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  1. M

    How to cancel timeshare with a loan balance

    I have a timeshare with worldmark Wyndham and bought it in September 2023. Still have a loan balance around $18,000. I want to cancel it, have no options thru their certified exit program. If I stop paying on my loan and dues what will happen?
  2. J

    Timeshare on US as a Foreigner

    So I want to know, what happens If I stop paying the mortgage on a timeshare, as a foreigner? I understand that it will go on foreclosure, but what happens to me? I don't have credit score on the US, I'm from Latin America, any repercussions besides loosing all payments already made?. By law...
  3. S

    Recession letter

    Hello, Does my recession letter to Wyndham be worded a specific way? It says in my contract to see the CA public report for an explanation, however I cannot find that it was sent to me. When i googled it, it says I should put the name of my timeshare plan and the DRE number on it… I can’t find...
  4. S


    Hello, I appreciate any help in this matter as I’m literally physically sick from this with panic attacks, can’t eat or sleep… Stupidly, my husband and I agreed to a timeshare through Wyndham worldmark. As we left, I had immediate regret, my gut feeling was screaming this is not right for us...
  5. I

    Is it Possible to cancel after Purchase?

    I am a new HGVC member. I purchased from Hilton but have figured out I did not get the best MF to Point ration at 0.17/point. I purchased in September of this year (2023). It is paid in full and I have no problem just keeping but after reading on this forum I heard mention of someone asking...
  6. S

    Bluegreen Vacations Rescission

    Hi! Bought my Bluegreen Vacations timeshare in Tennessee on Apr 22, 2023 so well within the 10-day rescission period. Had a few questions: I received 40k Choice points and a $100 gift card as a gift just for attending the presentation, am I correct in assuming I do not need to return these...
  7. S

    Feedback on request to cancel template

    I have in my contract the option to send in a cancellation request by email, I am also going to send in one by mail but wanted feedback on my request to cancel before I mail it: Contract Reference Number: XXXXXXX Purchaser: John Doe Name of timeshare project: MountainLoft Resort, a Condominium...
  8. F

    Cancel Westgate Resort Timeshare

    Hello, I am new to this group but I do believe that it got my husband and I out of a 21k mistake that we made while vacationing in Gatlinburg. After we got home from vacay, I started reading through all of the documents on the CD Rom that was provided, checking into the interval international...
  9. L

    Please help cancelling vindanta

    We are a young family of 4 and got suckered into the sales presentation. We Unfortunately signed a contract for a property and gave them a deposit through our credit card. We want out of it now. This just happened today. I do not have any document in the files they gave me explaining how to...
  10. simpsontruckdriver

    Spirit Airlines shut down at MCO today

    Spirit Airlines did not have a "ground crew" (luggage loaders, plane movers, etc), and they could not "borrow" anyone from other airlines, so the nation's worst airline simply cancelled all their flights today. Some say it was a strike, but since all the unions said there wasn't one, it's simply...
  11. P

    Sent cancellation letter to Hilton, should I call?

    So I sent a cancellation letter to Hilton within four days of signing. Cancellation was within the allotted 10 days and it says they have 20 days according to the contract to refund our money. I didn’t put too much in the letter other than me and my wife’s decision to cancel within the time...
  12. B

    Anyone having any luck canceling Vistana bookings without cancellation fees?

    Anyone having any luck canceling Vistana bookings within 60 days without cancellation fees or other onerous terms? Our state of MN is requesting no travel and a 14 day quarantine on return. So we can’t go to our January reservations at Kierland. This is a public health emergency and even...
  13. R

    [ 2020 ] Please I need help getting out of a timeshare [Sapphire Resorts/Geo Holiday Vacations]

    Hi everyone- My parents got a timeshare decades ago and they're both out of a job and declining in health and can't pay the fees for it anymore. The timeshare is with Sapphire Resorts/Geo Holiday Vacations. I'm reaching out to see if anyone has suggestions? I read a bit about a deed back option...
  14. P

    Trust vs. Deed

    Help! Purchased into Wydham WCA (Trust) in March 2019; used it for the first time and was told that my maintenance fees were going to be a huge burden for us and our children later on as they tend to go up 7-17% yearly! They basically said that we were played pretty bad on our purchase and that...
  15. M

    Unlimited Vacation Club - 6 months in and want to stop payments

    I want to stop payments on the UVC timeshare. This is what happened. A "Friend" signed up for the timeshare in February 2019 - she has "mental health" issues and jumped right in and purchase the Pearl package in addition to the Flyback option. A month into her timeshare she called me...
  16. N

    How to get out of a Diamond Resorts travel club

    I am looking for a way to give away or get out of a Diamond Resorts points membership that we paid over $30,000.00 for. We are not using it and just want out of it. We tried writing and calling Diamond Resorts and since we upgraded the membership in the past year they will not let us out of it...
  17. K

    Keep or Cancel?

