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  1. PamMo

    Coronavirus Wreaking Havoc on Your Travel Plans?

    I'm very visual and am fascinated by how epidemiologists are tracking the spread of COVID-19. Looking at the animated map https://www.healthmap.org/covid-19/ the question certainly seems not if, but when it will be worldwide. The University of Washington map https://hgis.uw.edu/virus/...
  2. PamMo

    The Travel Secret

    Isn't the travel secret TUG?
  3. PamMo

    Coronavirus Wreaking Havoc on Your Travel Plans?

    We usually spend a month or so in Mexico every winter/spring. We went to Cabo during the H1N1 virus pandemic in 2009. Entire sections of resorts were closed off, staff was let go, and restaurants were empty because tourists stopped coming (with only one confirmed case in Cabo). It was very weird...
  4. PamMo

    Should Vistana.com have 2 Factor Authentication?

    Absolutely agree with this. When calling in, half the time I'm asked, "Is your email still XXXXXX and ...."
  5. PamMo

    Tell me about Branson......

    It's not open yet. It's scheduled to open this August. https://www.aquariumattheboardwalk.com/
  6. PamMo

    Tell me about Branson......

    My favorite resort in the area is Bluegreen's Wilderness Club at Big Cedar Lodge (RCI). It's a rustic style resort, with wonderful high end amenities (golf, pools, restaurants, spa, lazy river, beach, free kayaks/paddleboats, etc.) on Table Rock Lake. It's not in Branson proper, but close enough...
  7. PamMo

    Some Southwest customers profiting from 737 Max cancellations

    Hmmm...? :unsure: This was talked about on TUG in December. https://tugbbs.com/forums/threads/spring-break-deals-on-southwest.298903/
  8. PamMo

    Disneyland admission tops $200 a day

    DH and I took all our kids and grands to Disney several times, and have good memories. I was thinking about taking my granddaughters to WDW this spring, but I've decided it's just not worth the price and hassle anymore.
  9. PamMo

    Major NEW Oceanfront Campground to be built along Monterey Bay .... Fort Ord Dunes State Park

    That is awesome news for campers, but I bet those 110 spots are going to be some of the toughest to get campsites around!
  10. PamMo

    How Often Does Inventory Change On II

    It changes all the time as units are deposited and booked for exchanges. I've seen great weeks and bulk deposits pop up throughout the day and night. There seems to be a short period of time (maybe 10 minutes?) when a unit is deposited and before it's matched with an ongoing search, when if you...
  11. PamMo

    Costume help, please

    Great photo, Rapmarks! Does anyone else dare share their 60's self in all their glory? Or are all the Kodak Brownie photos buried in boxes in the basement?
  12. PamMo

    Westin Los Cabos Experience

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong (I've got 840,800 SO's, but all resale so I'm just a commoner in VSN), but I don't think early check-in or late check-out has ever been guaranteed for Elite members at Starwood/Vistana timeshares. Elite status in VSN is more geared to banking, points conversions...
  13. PamMo

    Costume help, please

    Sounds like you had a very groovy mom! ;)
  14. PamMo

    Any travel plans for 2021?

    Wow, after looking through this thread, maybe the question to ask is, "Is anyone staying HOME for 2021?" There's a lot of traveling going on in this group!!!!!
  15. PamMo

    Westin Aventuras

    I think you're right. Thanks, I'll go back and correct my post!
  16. PamMo

    Westin Aventuras

    +1 for rescinding now! Don't wait. You can buy a resale mandatory Vistana resort for less money and worth more StarOptions, that will let you book at different resorts in the Vistana system. You'll also have access to Interval resorts as exchanges and Getaways. Converting StarOptions to Bonvoy...
  17. PamMo

    Costume help, please

    Maybe this will help. It's a pretty thorough description of women's fashion in the 60's - clothing, hair, jewelry, shoes, makeup, etc. throughout the decade. https://vintagedancer.com/1960s/1960s-fashion-womens/
  18. PamMo

    Releasing a great Summit Watch 2021 week

    Thanks for the heads up - that would be a great catch for my kids in Nevada. I was watching for it, but never saw it come up. Maybe my KBC studio in Kauai doesn't have the strength to see it?
  19. PamMo

    advice on skin cancer

    Glad to hear all went well, bluehende, and you're on the road to full recovery!
  20. PamMo

    Which Cabo resorts have you been to and what did you think of them?

