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  1. DeniseM

    Outlander on Starz?

    Yes, and I have also been to the William Wallace Memorial in Scotland!
  2. DeniseM

    Outlander on Starz?

    William Wallace was born in 1270. Outlander takes place 500 years later. The book/series briefly starts in 1946, and then goes back to 1743, in the era before the Jacobite Rising in Scotland (1745.) Currently, the TV series is in the pre-American Revolutionary War era: the war began in 1775...
  3. DeniseM

    Nanea Resort View Request

    Bldg 1, 4, or 8.
  4. DeniseM

    Vistana II request

    You can only get one exchange at a time, so whatever is available first, is what you will get. No, and you are unlikely to get 3 choices at the same moment in time, anyway. You have priority for Vistana exchanges, so it doesn't hurt to include a Marriott, but Marriott owners have priority for...
  5. DeniseM

    It’s Aloha Friday and We’re Ready for our Winter Vacation on Kauai

    Aloha! We want one of your great trip reports!
  6. DeniseM

    Westin Lagunamar when to request villa

    If this is a Staroption reservation, you should log into your account, and place your special request ASAP: - Log into your Vistana Account: http://villafinder.vistana.com - Find the confirmation - Click: VIEW DETAILS - Click: Special Requests, enter your request, and send. Don't worry if...
  7. DeniseM

    Stop complaining!

    "Stop complaining!" Tom - I was also at the resort for 3 weeks recently, and I could not disagree with you more. There are a multitude of problems with the resort and management, and the only entity that benefits if we stop complaining is Wyndham.
  8. DeniseM

    Vistana Dashboard message system may no longer be reliable

    Update: the owner who sent a message to Owner Services on Jan. 14th (a simple question) finally got an answer, on Feb. 10th. But he got a canned answer, and it was not the question that he asked at all. So he send a 3rd request, and finally got an on topic answer on Feb. 11th. So it took...
  9. DeniseM

    Need suggestions for timeshares in New England - Octoberish

    Wow - Thanks for all the great info!
  10. DeniseM

    A Fake ESA Letter can Ruin your Vacation...Spot the Warning Signs

    I would bet that this is a spammer....
  11. DeniseM

    Need suggestions for timeshares in New England - Octoberish

    1. 2 Adults only 2. ALL - but first priority is history and leaf peeping. 3. We will eat in most of the time, when a kitchen is available.
  12. DeniseM

    Need suggestions for timeshares in New England - Octoberish

    Anything closer to Philadelphia?
  13. DeniseM

    Need suggestions for timeshares in New England - Octoberish

    I don't know this area at all - where are the Berkshires? What is there to do there? How far from Boston or Philadelphia?
  14. DeniseM

    [KBV] Contact confusion. Or how to make a timeshare reservation.

    It's a sub-forum of the Hawaii Forum and it's on the main menu:
  15. DeniseM

    Need suggestions for timeshares in New England - Octoberish

    I need suggestions for timeshare resorts in New England: • I can exchange with II, RCI, and GPX. I particularly want to visit Boston and Philadelphia and see the fall leaves. • I'm thinking that for Boston I will request Marriott Custom House, but would like other New England suggestions...
  16. DeniseM

    [KBV] Contact confusion. Or how to make a timeshare reservation.

    *I moved your thread to the Kauai Beach Villas Forum. Currently, you cannot set up an online account with a KBV weeks deed, because you don't have Wyndham points. This is the number for KBV weeks reservations: 866-523-8477. It's the same number/office that we used pre-GPX for reservations...
  17. DeniseM

    Vistana Dashboard message system may no longer be reliable

    I know an owner who sent a message to Vistana on Jan. 14th - and still hasn't received a response. But he knows they received his message because they have sent him 3 automated responses: "We will respond to your message ASAP blah, blah, blah." I know another owner who sent a message on Dec...
  18. DeniseM

    how much are taxes on TS stays?

    The tax is based on a formula which is based on the value of the unit, so it varies by resort/quality/size/view. For example, at the Westin Nanea, the 3 bdm. OF units have a charge of $32 per night. At Kauai Beach Villas (an older resort) the fee for the 2 bdm. OF units is $11.71 per night.
  19. DeniseM

    Hi there - new avatar

    The only new thing we did was a Lydgate Chocolate Farm Tour. Ye$, tho$e Lydgate$. The tour was interesting, but I thought it was way too pricey for what you get: basically, an interesting tour of a small farm, with fruit and chocolate tasting, at about $100 per person. Get this: their candy...
  20. DeniseM

    Hi there - new avatar

    The last week of February... 2019?
  21. DeniseM

    Hi there - new avatar

    Here is the Reader's Digest Version: - We were on Kauai for 3 weeks and the first 2 weeks it was rainy and windy all day, every day. - The first week, I had an allergic reaction to Papaya and broke out with a rash all over my face that lasted about a week. - We only saw one whale in 3 weeks -...
  22. DeniseM

    Hi there - new avatar

    Here is a bigger version so you can see the details - you can even select from your choice of wrinkles!
  23. DeniseM

    Hi there - new avatar

    And - it's super easy. You just select the parts of your face from a menu of pictures.
  24. DeniseM

    Hi there - new avatar

    Yes - used Bitmoji - Thanks for the tip!
  25. DeniseM

    Hi there - new avatar

    The 36th and the 50th.
  26. DeniseM

    Hi there - new avatar

    Hello boys and girls - I have been traveling since Christmas, so if you think I've been MIA - you're right. I'm back and I just updated my avatar. If you like it - thank you! If you don't like it - keep it to yourself! ;)
  27. DeniseM

    Weeks 7 & 8 for rent at Resort 66

    Where is Holmes Beach? City/State?
  28. DeniseM

    Kauai Beach Villas - EOY 2 Bdm. Lagoon View

    I'm moving your post to a separate thread. You need to click EDIT and add the following info to your post: -the cost of the maintenance fee -the cost of the transfer -first use year
  29. DeniseM

    LT Transfer - no longer in the vistana system but loved it

    Just to clarify: LT Transfers is a timeshare title company that many Tuggers like and use. However, LTT can't sell your timeshare for you, but once you have a buyer, they can handle the paperwork and do the title transfer for you. I have used them many times.
  30. DeniseM

    best way to accept money for rental

    There is no fool proof method of accepting payment unless you meet someone in person and get cash. PayPal is a good choice and really not so scary. Remember, you always have control of your reservation, so if the rental falls apart, you just take the reservation out of the renter's name and...