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destination points

  1. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 70... How Doing 2 Marriott Owner Updates = 6 Days in Hawaii

    Who doesn't want to go to Hawaii for a week? Well, hopefully this video will provide you with a way to make your dream happen. I know that it did for me. Honestly, I was surprised that I could do this. But if it worked for me, it seemed like a great idea to share my success so other could...
  2. C

    Best Resorts to Optimize Value of Points

    I won't be using my points in 2023 or 2024 and looking to book rooms at resorts where I can optimize my rental income. Which rooms, views, resorts, and dates tend to provide the best Return on Investment (ROI) per Point?
  3. B

    New member question

    I am evaluating the sale of my 3500 Marriott Destination points. I can see the current listings. How can I see a list of completed sales? I've been given price points of $6-8/point by a bunch of sales outfits, but I suspect that's baloney based upon your listings and others on Ebay. I'd like...
  4. tahoeJoe

    Owner Update Options - $100 or 10,000 MRP or free DC enrollment

    Currently staying at the NCV, and they are asking us to do an owner update. We haven't done an update in over 7 years. The gifts they are offering are listed above. The question is- is enrollment in the DC worth it? When they first rolled it out, it cost approx $2000. Our main concerns with...
  5. D

    Selling Marriott points

    I have 1400 annual points at Marriot's Myrtle Beach Oceanwatch Grande Dunes. I enrolled my week a couple years ago and have only used them once and really only a couple times did I use my week when I first got it in 2008. How do I advertise my timeshare for sale, as a week or as points?
  6. breezez

    Destination Point Transfer Fee

    Hello all. I am not a member of MVC but curious about the destination point system. How do you guys feel about the transfer fee that Marriott charges and how do you feel the transfer price will effect / hamper being able to sell them later if I were to decide to exit the program? I’m on the...
  7. T

    Marriott Vacation Club - Secondary Market

    I'm thinking about buying a Marriott Vacation Club week on the secondary market. Has anyone had any experience (good or bad) with using a week purchased on the secondary market? I'm concerned that I might go to the bottom of the list with respect to availability and preferred unit assignments...
  8. B

    Legacy Adventures Inc

    Anyone bought Marriott Destination points through them?
  9. Jayco29D

    Marriott Resale DC Point Benefits

    Just double checking on this. 1) Do Marriott DC points bought on the resale market come with all the same benefits as buying DC Points direct after the activation fee is paid? As I understand they do have all benefits except the ability to convert DC Points to Marriott Rewards points. 2) Do...
  10. adelec

    Destination Point Program - About to sign up, but have questions

    I have been an owner at Fords Colony since 2001. I am in the process of looking over the paperwork to get into the Destination Point program. I was offered to join the program for $595. Then for an additional $404 I get 4 days, 3 nights and 1,000 destination points to go back and get the sales...
  11. G

    Marriott DC trust points

    Concerning the Marriott DC program, we are enrolled owners and have no trust points. We would like to know if, for example, renting 2000 points to add to our current 2175 points from Grande Vista will open us up to trust point owners' level of property availability or must we buy trust points...