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Search results

  1. cubigbird

    Is Vistana crazy?

    I’ve received these offers before. They aren’t new.
  2. cubigbird

    Elite Level Required Staroptions

    What are the current required Staroptions for elite levels 3, 4 & 5? I know VSE upped the requirements not long ago. Just curious...
  3. cubigbird

    Vistana into Marriott II exchanges cost now $154

    Wow it’s getting pricey. I thought it was $89???
  4. cubigbird

    Westin St John or Marriott's Frenchmen's Cove? Or both?

    We’ve stayed at both. They are completely different properties as they are two completely different islands - apples and oranges. MFC is closer to Charlotte Amalie, closer to tourist areas and easy to access and has adequate parking. It’s easy to drive to other places from MFC on St Thomas...
  5. cubigbird

    FREE Westin St. John - Sunset Bay Villas - (1) 2-Br and (1) Studio (Floating - Diamond Season)

    This is a deal and is very generous!!! I am sure there is at least some minimal resale value here even though it’s voluntary. There are not many units and it is high season at a fabulous resort.
  6. cubigbird

    Westin St John Master Thread - Part 3 [Dec. 2017 and forward]

    I was hoping to get more info on this. It appears Sunset Bay and Coral Vista phases are 40 year RTU vs the other phases are deeded?? What happens to those SB and CV phases once that 40 years is past? Would it be renewed?
  7. cubigbird

    [Please post your VSE/Starwood] View from a BALCONY

    Westin St John. Sunset Bay building 16.
  8. cubigbird

    Westin St John Master Thread - Part 3 [Dec. 2017 and forward]

    We are at WSJ now. Eugene (Martin??) is the new GM. They had an owner meet the GM breakfast this week. Lemongrass is still being rebuilt and will be contracted out to Longboard once complete, and looks to be almost done. There is also talk of rebuilding the lost lobby building at some point...
  9. cubigbird

    Westin St John Master Thread - Part 3 [Dec. 2017 and forward]

    It appears Sunset Bay and Coral Vista phases are 40 year RTU vs the other phases are deeded?? What happens to those SB and CV phases once that 40 years is past? Would it be renewed?
  10. cubigbird

    Westin St John Master Thread - Part 3 [Dec. 2017 and forward]

    Where can we find a resort map of WSJ that includes building numbers?
  11. cubigbird

    Westin Lagunamar unit requests

    I would call the front desk directly ahead of time and maybe a day or two prior to check in. The concierge has no control over inventory. Also, I would send in a message to Vistana with the request. I have done this many times and they have honored my reservation requests.
  12. cubigbird

    Lagunamar owner update today.

    We were at WLR recently and this was discussed as well that there will be some sort of SO-MVC conversion factor. It does make the most sense and eliminates any alienation of owners who bought direct or bought mandatory resales. We shall see I guess......
  13. cubigbird

    NYX ( Avalon Grand)

    I believe the former Avalon Grand is now Mia Reef Resort, not NYX.
  14. cubigbird

    4 Star Elite

    Marriott Bonvoy is the hotel program separate from Vistana timeshares. The suite night awards are when you get 50 hotel nights. Vistana timeshares stays however, do count towards that 50.
  15. cubigbird

    End of SVN Dec 31, no more upgrade credit for external ts

    I have also recently done an update at Lagunamar I received the same info, in that some kind of integration was expected in 2020. I was told they are no longer accepting weeks as trade in / buyback toward money down for a new purchase, rather they will only retro into VSN what is held existing...
  16. cubigbird

    Westin St John Master Thread - Part 3 [Dec. 2017 and forward]

    MF huge increase + $25/nt fee is starting to add up. What’s the breaking point where it becomes more economical to rent? I have found places to rent on VRBO and AirBnB at places like Sapphire Beach, Secret Harbor and Bolongo in St Thomas for 1/2 the cost and no $25 per night tax.
  17. cubigbird

    Pay MFs with Bonvoy Amex, Marriott Visa, or Costco Visa?

    I use the Chase Sapphire. They are more versatile and I still get 2X points. That way I’m not stuck with just Marriott points, especially with the recent Marriott “peak pricing.” It makes it harder to plan with points, which is why they designed it that way.
  18. cubigbird

    Vistana problems ...reviews

    Both weeks 51 (Christmas) and 52 (New Years) at Lagunamar are now impossible to book with staroptions. You have to own it. Didn’t used to be that way. 50% of the inventory were sold as fixed event weeks. I own an event week with fixed Friday checkin and used to be able to move the check in...
  19. cubigbird

    Westin St John Master Thread - Part 3 [Dec. 2017 and forward]

    All this and you still have to still add $25/nt for USVI. How close are we to the breaking point where the cost to rent is comparable to the maintenance fee??? Also given this news, I’d expect delinquencies to rise and some owners selling.
  20. cubigbird

    St Thomas airport

    I read an article somewhere that not all of Southwest’s 737s are compliant with overwater regulations. This means they don’t have enough aircraft for all of the major Caribbean destinations at once. I know they recently added San Juan, PR, but again you have to have an aircraft equipped for a...
  21. cubigbird

    Westin St John Master Thread - Part 3 [Dec. 2017 and forward]

    Does anyone know anything new on any attempt to see the $25 nightly governor’s coffer fee repealed? I see lawsuits challenging it were eventually dismissed by the government. Is there any evidence of negative tourism impact? We will definitely be spending $175 less and be bringing some non...
  22. cubigbird

    St Thomas airport

    There were porters there. We didn’t need them as there was no line.
  23. cubigbird

    St Thomas airport

    We were there last year. It was a fairly easy process and mostly uneventful. You still check in at the front by the drop off then go through a brief customs screen and airport security.
  24. cubigbird

    Anyone get Bonvoy Elite Night credit for an II Exchange or II Getaway?

    Yes you get credit for elite nights in II exchanges. Just make sure you give them your Bonvoy number at check in. I don’t believe Marriott can change Bonvoy loyalty accounts after check out.
  25. cubigbird

    OFFICIAL Vistana *2020* Maintenance Fees Thread

    WKV EOY Gold Plus $842.80 2020 vs $802.65 2019 not including VSE Fee which I don’t have on this due to multiple ownerships. Increase = 5.16% according to the assessment statement.
  26. cubigbird

    Westin St John Master Thread - Part 3 [Dec. 2017 and forward]

    WSJ already has some of the highest MFs in the system and probably some of the highest in the TS industry. That’s a huge increase!!! At what point does the MF start causing owners to walk and it becomes more economical to just rent? I have yet to receive any correspondence from Sunset Bay....
  27. cubigbird

    Westin St John Master Thread - Part 3 [Dec. 2017 and forward]

    I also own at Sunset Bay and have not yet received the MF assessment. What is the source of the large increase since assessments have not gone out yet??
  28. cubigbird

    SVR VIP Check-in for Owners

    I agree. It’s just a name and an extension of the sales department. I was told to use such VIP check in at another resort. I was taken away from the checking person, who could have just checked me in right then and shuffled over to the VIP desk, where no one was staffing, resulting in a...
  29. cubigbird

    Newly Purchased Westin Flex

    Westin Flex was indeed born by VSE packaging up unsold low demand inventory and buy-backs from folks “trading in.” There are no new Westin resorts so VSE had to come up with “something new.” Right now the sales people will say anything they can to get a week to trade in. I’ve seen folks PAYING...
  30. cubigbird

    New Westin Flex purchase

    There have to be new resorts added eventually. Sales can only churn ownerships but so far, and we are seeing that now with the "introduction" of the Flex products and essentially a repackaging of what's existing. They had no new inventory, other than Cabo, so they had to come up with something...