    I love this. We really like Club Cascadas (it's an older resort, but really nice and in a fantastic location) and wouldn't hesitate to book there, but we'd love to try Vista Encantada Spa Resort & Residences (VTE code in II). It's further out of town than what we usually like, but it looks like...
  21. PamMo

    Reservations at WKORV North

    As time consuming as it is, keep checking with Vistana for units to pop up. At 3:00PM ET, I was finally able to reserve a 2/14/21 check-in for a WKORVN OF studio. I wanted a 1BR, but at this point, I'll take anything I can get.
  22. PamMo

    [Problems making VISTANA reservations - official thread]

    No luck on WKORVN OF last night either. Edit 3:00PM ET: After checking throughout the morning, a 2/14/21 WKORVN OF studio finally popped up and I was able to book it.
  23. PamMo

    Adding Vistana II exchange to Bonvoy

    There are a couple of reservation numbers on the II confirmation. One of them is the number you need for Bonvoy. I can't remember which one, so I'd just try both of them.
  24. PamMo

    Reservations at WKORV North

    This should be combined with the other thread on this topic. https://tugbbs.com/forums/threads/wkorv-2-br-2-6-21-no-longer-available-for-home-resort-booking.301392/ Some had luck, others didn't. I own oceanview at WKORV and oceanfront at WKORVN. I tried first to reserve my WKORVN oceanfront...
  25. PamMo

    WKORV 2-BR - 2/6/21 no longer available for Home Resort Booking

    Frustrating experience here. I was able to book my OF 1BR WKORVN right at midnight, but then I got a message that it was no longer available. When I tried to book again, I was told I can't book it because I have another unit on hold, and can only make one reservation at a time. Grrrrrr!!!! I was...
  26. PamMo

    Exchanging through II for Cabo Azul Resort?

    Are you only looking for the Christmas/New Year's holiday? If so, I'd take the Cabo Azul exchange IF you can verify they will allow five in the 1BR. I would NOT book it without checking first. The holiday weeks 51-1 are really high demand in Cabo, so make sure you have an ongoing search AND...
  27. PamMo

    3 things to consider before taking Social Security, according to a financial planner

    We're a few years from FRA, and were curious about this, so I ran our numbers using the SSA calculator - https://www.ssa.gov/myaccount/retire-calc.html If we start payments today, we'll be 80 years old at the break even point vs starting at FRA. We'd be 86 at the break even point vs starting...
  28. PamMo

    One bride and groom are planning on forcing guests to sit through a timeshare presentation

    I guess I don't understand what's so hard about saying "no, thank you" and letting it go? A couple has the prerogative to plan their wedding any way they want to celebrate it. As an invited guest, I don't have to go. Or send a present. Or whatever. Times change and etiquette certainly isn't the...
  29. PamMo

    One bride and groom are planning on forcing guests to sit through a timeshare presentation

    I think the whole idea of making all the wedding guests go to a timeshare presentation is hilarious! My DH said that they should schedule ALL the presentations at the same time (with champagne!) and overwhelm the sales staff. Make a real party of it. Ring the sales bells every time a sales...
  30. PamMo

    Vista Encantada Spa Resort and Residences

    Are you at the Residences? Vista Encantada Spa Resort & Residences Cabo San Lucas , MEXICO VTE https://www.vistaencantadaresort.com/the-stay I've been so tempted to book one of the 3 or 4BR suites there for a girlfriends getaway. The resort looks beautiful! What do you think of the location?