    Hello. I know NOTHING about timeshares, but travel internationally and domestically within the US often. My fiance and I went to a presentation and....guess what signed up! It is an every other year timeshare valued at 10500 pts with RCI (double pts and rci fee waived every year), we paid 6200...
  18. C

    Cancelling timeshare contract

    My husband & I fell prey to the nice fast talking sales people at a timeshare resort in Punta Cana Dominican Republic. We signed on 8/12. I found out on 8/17 I had 5 days to rescind the contract. I called the company, immedately, & they said I couldn't cancel. I'm sending them an email today &...
  19. C

    How to cancel Sheraton Flex long after recission period

    Hello, I purchased a Sheraton Flex plan (51,800 points- even years) at Vistana in Orlando, FL a the beginning of 2017. I have since been unable to book anything through Vistana or Interval International. Booking through Vistana at any resort that is not 'in my priority' is nearly impossible...
  20. GladlyGoingGordon

    Somewhat unique scenario, advice needed on canceling in Mexico

    Hello, my situation is strange so bear with me... TL: DR - Purchased a cheap RTU at Vidanta yesterday only as leverage to sell my current expensive Timeshare in FL, want to cancel, taking advice to best do so. I purchased a timeshare last May in Orlando, FL. Big mistake, want out. Currently on...
  21. 2

    Need Help To Cancel Purchase

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I am running out of time and just found the site so I have not had a lot of time to look through the site. My wife and I just fell for a Holiday Inn Club TimeShare purchase while in Las Vegas at their Dunes resort. We purchased it on the 29th of May. I will...
  22. ushulu

    experienced renters help me check...:)

    Hey Experienced timeshare renters...need some opinion and help here:) Thank you in advance! I am renting a timeshare unit for the first time in my life through homeaway.com --feel scared. the travel dates are in next Jan. the cancellation policy says: 30 days prior to check in can cancel for...
  23. S

    Sapphire Resorts/Geo Vacation/Star point

    I bought into this a few years ago and have never been able to take a single vacation. Have 2.5 year left on the mortgage (which isn't listed on my credit report). Maintenance fees are ridiculous. Can't sell, no one wants it even for a $1. Charitable organisations don't want it either. Company...
  24. S

    [ 2018 ] HELP - New owner looking for options to get out of Welk timeshare

    Looking for some advice on what to do. After browsing through this forum, I am so disappointed I didn't find out about this great group last August, so I could at least rescind my contract. In Aug 2017, we sat through a Welk presentation and everything sounded "good" so we decided to try it...
  25. M

    Cancel Orange Lake?

    Hello, Our Orange Lake week 41 (East village) is paid off and fees are up to date. We have owned since 2002, and our situation has changed such that we cannot vacation like we used to. We understand selling a timeshare is very difficult. We were excited to hear about "cancelling" our timeshare...
  26. J

    Angel's Camp - Should/Can I rent or should I cancel

    We booked a 2 bedroom via Monday Madness for Angel's Camp from Dec 25-30 but are not going to be able to use it. Should we try renting it out and if so, what would be a reasonable charge/night? Can I rent a Monday Madness rental? We paid roughly $400 for it for $80/night.
  27. M

    Cancel & Rebook / New Website

    A number of posts have brought up when trying to cancel and rebook to take advantage of our discounts their reservation seems to have gone into a black hole. Today I was told an "enhancement" of the system is when a reservation is cancelled it is automatically run through new logic and given to...
  28. JohnWC

    Cancel & Rebook - no longer possible?

    New to the forum and relatively new to Wyndham so hoping this turns out to be a good resource! The updates are great to get information but also a time sink. Anyway, hoping to gain insight from other platinum owners on the impact of new automatic upgrades. I called to cancel and rebook an...
  29. S

    Specific Rescission Scenario

    My husband and I attended a very intense presentation in Panama City on May 31st. Needless to say after being held for 6 hours (with our kids) and not truly realizing what we were involved in we purchased $64,000 contract points with a bonus $64,000 for $12,500. Overnight the night of the 31st I...
  30. T

    Brand new to forum... took the plunge on a purchase and now regret

    Hi all, Let me introduce myself, my name is Manny, I am 31 with a girlfriend and no kids from NYC. Im sure you have seen this before, and the famous phrase, I wish I would have found this site prior to purchase. However as far as I know I may still be saved. I was in Orlando yesterday and...