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    Vidanta - Has anyone received money

    May be true **- get it in writing from Vidanta Member Services . If you can confirm in writing - please post how it is structured . ******** **added - 1) Vidanta has used prepaid Visa cards to pay owners for the Ambassador Cerificate promo .( iie - kickback when one is used by a guest) 2)...
  2. T

    Grand Bliss unused

    Value is all in vacation use . 1 ) Great resorts - (we are currently at Mayan Palace PV - Marina - Feb 2020 ) 2) Vidanta increased the transfer fee (except for family / children & grandchildren are $ 0 to transfer ) to 5 x MF when they added the MF on use only . This was about 15 years...
  3. T

    Puerto Vallarta hikes - Las Animas trail (2014)

    Good info / even 6 years later - Feb 2020
  4. T

    My Suggestions to Vidanta, please add more suggestions to this thread if any

    1) Vidanta has existing Bliss owners that (mostly) got there by upgrading from Mayan Palace . That is the reason the Bliss units / buildings in RM exist . If they eliminate all Bliss units then they either have to upgrade their RTU to Grand Mayan or promo / reward them in some manner . 2)...
  5. T

    Westin Aventuras

    In Mexico you have 5 days to rescind !!!!! (Sunday does not count)
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    Puerto Vallarta - nice visit to El Tuito

    Bump - Feb 17 2020 For 2020 visitors to PV - there is a article about El Tuito in Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine ( free - lots of real estate promotion) ( Jan 2020) “ Ei Tuito - the charming heart of a serene valley” This thread that T_R_Oglodyte / Steve : started in 2017 has additional...
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    What amenities at the Grand Luxxe are off limits to exchangers?

    The Vida Sales Machine needs feeding 12 months a year and owner upgrades at sales presentations alone - won’t completely fill the hopper in peak winter season. voila - Hi Ilene13 , What i meant to clarify is that there should always be shoulder weeks available due to the peak build strategy...
  8. T

    What amenities at the Grand Luxxe are off limits to exchangers?

    Hi shorep, It sounds like you own some level of Grand Luxxe . your ownership likely allows you to get more weeks or a bigger size unit at a lower tier Vidanta brand . This could make the using your ownership a better vacation value for your needs . So a one bedroom Grand Luxxe could translate...
  9. T

    Beware of Vallarta Gardens (2014)

    Bump - again / Feb 2020
  10. T

    Getaway Travel Services (GTS) scam - Vallarta Gardens

    You may wish to contact Profeco- they are the Mexican government agency that regulates consumer purchases . Contacting them is unlikely to get your money back . It will add another negative mark against Vallarta Gardens TS sales - but I am not sure they care . There’s is another TUG thread...
  11. T

    What amenities at the Grand Luxxe are off limits to exchangers?

    Hi zentraveler, IMO - the resort fees have nothing to do with Vida Sales rate of success . the resort fee likely goes to “ hotel side operations “ and the revenue generated by Vida Sales goes to building and expansion (including the NV Theme Park) The resort fee structure at Vidanta properties...
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    Renamed: Not so quiet neighborhoods

    Canadian winter - better than a deadbolt - LOL **** FYI. : remember how the “ bad guys “ in Home Alone , fell on the slippery iced steps .......
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    Vidanta NV MP pool closed

    The location [ Sea Garden NV- Vidanta member use & RCI exchange usage ] also uses the name Ocean Breeze for “ hotel access” .
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    Need suggestions for timeshares in New England - Octoberish

    Berkshires- Oak & Spruce mentioned by @silentg is HICV - (originally Silvsrleaf) It is very near the Lee Mass. exit off the Mass.Pike (I 90). (there is a decent outlet mall at the exit .) Google Maps says Lee to Cooperstown is 2 hours / 116 miles [ see DeniseM - former avatar & thread & “ Our...
  15. T

    Hi there - new avatar

    Still leading the pack at - 53,279 messages / you will have to do more than one TUG break to lose that lead . ***** Good use of the dash - one of my favourite “ punctuations”.
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    Best Disney and New England Skiing Timeshare to buy into???

