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  1. bogey21

    Offered Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure. Advice needed on moving forward..

    Granted 5 days is not a lot of time but it is enough time to have made a decision. I'm guessing that maybe you didn't read their proposal immediately upon receiving it... George
  2. bogey21

    Offered Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure. Advice needed on moving forward..

    I would sign the Deed in Lieu and pray. I don't see a better option... George
  3. bogey21

    Divorce and timeshares---what do I need to know?

    In my case the QUADRO was the most important document in my Divorce portfolio. I focused on and fought over every word in mine and it was well worth it. In my case how the minute details in my Pension were handled was all important and have impacted me for the last 20 years. I have a feeling...
  4. bogey21

    Drug prices

    Heck I have traditional Medicare + Supplement + Prescription Drug Plan and it costs me about $5,000 per year (416 per month). The big hit is what they deduct from my Social Security for Plan B, Plan D and IRMMA. Medicare isn't the "Free Lunch" many in the public believe... George
  5. bogey21

    Over 3,500 people quarantined on Diamond Princess cruise after guest tests positive for coronavirus

    How will the press handle this when the first person in the US dies from Coronavirus? Will it be a 24 hour news spectacular or will they point out that 16,000 people have died from the flu so far this year? I'm betting on wall to wall coverage with no mention of flu deaths... George
  6. bogey21

    Over 3,500 people quarantined on Diamond Princess cruise after guest tests positive for coronavirus

    If you believe that the Coronavirus will inevitably spread to and maybe across the US, are you doing anything to prepare. I'm referring to things like loading up on food so you can self quarantine if things get bad in your community... George
  7. bogey21

    Divorce and timeshares---what do I need to know?

    Ignore. Another mistake...
  8. bogey21

    Divorce and timeshares---what do I need to know?

    Only you know your situation. You have a child and a life to live. Your Divorce Decree and Property Settlement is your one chance to get things right. If you feel competent to handle things yourself, go for it. Otherwise get the absolute best lawyer you can and make your Husband pay his...
  9. bogey21

    Divorce and timeshares---what do I need to know?

    Ignore. I didn't mean to do this...
  10. bogey21

    Divorce and timeshares---what do I need to know?

    Your TS will be one tiny part of the Property Settlement which will be negotiated as part of your Divorce. First and foremost you should take the time to find and hire the best Divorce attorney you can find. This is the most important thing you can do. You need someone ultra competent to...
  11. bogey21

    Sales rep. lies and paying "Retail Value" for a stay if we rescind

    Exactly what I would do. I would cease all conversations with Company. It may, or may not, cost you $1.050 but even if it does it beats the cost of going through with the deal...
  12. bogey21

    biking in Hilton Head

    The big reason we owned at Monarch in Sea Pines was to be able to take advantage of their bike trails, the beach, golf and to avoid the hassle of getting non-resident bike passes... George
  13. bogey21

    HELP! I was duped. Orlando Parc Sol.

    What is done is done. IMO paying it off with a HOLOC to reduce your interest rate is your best option. You are too young to default. I agree with Cindy. Learn to use it. In a few years you will be wanting a place to stay when you take your Son or Daughter to Disney... George
  14. bogey21

    Marriott Golf Academy @ MGV

    When my Son was 13 or so and showed interest in golf I enrolled him in Marriott's Golf Academy at Lake of the Ozarks, MO. I'm not sure but I think it was a 5 day thing. We lived in Dallas at the time and although my Wife was apoplectic about leaving him there with a bunch of older business men...
  15. bogey21

    Dog Strolls Into Texan Police Station To ' Report Himself Missing'

    Many years ago we had a basset hound named Ralph. He would get out every now and then and would always head for the local McDonald's. After this happened a few times they would give him a meat patty, put him away safely, call us and say "Ralph is here. When you have time you can stop by and...
  16. bogey21

    RCI points partners discontinued as of 1/1/2020

    The more you are around this stuff the more you realize the inevitability of devaluation. It is just a matter of when it will happen... George
  17. bogey21

    Should Vistana.com have 2 Factor Authentication?

