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  1. CalGalTraveler

    Haleakala sunrise - need advice

    We took a tour last summer and left our hotel at Kaanapali at 2:30 AM. It took about 1.5 or more to get to the top from the tour base at the bottom with the bus. It is crowded at the top and there was traffic. You need to reserve parking in advance if you are not taking a tour. Since it is...
  2. CalGalTraveler

    Anyone been to Porto and Douro Valley, Portugal? (2016)

    FYI...this thread is 4 years old.
  3. CalGalTraveler

    Coronavirus Wreaking Havoc on Your Travel Plans?

    @mjm1 I would have done the same in your shoes. We just returned from Europe (not in any active corona zones) but am relieved to be home. I would hate to be quarantined (or worse yet ill) and unable to return home. We are now evaluating two upcoming trips in the U.S. this spring and summer and...
  4. CalGalTraveler

    Over 3,500 people quarantined on Diamond Princess cruise after guest tests positive for coronavirus

    Ironically we had purchased n95 masks when the California camp fire hit. We took them on our recent trip to Europe but did not need to use. Glad to have them on hand just in case.
  5. CalGalTraveler

    HGVC Sunrise Lodge

    Sorry to hear about your injury. Would love to take but this is one week too early for spring break. Since this is HGVC, why don't you change your reservation to a date past the 30 day window and then cancel and recoup points or use the points elsewhere later?
  6. CalGalTraveler

    Title insurance on resale?

    You are also buying a title search as part of the insurance but you must read the policy to see how far back they go. If they only do the last transaction, then you may be able to DIY on a $500 sale. However if there is a long history of resales, buyer beware. What you don't know is if there was...
  7. CalGalTraveler

    RCI OGS match over and over and over!

    It is annoying. You have to call and cancel out the dates that don't work and select the resorts you want. You can also increase the size of the unit if the dates still work.
  8. CalGalTraveler

    New owner what are options to cancel

    What do you own? It is too late to rescind and you cannot sell or give it away until the mortgage is paid. You can pay off your loan and then sell/give it away for a loss, or learn to use/mazimize or rent it out until the mortgage is paid off (with other people's money) then give it away on TUG...
  9. CalGalTraveler

    Title insurance on resale?

    Check with a lawyer but from prior threads, lawyers for the developer would argue, that you paid for the timeshare with a sale deed and county filing which is signed by you. You are listed and using the property with the developer. So either you are fraudulently trespassing, or you have become a...
  10. CalGalTraveler

    Do ALL HI timeshare purchases require escrow, or do only purchases choosing to use escrow need to be based out of HI

    We purchased on Maui a few years ago using an out of state processor. We were not required to use escrow. We even needed to conduct a refiling with the county to correct an error and no questions were asked as long as we paid the filing fee...
  11. CalGalTraveler

    Title insurance on resale?

    I had not see this limit, so if true this would affect my opinion that it has more value for larger transactions. Regardless, they do conduct a title search upfront to look for filing errors, and encumbrances which inevitably surface such issues. That's the painstaking work I would be happy to...
  12. CalGalTraveler

    Title insurance on resale?

    Nope. You need to verify the deeds and selling agreements are correct - line by line. And even then how do you know if the last agreement and deeds were correct? IMO, you can check county records but my time is worth more than $180 for such boring and painstaking work. I also prefer the...
  13. CalGalTraveler

    Rumor is the 4th quarter/2019 investment report is coming out tomorrow (Feb 26)

    Given the delays in opening 2020 projected sales and bookings for Maui, NYC and Cabo, IMO management has been distracted. or the 3rd party property owners are delaying because of takeover uncertainty. Of course if they announce such properties soon, this (hopefully) debunks my theory.
  14. CalGalTraveler

    Title insurance on resale?

    I disagree. It is not about the value of the timeshare. It is about not clouding the title so you can dispose or deed it back someday. Title and third party processors make mistakes. Perhaps the biggest error is entering the wrong location or unit on the deed. (It happened to me. Fortunately, we...
  15. CalGalTraveler

    Atlantis, Bahamas Harborside unit(s) for FREE

    Nice offer. Note that because it is a resale transaction, buyers are not eligible for the Bonvoy points conversion. But as a mandatory VSE property, the staroptions to use the points at other VSE properties are still available to buyers.
  16. CalGalTraveler

    HELP! I was duped. Orlando Parc Sol.

    Sorry to hear of your misfortune. They lied to you so I have no reservations recommending this: If you were laid off and you don't mind the credit hit and bill collector harassment, then once you used the points this year, then WALK and do not pay any more and do not use the unit anymore...
  17. CalGalTraveler

    I need to rescind but I don't even have the contract!

    @collinsbrooke89 Congrats on rescinding in time. Make sure to keep a copy of the certified mail receipt in your files because the date on that is proof you rescinded within the rescission period. It is not when they receive it.
  18. CalGalTraveler

    Coronavirus Wreaking Havoc on Your Travel Plans?

    FWIW...We are now booking changeable reservations on SWA and timeshares for upcoming travel and using our Chase Sapphire Reserve for cancellation protection. Much easier to rebook, and cheaper than travel insurance for domestic travel. Holding off on international travel for now which would...
  19. CalGalTraveler

    Is Marriott [Bonvoy] dead to us? Should it be to you?

  20. CalGalTraveler

    What to do about radon testing in a new build home

    IMO...Since it is only $1500 I would ask one more time in writing and once your punch list is complete (and you are finished with them), then install and send the developer the bill. Let them know that they have built this home with known defects and need to mitigate. You will be sending your...
  21. CalGalTraveler

    What to do about radon testing in a new build home

    Sorry to hear about this. I would pursue the builder to mitigate. IMO, I am not a lawyer but I don't think a developer can force buyers to waive health hazards via a contract clause. That's like saying that they will knowingly build a home with moldy dry wall, or defective wood and buyers have...
  22. CalGalTraveler

    Conversation with GM at MFV

  23. CalGalTraveler

    Two reasons I prefer timeshares over hotels

    @WinniWoman Agree. Although some have had fabulous finds, I am leery of AirBnB rentals because I don't want to risk our vacation on a poorly maintained or poorly located unit. All of our hotel stays and airfare were using hotel/airline points to stay at top tier hotels so we only had to pay for...
  24. CalGalTraveler

    A Mysterious Virus in Central China Has Infected Dozens, Raising Fears of a New Epidemic. Here's What to Know

    Just learned that the US bound flight that was departing just prior to ours was delayed because it had a person who tested positive for Coronavirus (I am not sure how they figure this out). We had to certify that we had not visited China within 14 days prior to boarding our flight. Very few...
  25. CalGalTraveler

    Two reasons I prefer timeshares over hotels

    LOL reminds me that the combo washer/dryer we had in the HGVC in Tuscany, Italy was strange. The washer worked fine but we hung the clothes on a drying rack in the back of the unit because the dryer didn't seem to work. Better than nothing.
  26. CalGalTraveler

    Worth visiting Australia for only ten days?

    10 days is a decent amount of time to acclimate to the time zone and see something. We visited Taiwan and Japan in 8 days from the west coast a few years ago and it seemed like a much longer trip. We saw a lot.
  27. CalGalTraveler

    Two reasons I prefer timeshares over hotels

    We just returned from a European ski vacation which brought 2 items to mind as to why I prefer timeshares: 1) Timeshares have laundry facilities. We had to pack more clothes than normal because most hotels did not have facilities. Of course the hotels offered to send out our jeans for cleaning...
  28. CalGalTraveler

    Ocean Tower inventory is loaded for 2019 reservations

    LoL You would be the creme de la creme of commissions for the sales force...lucky you!