    There are a number of western Mass timeshares / near ski areas as well. Jiminy Peak Bousquet Butternut HIVC - Oak & Spruce -Lee Mass ( originally Silverleaf sold as fixed weeks- including holiday weeks. Vacation Village Berkshires - Hancock Mass (sold as fixed weeks / some with RCI points...
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    Best Disney and New England Skiing Timeshare to buy into???

    where are you driving from to ski in New Hampshire / this may make help TUG members make suggestions.
  18. T

    My Suggestions to Vidanta, please add more suggestions to this thread if any

    Good move spending $ 2 / to keep wife happy . ***** when we visited MP- NV in November - I found La Plaza had good prices on certain items . It tended to skew towards items that Mexican Nationals / and repeat visitors to Mexico - know the prices of at any OXXO . Water - crackers - milk tetra...
  19. T

    Coronavirus Wreaking Havoc on Your Travel Plans?

    bump ***** And - if we all wash our hands more etc / overall deaths in North America etc .from “ seasonal flu “ will likely decline in Feb & March 2020 - because more folk are following the protocols that we should all follow - but don’t.
  20. T

    My Suggestions to Vidanta, please add more suggestions to this thread if any

    It is not safer for : 1 ) the income of Vidanta employees who’s income include tip compensation . 2) lower tip income - would likely impact employee retention - which ultimately is not good for Vidanta or for guests who are used to Vidanta’s high quality service levels. ****** Hi vantovidanta...
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    Coronavirus Wreaking Havoc on Your Travel Plans?

    Here is a likely statistic : Overall deaths in China are probably down this month. Every day (X) number of people die from vehicle accidents and hit bicyclist & pedestrians etc With travel reduced and people in China afraid to go to public places - it is likely that deaths from these types of...
  22. T

    Westgate Park City questions

    Hi Marc, As you likely know - Park City Utah - is a prime winter location / and it is hard to get . If your all in cost is low enough for you to feel comfortable - this could be a real winner . Here is my two cents - on the risk / reward . 1) If you decide after trying to use it - that it is...
  23. T

    Timeshare offering abandonment - is this a good deal?

    - I would suggest your parents take the offer in March / assuming no one on TUG takes the week. ****** It is possible the property has redevelopment possibilities ,once all ownerships are resolved . This could take a number of years ; and in the meantime the resort has operating expenses and so...
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    Getting rid of broken cell phone

    Bury it in the back yard and let some future archaeologist find it . -that is what the Greeks & Romans did with their broken cell phones
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    Vidanta Luxxe member vs. RCI exchanger. What are the real differences in benefits?

    No ***** We have done the following / especially with a late afternoon flight . 1) review the bill the night before . 2) get myself to front desk by 8 am / settle & pay bill 3) fill out the survey and make sure to give excellent ratings to any staff that I name . 4) family member(s) stay in...
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    Vidanta Luxxe member vs. RCI exchanger. What are the real differences in benefits?

    If you enjoy the quality of Vidanta resorts and want to visit more - exchanging into your own resort is an option . Since Vidanta builds for peak season - there is shoulder season availability - that is developer deposited . Vidanta hopes to have their Vida Sales machine convince some/ many...
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    A man bought a Rolex for $345 in 1974. lts current value knocked him off his feet

    Happen to be flipping channels on Monday and saw it air -
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    Wyndham salesman's lies to my friends

    There are TUG threads about HICV buying Silverleaf in 2016 . AND the sales pressure to convert from Silverleaf fixed weeks to HICV points . The additional issue beyond the $ 40K is that some owners who did convert were not given full information on how much $$$ their MF would end up...
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    Wyndham salesman's lies to my friends

    Volkswagen - comes to mind Their diesel testing / compliance “issue” - doesn’t mean Volkswagen’s aren’t good vehicles .
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    Mayan Palace Mazatlan

    Mayan Palace will be smaller square feet than Grand Mayan Mayan Palace 1 bedroom suite are 750 square feet . ( approximately ) Has 2 burner stove top Has small under counter fridge + ( microwave - toaster -blender - coffee maker) 1 bedroom usually has king bed + 2 mexican style sofa beds in...