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deed back

  1. C

    How to quit Club Wyndham

    They described a PIC Plus membership but gave me a PIC Express membership. They just called it a PIC in the presentation and never mentioned "Plus" or "Express". I paid the full amount, around $15,000, and started making the approx $89/month maintenance dues while trying to get them to give me...
  2. L

    Need advice, just pay/work on Deedback?

    Hello, long story short, my husband and I signed a contract for a VV Williamsburg timeshare last Oct 2021. I should have never signed it, and rescind as soon as I could, but literally the day of the presentation/contract my father died early that morning. I was a wreck, and just wanted to...
  3. amanven

    Deed back an option?

    We have had our Sheraton Vistana Resort since 2008. We bought it on the resale market for next to nothing. I have gotten almost every trade trough II that I ever wanted with it and we have stayed at the resort multiple times during the tenure of our ownership. We just returned from a weeks...
  4. J

    Timeshare deed never recorded.

    Hello Tuggers, We have had a timeshare for about 20 years now. Always paid on time and enjoyed exchanges. We decided that we would like to give it back to the resort. It turns out that the deed was never recorded. The original owners were hacks. We have paid fees through the end of 2021...
  5. D

    Marriott Vacation Club Deed Back Option?

    I have been offered a "deed back" from Marriott Vacation Club that essentially will take back any of their deeded timeshare contracts, including owned resort weeks and Destination Points. It is a "no cash" deal, which means you get nothing from them in payment but also don't pay anything in...
  6. R

    [ 2020 ] Please I need help getting out of a timeshare

    Hi everyone- My parents got a timeshare decades ago and they're both out of a job and declining in health and can't pay the fees for it anymore. The timeshare is with Sapphire Resorts/Geo Holiday Vacations. I'm reaching out to see if anyone has suggestions? I read a bit about a deed back option...
  7. momofthreeplusone

    HTSE Lawai Beach Resort deedback?

    Good morning everyone, just got back from a lovely rented week at Lawai Beach Resort. Have been considering buying there now for over a year, not making rash decisions, really thinking it through. We are confident that we will use it and love it and are ready to buy. The resort is re-selling 2...
  8. Zeus7111

    Fairmont Mountainside Timeshare

    Hello everyone! My parents have 10 years remaining on an annual timeshare week in Fairmont, BC (prime golf), and have asked if I would be interested in taking it over from them. They do not want anything for it and there is no mortgage on the timeshare either. MF are approx $800 CAD/year for...
  9. klam2go

    Grandview at Las Vegas deed back vs sell

    We bought our timeshare at the GV off of eBay in 2011. Very very good deal compared to what they wanted to gouge us for when we sat through a "quick" resort presentation to get our free Cirque tickets. Now nearly 9 years later, kids are grown up and our parent don't/won't travel far from home...
  10. B

    Must end our Time Share ownership at The Cliffs in Princeville (Kauai)

    We own 2 floating weeks at The Cliffs in Princeville, Pikake season. (Weeks 2 - 16) We love the place, have owned these weeks for over 25 years, but making the trek from Atlanta to Kauai is a little tougher now. (Being a flight attendant did wonders for our ability to hop over to Hawaii pretty...
  11. J

    Australian who mortgaged Las Vegas Elara HGVC

    I travelled to a presentation in Las Vegas in February of this year and purchased a 10 year mortgage for a 2br grand timeshare unit during Gold season at HGVC Elara. During the presentation I was convinced by the salesperson as to the benefits of this investment. Purchase Price $39,990.00...
  12. T

    Getting out of your Westgate Property

    I justed wanted to alert Westgate owners that they do have a voluntary Deed Back Program. We were able to successfully get out of our unit with a few weeks. It's called The Westgate Legacy Program. Just follow the directions on the page and email developer services. I found them quick to...
  13. M

    Help! Selling holiday inn

    Has anyone actually successfully sold a Holiday inn vacation club timeshare? We were talked into purchasing a different time share through Palmera Vacations and they are supposed to have our holiday inn one sold. However now we are finding all this bad stuff about Palmera online. Is there any...
  14. lprstn

    Deed Back to Resort - Presidential Resort

    Just finalized my deed back to the Presidential Resort in VA. It was horrible. This was the process so others may benefit from the experience. Conditions: No loan on the deed. Maintenance fees around $550 a year No trading ability through RCI as the phase we purchased allowed use of campers...
  15. R

    Just Received Offer From Vistana To Deed Back Unit

    Hello all, We've had this unit at the Mountain Vista Resort in Avon Colorado for about 15 years now. We own it free and clear with no mortgage. We abandoned it several years ago after the maintenance fees tripled. About 2 weeks ago we got a letter from Vistana indicating that we owed several...
  16. A

    Beach Club Property no longer wanted

    Hi there My parents have owned a week at Vistana Beach Club for many years but now due to their advancing years and medical problems, they can no longer travel to the USA & utilise their week. They would like to sell the week or if necessary, deed it back. Can anyone give me some advice on how...