    It is fine unless you are like me and have text messaging blocked on your primary cell phone. I tolerate the ones where I have to answer stupid questions like where did I get married of my Mother's middle name... George
  18. bogey21

    Looking at TV options as of Feb 2020 (yes, again!) - here is why:

    I'm stuck with Spectrum (used to be Charter Cable) as my CCRC pays all but $22.60 per month. Plenty of channels and the price is right but the signal is not what it should be from time to time. On the other hand their Customer Service is great... George
  19. bogey21

    Easy to set up Security Alerts for Credit Cards and Accounts plus has anyone used Credit Karma or equivalent services

    I log into my 3 Bank Accounts and 1 Credit Card every morning around 6 am and check to make sure all the prior day's transactions are mine. It takes all of about 5 minutes... George
  20. bogey21

    Congress Just Made Passing an IRA Down to Your Kids a Lot Harder. Here's What You Can Still Do

    You are right about the $10,000 figure. I live in a CCRC and the cost of a nice single room in Assisted Living is between $8,500 and $10,000 a month... George
  21. bogey21

    Congress Just Made Passing an IRA Down to Your Kids a Lot Harder. Here's What You Can Still Do

    I agree with this 100%. All I own is my 2011 Mazda3 and a couple of Banks Accounts JTWROS with my kids and ex-wife. I make sure to have enough in the Bank Accounts to cover my needs. I do not try to build them up to benefit anyone after my death... George
  22. bogey21

    My Credit Card was compromised, this is weird, thoughts?

    Although fraud on Credit and Debit Cards is rampant, I think the Bank's handle it rather well. I'm sure the usurious rates of interest they charge gives them the resources to handle this. Bottom line the losers in all this are those that pay the usurious rates of interest not the targeted...
  23. bogey21

    Used car buyer commercial

    A couple of years ago my Son took his 2 year old Mazda3 to CarMax. They gave him a firm offer which said in writing that they would hold it open for X days (I don't remember the number) but told him he might do better selling it to a Mazda dealership. They were right. The Mazda dealer offered...
  24. bogey21

    Parents scammed at Blue Green. Options?

    My guess is they have zero recourse. It is criminal (in the generic sense) the lengths these companies go to separate their Owners from their money and how they get away with it... George
  25. bogey21

    Drug prices

    Being able to do this is why I avoid Medicare Advantage HMO and PPO plans and have Standard Medicare + Supplement + Plan D Prescriptions. My health is more important to me than keeping the cost down for the Insurance Companies... George
  26. bogey21

    Drug prices

    Back when I was covered via my Employer's plan I had issues from time to time which I attributed to my Employer being fixated keeping their cost as low as possible. Since I went on Medicare about 20 years ago I have only had one problem which was caused by mis-coding by the Doctor's Office...
  27. bogey21

    Massachusetts personal income tax

    A couple of years ago I had some income with State Tax W/H in Iowa. I live in Texas. The forms that had to be filled out to get back the taxes withheld from the State of Iowa was complicated as Hell. I use Turbo Tax for my Federal Taxes. When it asked me about State Taxes I said Iowa (Texas...
  28. bogey21

    buying Golf Clubs

    When my Son was something like 13 or 14 and showed an interest in golf I used a bunch of Marriott Rewards Points and sent him to a week's golf school at Lake of the Ozarks, MO to make sure he learned the right way from the git go. My Wife was furious that I dumped him there for a week with a...
  29. bogey21

    Tell me about Branson......

    For years when our kids were young we would go to Branson 2 or 3 times a year primarily for Silver Dollar City and its annual Crafts Fair. I don't know how they do it now but back then if you arrived like after 3 pm, the following day was free. We always stayed at the Best Western just West...
  30. bogey21

    Not enjoying Disney, getting older, high maintenance—-should we sell or rent?

    Many years ago we sold our 4 Marriott Weeks at a small profit no less. Look at them today. I'm not saying Disney will depreciate like Marriott Weeks did but over time anything can happen. I'd sell... George