded. Ultimately we did purchase, a 2BR 2BA LO resale at a fraction of the price...
  20. I

    Need help!

    Sorry it is going to be a long post! I purchased a 2 bedroom week at Liki Tiki over 10 years ago and have 7500 points. One of the very reason that I purchased the timeshare was because I was told with my 7500 points, I am able to break my 2 bedroom week into several studio/1bedroom weeks and...
  21. C

    Need details for transferring a DRI timeshare to a new owner.

    New TUG member here. Wife and I finally decided to let go of our Diamond Resorts International timeshares (points) in Lake Tahoe and Orlando for free, since we have no use for them anymore. My question is - what are the steps to "sell" them to a prospective buyer, assuming we already have one...
  22. TJALB

    How to do self transfer of deeded DRI week in Hawaii to family member

    I would like to transfer one of my deeded weeks to a family member. The deed is paid for, free & clear. It’s in Hawaii at (KBC, Diamond Resorts International) Ka’anapali Beach Club. The maintenance fee is also current. How do I go about transferring the deed? Can I do it myself or do I have to...
  23. F

    free Liki Tiki timeshare - $1

    Hello. I have a timeshare I need to get rid of because I lost my job. Selling for $1. Details are below! Please feel free to ask questions. Liki Tiki Village II (Orlando Florida) Odd Years use term: 01-SEP-2017 - 31-AUG-2018 Maintenance fees: $538/year 1350 allocated points 2700 points...
  24. Egret1986

    Guess where I am? I am online with WIFI IN my unit at this resort on the NC coast! Finally!

    IT'S TRUE! IT BRINGS ME MUCH HAPPINESS! IT HAS BEEN LONG-AWAITED AND MUCH ANTICIPATED WITH MANY DELAYS! I am down here at my Home resort that was acquired by Diamond Resorts in 2015. It has been what I would term "an awful relationship." It's a long, long story that would only bore you. No...
  25. margodeniston

    Transferring points

    My elderly mother no longer can travel. She owns Diamond points connected with a resort where we have three deeded weeks (don’t worry we bought them on the secondary market thanks to TUG!) We would like to take over her points but convert it to a week! We are “deeded weeks” people and find...
  26. M

    Free 14,000 points in Diamond Resorts US Collection

    Transfer fee waived if transfer is complete by end of this year.
  27. A

    Foreclosure consequences

    What are the consequences of letting a timeshare (with Diamond Resorts) go into foreclosure?
  28. R

    Diamond Resorts won't reply so I can sell my unit to another

    Anyone having trouble with Diamond Resorts on selling a unit? I have buyer. I have sold at least 20 timeshares so I'm familiar with the process. This particular one is in Paris so it has to go through their european unit. I have called (no one speaks English). I have written 4 times. I have...
  29. DRIless

    Where does DRI inventory disappear to?

    So as not to hijack this thread http://tugbbs.com/forums/index.php?threads/dri-thinks-that-points-members-are-stupid.258339/ but along the same lines I noticed awhile back in May that many DRI managed resorts in their big resort areas like Sedona, Williamsburg, Branson, etc. had plenty of...
  30. C

    Adding to Diamond Resorts - Hawaii Collection points

    Hello, My wife and I are currently Silver Loyalty members of Diamond Resorts, we own 15,000 points in the Hawaii Collection and are THE Club members. Overall we are happy with Diamond and their system. We would like to upgrade to Gold membership. We purchased out original timeshare before it...